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  1. Absolutely. No need to rush the guy, the Canucks won't be truly competing for a cup until that time anyway. As long as he takes his time and builds his game the right way he'll be worth the wait. P.S. I had no idea Detroit was dwelling the eastern basement until you pointed that out. Unreal.
  2. Still looking like he's on track. The difference between a bust and an NHL player, is the NHL players is willing to do what it takes. It's all mindset. Considering his conditioning results and strides towards a consistent game, Virtanen is well on his way.
  3. Loved this game! What a play by the Sedins on Erriksons goal. I almost couldn’t believe I witnessed some Sedinery again. Shutout for Mills! Errikson looked good too. Granlund looking like a great fit!
  4. Willie's starting to get to me. I want to support him, but the decisions he's making... I just don't get it. Cutting back Tryamkin and Sbisa? Really... I'm no expert, but shouldn't we be playing our young guys in pressure situations? I thought that's how they grow. I get putting the vets out there, but they're not clutch at all. We came back what, twice this year? Like... if we're going to lose, why not put the kids out there? The Sedins haven't got it done this year. And why is it that Eriksson can't get it done?? Vrbata couldn't get it done last year either. I don't think they're necessarily the issue, it's the way the Sedin's play now, their game is too predictable. Split them up already. Let them be playmakers on seperate lines, PLEASE. I can't watch this anymore!!! lol.
  5. How about Gaudette? What a surprise he's been. Don't waste your time getting mad at people here. It's annoying but they have a right to criticize, and I can see their side when you look at Nylander and Ehlers right now. That said I'm not worried at all about Virtanen, he'll be in the NHL full time in 1-2 years.
  6. I feel ya, I just personally believe he can still be that player, it's up to him though. Once again this wasn't directed towards you specifically, I've read the "bust" argument many times, though many throw that term around all the time. What I meant is at the end of the season I believe he will have taken enough strides to be producing at that pace. No specific number of games, just a prediction. I could be wrong. Like I said in my original post, I just wanted to throw it out there cause I feel I'm one of the few left that still believes he's just fine. We'll see what happens
  7. Their posts are buried in this thread. My apologies if it's no longer happening, I've been discussing Virtanen and the other guys months before we drafted him. Vivid memories of the insanity. Fair analysis. The evidence is their, statistically he's not performing up to our standards. Many expected him to take strides this year.
  8. Sure people will remember, people quote other posters all the time. PPG pace = Point Per Game pace. I didn't read what you posted specifically, I jumped in because I see people crucifying the kid day after day and it doesn't seem like there's much optimism. Why are the arguments that he's a bust at 20 years old? Sure he's not in the NHL right now. Virtanen, Ehlers, Nylander, and Ritchie are very all very different players and aren't going to progress at the same pace. I expected Virtanen to step right in and make a difference but he clearly still has things to work on. I can go on and on but I guess my point is what's with the mass amount of critique? I'm not saying you're hating specifically, just what appears to be the general bias of people wanting him to fail. I don't get it, what's done is done, he's our guy, and he's making progress. Who cares if he takes a couple years to step into the top 6. Why not support him? I'd recommend being patient, but feel free to critique all you want, I'm not attacking you.
  9. Same here. If someone has a point I love hearing their side. Some posters here are just straight up insane though! They want him to fail. So frustrating.
  10. I'm going to put this out here before Jake starts producing consistently (to stroke my own ego ). IMO, Jake will end the year at a PPG pace, probably netting a call up. If he doesn't make the team next year, he'll most likely only need half a season in Utica, possibly the entire year. Afterwards he'll be an NHL regular. By 26, he'll be the first liner we expected and probably more. Take shots at me if you wish, I'll be the last one laughing. As I've posted many times within this thread, he has all the tools, he just needs to put it all together. Which is what he's currently doing and he's much more serious about it than I expected. Sounds like he's soaking every thing in. His last game was the first sign of things to come IMO. Quick question, when he does start producing at optimal rates, will the consistent complainers here hop on Jake's wagon? Or will you continue criticizing the guy till he dies of old age?
  11. 2009, Canucks vs Chicago Game 6. The most intense pain I've ever felt from losing. I was incredibly emotionally attached to that team, I believed we were winning the cup that year. I think the worst part was we came back and had the lead.
  12. IMO, don't change your views on euthanasia if you were in support of it. Euthanasia has helped many people die without the intense suffering accompanied with their life-ending illness. The real concern is how the doctor was getting away with this. Considering this statement: "I am convinced that the doctor acted in good faith, and we would like to see more clarity on how such cases are handled in the future" - Regional Review Committee Chairman. It doesn't matter if the doctor acted in good faith. If the person dying says 'NO'. You don't euthanize the person. End of story. You want to have more clarity on how cases are handled in the future? Okay here's the obvious: 1. Don't secretly give the person sleeping pills without their consent. Yes she had dementia, but that's no excuse no matter how good your intentions are. Wait till she is coherent. 2. Don't convince her family members to be a part of your disgusting plans. I'm assuming the family wanted her to move on peacefully, and this doctor obviously didn't give them the full story of what was happening. I'm also assuming this story came out because the family found out later. 3. Don't move ahead with the euthanasia process if at any time the party says 'NO'. It's a big decision. If any of us decided to be euthanized, that's not something we would flip-flop on. We would have thought it through and made our decision. So I don't see euthanasia being the issue. Clearly, there appears to be a separate problem with the the law. People appear to get away with murder because they're protected by their group. In this case doctors. Another example could be police officers. It's simply not right no matter what. We are all people no matter what we practice. No one is above the law and I wouldn't want someone like this doctor looking after me. This doctor is not fit to take care of someone, should be in jail, and should never be in a position to care for someone again.
  13. Brought tears to my eyes. An Unbelievable Class Act and Warrior for this team.