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  1. I'm no expert but I think you'll be okay. The bacteria that gives you food poisoning grows from long exposure to room temperature. How low was the heat? And how long it was in the oven?
  2. Happy for him. He's a good guy, just needs to find consistency in his game. Good luck MayRay!
  3. Hindsight's 20/20
  4. Glad he gets another chance.
  5. No problem with this signing. Perfect fit with the Sedins.
  6. It might end up being something like that. I'm sure he's open to going anywhere and at this point of his career he just wants to cash in. 6x6 would be okay with me. Obviously risky considering term, but he's not slowing down anytime soon.
  7. Good contract. He seems to be a very determined guy, hope he proves he can be a regular.
  8. My apologies if you took offense to my post, I have no problem with opposing opinions. No one has to agree or disagree.
  9. Typical CDC I guess eh
  10. Looks skilled to me
  11. True but you also need players that will play for each other. High Character pays off in loyalty to the team, community, and city.
  12. Weren't many here on CDC complaining about Benning never picking speedy skill guys? You guys complain all you want, I love this pick. Actually reminds me a bit of Virtanen. He looks to make the right play, can hit, and and top of that he's got speed and dangles.
  13. Keep in mind there is a reason he fell. He was projected second overall last year, and dropped to #16.
  14. It's just my opinion, you could be right.