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  1. He explains himself very well here.
  2. They're almost like a married couple lol I agree, I sure hope the situation resolves for the better.
  3. When I say "outrage losers" or "SJW's", I assume everyone understands who those people are. It's a loud minority of idiots that get professionally offended over everything. Haven't met any on these forums, thank God.
  4. Who put the pressure on to get him fired because of imaginary racism, fascism, xenophobia, white supremacy? The SJW losers. Look no further than Twitter. I'm not speaking to anyone on these forums. Most on here are just indifferent, maybe didn't like Cherry, so they don't care. My ranting is based on the ridiculousness of cancel culture, that has become a common theme for years now. I've followed most quite closely and that's why I'm choked that it's happening to Don Cherry. He has done incredible amounts of work for the Vets and the Hockey Community, but a misunderstood segment gets him fired? Pathetic. No one should be apologizing for any of this, that's my stance.
  5. I'm calm, just voicing my opinion.
  6. You really think this going to be wrapped up? Many people are not happy about this.
  7. No, the losers can calm the f down. If you watch the entire clip, the context is there. Tired of PC culture and language police.
  8. Meanwhile these outrage idiots assumed the worst case scenario and forced the guy into retirement.
  9. Well done SJW's! Keep ruining everything.
  10. Happy Birthday Petey! Light it up tonight!
  11. The vast majority of people are not SJW's, they just want to be left alone and tend to agree with the outrage if it makes sense. Problem is, it's a clear can of worms that needs to be pushed back on before it gets worse. You know there's a problem when you criticize the outrage and get called a racist for it.
  12. Gen Z is leaning conservative. Should be quite the difference.