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  1. Yep many fans here should leave the kid alone. He's working to become better, he wants to be better. Green seems to get the best out of our young guys and since there's no rush lets give him a break already. When we drafted him his main criticism was he didn't see the ice at an NHL level yet. He has lots of time. If he's still playing like this at 24 then go ahead and call him a bust. But ffs the kid went through shoulder surgery. I'd rather support him since he's dominated physically at every level he's played at. If he can become the first line power forward scoring winger he has the potential to be then we have something unique that not every team gets to have. And oh man he'll be worth it. Patience.
  2. Man that's tough, it would need to be a high pick coming back. Edit: He's having a very good year this year but he could potentially slow down after the trade deadline, and would he be the same guy next year? Probably not.
  3. I see what you're saying but that's not true, his skills are NHL ready. We've witnessed him play in the NHL and he has the shot, the acceleration, the balance, the elite body checking, etc. You would think with all that skill and power he would be lighting up the league. But he's not there yet, and the only logical thing to take away from our limited viewpoint is he's working on his weaknesses right now. And IMO, that's the best thing he could be doing for himself down there. Edit: Like I said before his drive is weak and his timing is off as a result of that. In other words he's lazy and whiny. Green will take care of it.
  4. I'm probably the only one still saying this, but have patience with Jake. Sure he's not lighting it up in the NHL right now, but give him some time with Green. Most of his skills are NHL ready. IMO, he doesn't really need to develop anything other than his timing and drive (Green will take care of this). He's worth the wait IMO, and there's no rush. Give him a season or two in the AHL (if it even takes that long) and he'll return much better.
  5. Metallica Megadeth Slayer Anthrax
  6. Matthews will be their guy and there are similarities, but McDavid will easily be the better player. No question.
  7. I think management just lets them do what they want. If they're not scoring their ice-time is cut down though, they don't get a free ride. I feel you though @Johnny Torts, they're so frustrating sometimes. Especially Hank. Too many times he's had chances to score in the slot, and decides to do a spin pass too his brother for a sharp angle shot
  8. Great win! Can someone post Tryamkin crushing Brown?
  9. Great game boys!
  10. Here was his last meal in VAN. Terrifying.
  11. Leave him in Utica for at least a year. Please Benning. Please.
  12. Burr! He's clearly still capable of competing at his age, and he drives the young guys to be better. I personally hope we re-sign him for a couple more years solely for the impact he has on Horvat and Sven. He'd probably re-sign cheap too.