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  1. If I can, I would like to do the math! If 1970-71 was the 1st year for Vancouver, 1969-70 = 0 years. Every time each year ends in a 0, it would be 10 seasons later. For example, - 1979-80 is the 10th Season - 1989-90 is the 20th Season - 1999-2000 is the 30th Season - 2009-10 is the 40th Season - 2019-20 is the 50th Season! Now when it comes to an NHL season lock-out such as the 2004-05 season, we may want to minus off 1 season. That brings us down to 49 for this season. Now think about the 2012-13 season which has become ‘a half’ or ‘shortened’ season. 49 minus a half takes us down to the final total that being our ‘48th and a half season’ this year! Anyhow, I do begin to understand what you were trying to say goalie13. But it seems that they rather want to add in the 2004-05 lock-out and I will respect the season number that the league thinks it is for us this year!!!
  2. Oh, okay. I understand you! Cheers. When the Playoffs come, I will be sending a different message with my fun Canucks Art! With the new additions we got, I believe that Canucks won’t let us down by missing playoffs for 5 or their 6th straight season come April 2020! I look forward to seeing how Canucks will begin Game 1 of regular season tomorrow night!!!
  3. Saying Happy Anniversary to your favourite sports team is a real award! If your team reaches the playoffs, it is a real and Better award!! If your team reaches Stanley Cup Final, it is a real and Great Award!!! If your team wins the Stanley Cup, it is a real and the BEST AWARD!!!! It is after all - just my opinion. Thank you!
  4. I’m sure there will be 11 themed nights with some of them celebrating the 1970s, then 1980s, then 1990s, then 2000s and then closing up with 2010s!!! It’s no one’s fault if Vancouver doesn’t win their 1st Cup this year even though they will be showing highlights at Rogers Arena (a celebration) from their last 49 years.
  5. I am congratulating Canucks with a big #50!!! I did some fun art work with the Canucks Logo turning it into letters and numbers!!! May this season be the best Canucks year!!! I hope they will play as great and go as deep into playoffs like they did during their 40th Season!!! Go Canucks Go!!!