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  1. Craig Button terminated Marty St. Louis' contract with the Flames and basically told him that he wasn't NHL material. I would say that was a really stupid mistake. The only smart thing he did in Calgary was hire Darryl Sutter, because unlike Button, Sutter had a clue. Button usually just regurgitates whatever his brother tells him, it explains why only Button had Mark Jankowski in the first round the year he was drafted...
  2. Understatement of the year.
  3. The Canucks won the game, but that third period collapse was brutal. 15 shots on goal...smh. I know, the Hawks had the puck most of the time, but they were playing rope-a-dope big time early on. Miller has to stand on his head to win games, it really sucks. What will this team do if they can't re-sign him?
  4. Hamilton isn't Edler, so...
  5. Meh, they haven't been beating playoff teams, out of the last 12 games they only played 4 playoff teams and won 3 of them. Playoffs are a completely different animal (and still weeks away).
  6. Neither compare to a centre-ice goal by Edler on Elliott. Sorry.
  7. I thought this was going to be another Brodeur vs. Roy thread. I know Roy could have hung around and won a bunch more regular season games, but he left before his career went stale and has a playoff win record that will likely be unmatched by any other goalie for years to come. I never understood the 'Brodeur is da best' camp, especially when Roy has more Conn Smythes than any other player in NHL history and defeated Brodeur head on for the 2001 Cup. Roy is a legend in both Montreal and Colorado, and delivered the very last Cup for Canadian team nearly a quarter century ago. I still maintain Roy was the best goalie of the modern 'post 1980' era.
  8. Just glad they won't have a shot at the win streak record. Now their fans are dumping on Johnson, who sadly was the better goalie for most of the season. I mean, give the Bruins some credit. They have been scoring lately, which we observed first hand.
  9. We are all civil compared to the people on CalgaryPuck. They would burn you at the stake over the slightest insult and then permaban you for good measure. I was banned simply for stating that Luongo was a better goalie than Kiprusoff. Turns out, I was right, considering Lou is one of the winningest goalies of all time.
  10. Streaks like this aren't unique to Calgary. Remember when the Flyers won 10 in a row? Now they are basically out of the playoffs. 7 of the 10 wins were against non-playoff teams. The 3 wins they do have were a 6-5 win against Nashville, a win against Montreal's crappy backup and a shootout win against the Pens (no shootouts in the playoffs) Calgary has been playing better, but they are also getting a lot of breaks right now. I hope Calgary extends Brian Elliott's contract. That would be a godsend, because despite the last win streak, the the guy is garbage. Giving up a goal at centre ice ala Dan Cloutier is one thing, but that wasn't Nicklas Lidstrom, it was Alex Edler...
  11. Hory that Markus Granlund or Markus Naslund?
  12. Do the Canucks still know that the objective is to put the puck in the other team's net? This isn't ice capades, and the Sedins aren't paid to skate slowly up and down the ice...
  13. Edler sucks more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  14. Hahaha whatever. I watched Gretzky, Bossy and Mario play live many times and Sid isn't on their level, despite what the NHL's marketing campaign would have you think. Not just Burns, I would take pretty much any top defenseman over Sid. Why? Because they are necessary to build a winning team. Kris Letang is probably more vital to the Penguins success than Cindy or Bignose the Caveman Malkin.
  15. Pretty sure Miller would rather play for a team that can win. Not a guarantee but my guess is Vegas will be stinky for awhile.