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  1. At this point, how do you not give Binnington the Calder? 

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      I just have a hard time with a 25 tear old rookie, like Binnington.

      But with Mr. Cherry telling everyone he(Binnington) should win the rookie of the year,who knows.


      I would love to see Petey win it,that's my idea of rookie of the year.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      Cherry had problems counting to five (two many men on the ice penalty that cost them a Cup).

    4. Tystick


      Okay, I didn't know the votes were already in.

      Thanks everyone ;)

  2. Tax everything. Don't worry everyone, the taxes will save us from the problems.
  3. Projected cap space: $30,510,836 Boeser - 3x6mil Panarin - 8x10mil Edler - 2x4mil Leivo 2x3.5mil Goldobin 1x2mil Motte 4x2.5mil Hutton 2x3mil Schenn 1x1.5mil Teves 1x1mil Rafferty 1x1mil Let Granlund and Pouliot walk. $30,500,000/$30,510,836 Simplified estimates but we could make it work.
  4. No, give him a 2-3 year bridge deal. - Considering his 2018-19 season, I'm sure he would like to prove what he's worth. - A long term fair value deal could actually hurt his development because fans will start to expect performance each and every night, and could begin to criticize him for not performing. I don't believe he's at a consistent pace, but he's close. - Management would have time to factor in what he's worth into their long-term plans.
  5. Sedin - Sedin - Pettersson would have been unreal. Maybe one day
  6. It's okay because the greatest disappointment would losing the Stanely Cup Final.
  7. Boston has been sitting around waiting and Blues are fresh. Could be an advantage for St. Louis.
  8. Okay it was actually the Huffington Post but this was the day before the election: https://twitter.com/huffpost/status/795663593689808896
  9. They take a sample size and pretend it's a solid representation of the majority. That or it's just straight up bias. The media isn't exactly credible these days. Just look at CNN's 2016 poll. Hillary had a 98% of winning the election. Lol.