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  1. They don't move the puck quick enough, it's that simple. Every pass is telegraphed, and they end up in battles on the half wall or worse, get scored on themselves. -Cross seam passes need to be faster -The guy at the point actually has to hit the net. -Need to be the first players to pick up the garbage (The Canucks have been terrible at this for years now) -Have a shot option on either side of the net, forcing the goaltender to either cheat or move laterally to react.
  2. Yeah, a real Canucks fan should have no expectations and just be happy that the team even exists, amirite? ....No. You might have an argument if this roster was playing up to its potential, but it's not. Whether that's a coaching or dressing room issue I don't know, but the 'culture in the room' these days seems to be one of mediocrity. This is the downside of guaranteed contracts in the NHL, the Canucks sign a guy like Eriksson to a 6x6 and now he can coast into retirement, playing just well enough so that they would rather not buy him out. The twins are treating this season as a farewell tour from a 60's rock band, they don't expect to play any playoff games, and I think the drive for them to actually win anything died in 2011. We were told that this new coach would bring a new energy to the rink, but that's clearly not the case. The Canucks PP just screams 'we know we aren't that good, so why bother trying' to me.
  3. Burrows and Bieksa still want to play in big games, which is why they were ok to be traded. The Sedins are fine fading into obscurity on a terrible team, which to be honest does not reflect well on them.
  4. ...Did you come here in a time machine from 2014? This team has been bad for several seasons now, but not much has changed. I guess you forgot about Ryan Kesler, last I checked he was a 1st rd pick, and Raymond and Edler were also picked in the first 2 rounds. There was also Schneider, who was probably the best goalie ever drafted by the team, and his trade gave the Canucks their future captain. Bieksa and Hansen were also drafted by the Canucks, so there was quite a few contributions 'the last time around' If anything this team is STILL running on the fumes of 10 years ago...
  5. Sure, career numbers are why Eriksson got his contract...I guess that thought process doesn't always work out so $&!# hot. I made the 'dangling assturds' reference because that is what the Sedins are, in the metaphorical sense. They are hanging on despite a huge desire to part with them. The comparison has nothing to do with the Twins' character or career contributions Their best before date has long passed, and it's time to move on. I don't think this team can really change until they do, to be honest.
  6. Edler and Eriksson are two of the Canucks highest paid players and their production has not been anywhere near "B+" If you want to give out letter grades, I would give Edler a C- and Eriksson a D. Edler .....minus 20 last season, all for the low price of 5 million dollars. I guess it could be worse, I seem to recall a previous season where it was closer to minus 40, so hey maybe he's improving... Eriksson, what can I say, if he was making 2 million, sure "B+"...but he's not. His production is crap for his salary and the ice time he gets. Sorry. Poor play from younger players is just that, poor play from younger players. They aren't producing, and they don't look anywhere near good enough to 'take over' from the Sedins...unless you want a team that scores less than two goals a game all season long. Which leads me to the Sedins...they are still arguably the best forwards on the team, but that says more about the rest of the team than it does the Sedins. Somehow the talent in Horvat and Boeser is giving Canucks fans glimpses of the future, but with all due respect, there isn't enough collective talent up front to dislodge the dangling assturds that are Daniel and Henrik. You can blame management, or coaching or ownership, or whoever, but this is the reality. Oh, and I forgot about goaltending. It's average. The fact that this team 'anointed' Jacob Markstrom as the starter despite the fact that Anders Nilsson has a similar body of work in the NHL is stupid to me, why don't they just let them compete for the job, maybe give them an individual reason to play hard, because this team isn't going anywhere this season.
  7. Gagner is a PP guy, and that's fine..the problem is the Canucks have such a terrible PP that one guy isn't going to fix all the problems. Gagner's production will take a major hit because this team is allergic to goal scoring.
  8. We can call it the 'Gran Line' : Two Grandpas and a Granlund.
  9. Mercenaries looking to put in their time, get some points here and there and get a paycheck. 'Member when the Canucks would get all the prime free agents that wanted to play there to challenge for a Cup? Seems like centuries ago now..
  10. I am just tired of the style this team plays - slow, predictable mostly perimeter play. They can't move the puck quickly, even with a 2 man advantage. The Sedin cycle game doesn't work anymore - they aren't tough enough on the boards any longer and bigger players literally ragdoll them to the ice. There is no stud on defense....and Edler has been underperfoming for several years now, to the point where it's easier just to keep him than be embarrassed by trading him away for a bag of pucks. The hilarity of how bad this team is shows up when you see that two of the Canucks so-called 'top players' in Eriksson and Edler are injured, and yet, the team probably isn't any worse as a result. The 'young guns' in Baertschi and Granlund aren't really that young anymore, and they aren't doing a hell of a lot offensively. Not that it's entirely their fault - every player that gets involved with the Canucks ends up in a black hole void of any offense or passionate play. FFS, 37 year old Ryan Miller would rather be a backup goaltender on another team for chump change than play in Vancouver again - and you can bet he was offered the job. Sure, there are a few good players on this team...Horvat and Boeser come to mind...but it won't be long before the losing culture infects their game as well. I don't think this team will turn their performance around any time soon, rather they will be a free two points for any decent team that comes in and puts in an effort.
  11. If there was ever a phrase to describe the Sedins, this would be it.
  12. I can handle losing...but this team is so boring to watch. No puck control. Limp PP (as a man i know how disappointing that can be) S L O W footspeed....this team is riddled with guys on cement skates. Their breakout is too guarded, uncreative and easily thwarted. There seems to be mix of hardworking guys with little talent and talented guys who just float. Looks like another offensively challenged Canucks team that will make every opposition goalie look like Patrick Roy...and its early in the season when teams are generally giving up more bad will it be by New Year's??
  13. The Schadenfreude of potentially seeing Iginla lift the Cup as an Oiler would be very satisfying.
  14. I am not happy about this for personal reasons. Jagr is one of my favourite all time players but now that he's a Flame, it puts me in a bad spot. I hate the Flames SO much I wouldn't even care if they moved to Seattle. I hate the Flames so much I would rather see another Oilers fact I am praying for one.
  15. Playing with Boeser helped him...but unlike Boeser, Virtanen finished a minus. Boeser looks far more NHL ready than Virtanen.