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  1. Benning IS serious about a rebuild. Vilardi is not a guarantee (assuming that's OP's target pick). We're better off trading for developed talent these next two years (ex. Goldobin, Dahlen). Benning will retool and draft gems in later rounds. We'll be fine. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  2. If Holm can handle the NHL pace, Holm - Tanev could be a really good shutdown pairing IMO.
  3. As long as he keeps working hard all summer, I think he'll easily make the team next year.
  4. Damn was hoping to see Burr in the finals again Go Preds!
  5. I'm fine with this. Markstrom hasn't proven anything, if he wants to be a full-time starter he has to steal it from Miller. Sorry, no easy rides. Benning's approach is the correct way to rebuild.
  6. Oh, he'll crush
  7. Lol Okay well I think I'm actually quite happy with that return then, we should take that and run. UNLESS teams are bidding of course.
  8. Well first of all he was an impact player in the AHL. Dominant at times. For that reason he certainly has the potential to be one in the NHL considering he has the skill and tools to step in right now. All that said, your definition of an "impact player" might be different from mine. Also, wouldn't you say Goldobin could have stepped in the Sharks lineup and produced similar to the way Hansen did in the playoffs? I think JB crushed that trade.
  9. Did you think Hansen could fetch Goldobin? Teams will pay for a quality depth piece if they have the assets. Tanev will fetch us something very good, so will Edler. Teams will pay up, we just need to be patient with the timing. Maybe at the TDL next year.
  10. Interesting if this is true. Leipsic looks like he could step in. I would trust Benning's judgement on that one. No to Carrick, we need a dman coming back. Yes to the 1st pick.
  11. What a bunch of whiners. Facts: - Our team sucks. - The Oilers have a young solid core for the next decade. Get over it, they went through their pain and suffering and they deserve to feel welcome in Vancouver. Of course I enjoy the rivalry, but I enjoy hockey more than being a bitter fan.
  12. Retool. They are still a dominant team, they just can't seem to solve Pittsburgh. Similar to the Hawks ruining our window. I'm no expert, and not very familiar with the Caps; that said I think they lack speed and their defense has holes. They need to inject some young talent and find chemistry on all three defensive pairings.
  13. Don't be sorry you're free to express your opinion. Why do you believe it will take more than two years to fill a lineup with young NHL players?
  14. Not necessarily. One point about the Sedins, I think they will retire if the team isn't ready to compete at that time. That said, they're just as likely to stay IMO if there's a chance at a couple quality runs. They will of course slow down but I think they'll still be able to put up 40-50 points beyond their current contract. Horvat did outproduce them but that doesn't mean other prospects can't take leaps next year. Granlund, Goldobin, and Baerstchi look like they could. Not too mention we're going to have an influx of talent every single year. Who knows what Rodin can do if we re-sign him, he's still a wildcard. Gaudette, Dahlen, Lockwood, Virtanen, maybe even our 5th overall could potentially step in the NHL next year. There are no guarantees of course, but my point is we are certainly rebuilding very quickly. Benning knows what hard working NHL prospects look like. Is he perfect? no. He's human, a rookie GM, and does mess up sometimes; but his strength is clearly an eye for talent and operates as a GM with that strength. TL;DR: IMO, Benning is the factor in our rebuild and he will be the reason why we have a filled lineup in two years. I think we're all too focused on the draft while we're rebuilding. Benning is buying talent (Goldobin, Dahlen) and I think he's speeding this whole process up.
  15. I agree man, I really like a lot of your posts. It's hard to have a rational discussion with people here sometimes. Benning has done a very good job so far and I'd say we're beginning to see the end of the tunnel. Two more years till we have a solid lineup IMO.