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  1. Beautiful post. I want us all to live in a world where we're all kind to each other by default. The actions we make when we are young are normal and a part of our growing process to that point of unconditional kindness. I will argue too, that we need to be a bit rash to eachother early on or we will never grow the thick skin necessary to handle everyday discussion. I'm not kidding. I see the new generations coming up, and they are now being shamed upon any instance of ridicule or even just silly behavior. That is also not a good thing either. This turns youth into authoritarians, as we're starting to see these days. I guess the point is we always want to head in a seemingly better direction, but it is possible we go too far.
  2. Cool idea, but I highly doubt they will deliver on this. Could set them up for failure down the road.
  3. Wow, probably for the best until this blows over.
  4. Well deserved boys. They're fighting so much adversity right now and they deserve a playoff spot. Demko was amazing tonight.
  5. I feel like we're fighting so many external forces. Props to this team, that's character.
  6. He's mean, can throw his weight around extremely well, and can stand up for our young guys. IMO that's an upgrade and he can slot in on that bottom LD slot.
  7. Guys Demko is a rookie, this is his first full season as a back up. Give him a break, jesus. He's not our starter, he was put in this position.