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  1. Lucic seen outside Rogers Arena

    If Milan Lucic ever signs with the Canucks in the future whether it's within 2 years from now or later, I really hope all the Lucic haters will NOT punch him, beat him up or do anything negative when they encounter him outside Rogers Arena or anywhere in our city. ..........Besides Vancouver is his hometown city anyway and maybe - - - just maybe - - - I would like to see him help his hometown team win a lot of games and clinch Vancouver's 1st Stanley Cup in franchise history!!! I rather not be talking negative about Lucic playing with the Canucks as he lives in the city. Go Canucks Go!!!
  2. Canucks not out yet

    As surely as Jesus Christ lives, this HUGE Excitement thread is never ever going to be shut down until we have just officially lost to the Anaheim Ducks 3-0! So make sure next time that you do NOT ever go into TROLL MODE behavior what so ever. The Lord Jesus Christ could have given the Canucks some SUPER DUPER POWER EVER to save us from elimination of the post-season this year. ..........Unfortunately, that special power did not ever come from the Lord for this game and will not be there for the remainder of this season but hopefully the Lord's special power can give us MORE momentum for next season so that we can advance to the play-offs and win the CUP! Anyways, I know next up is the draft but I am never going to hope for the Canucks to loose their 3 remaining games ever even if you think they are meaningless games ever. But I really do hope that the Canucks will get a very great big draft pick what so ever Mr. Troll!