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  1. Just send him to Utica, WD is going to do what he's going to do. At this point it's probably the best thing for the guy.
  2. Too bad, we really looked tired. At least we stayed somewhat competitive. Let's comeback with another win in regulation.
  3. That was a sick comeback. Proud of our team! Last year we would have lost 3-0. We're going to be hungry tomorrow!
  4. The Sabre's will be tough, but it helps they're missing Eichel and Kane. Game Plan: - Get scored on at least once. - Hold that deficit till the third period. - Open the floodgates and tie the game. - End regulation time tied, acquire point. - Win in OT. They have no chance.
  5. Yes it's a dumb stat but his defensive game wasn't as good as you're portraying. His +/- reflects that. He's proven he has the potential to center the 2nd line, but he needs to prove he can handle the complete position consistently before he's gifted a spot. Last year was different due to injuries. He's never proven he can shut down any line consistently. He's proven he can produce consistently. Look, IMO he's going to earn his role this year. I believe it. There's enough motivation for it to happen. Sutter will be moved to wing before our playoff run That said, he needs to earn it.
  6. Good points. We do have quite a bit of depth this year, it's not really a typical fourth line.
  7. Good post (and nice name ) You're right he'll become a hell of a player in time. He needs to develop his defensive game at his own pace. My guess is he'll be on a line with Sutter before we know it. CDC needs to chillllll.
  8. Bo will get the "A" when he deserves it. So many whiners on these boards lol.
  9. People, what's the big screaming deal? He's not permanently locked on the fourth line. From everything I've gathered, he needs to improve his defensive game (remember his +/- last year). It's a smart move. There's no rush, he's proven he can produce. If he's going to be that two-way center we all want, he's got to learn how to at least shut down other teams bottom lines before taking the second line role. That's why we have Sutter. Edit: Also remember he was rushed into the second line role last year. We all don't want him to ruin his development. Well guess what, that would be the fastest route to that.
  10. Meh, different players with different skill sets and styles. I'd say Nylander and Ehlers turned out better than expected, especially Ehlers. But the real challenge for them will be consistency in the playoffs. IMO Jake has a potential advantage in this area because he can rarely be physically shut down. Now historically, Power Forwards take longer to blossom. I still firmly believe he'll show his potential within the next 2-3 years. We have to be careful with how we develop the guy though. He's not a playmaker, he's power forward sniper. We need to develop his strengths. 1-2 years in Utica could do wonders for him. Especially when Green is helping him develop.
  11. The second line will be solid when the seasons starts. Lots of competition this year. No-one is a lock other than Sutter.
  12. Looks good to me. If he's been training in Van all summer, he'll be ready.
  13. I think if anyone can do what Ben Hutton did last year, it's Stetcher. I didn't get to watch the YST this year, but his highlights were impressive. Juolevi looked out of place on many occasions, while Stetcher seemed comfortable and capable of making NHL plays. I'm no expert, but I'm going to predict he makes the team easily like Hutton did.
  14. Didn't watch him last year, but a drop in production for someone like Strome (a blossoming Strome) was probably injury related. I think this worked out in the NYI GM's favor. If Strome followed up with a 70 point season, they wouldn't be able to give him a bridge contract of 2.5 mil/year. I doubt a bridge contract would be in the discussion at all. Now, if he follows up with a bounce-back year, this is an excellent move. If he continues to slip, this is still a good move since they only have him for two years.