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  1. I guess it's fate, lets get that top 5 pick boys
  2. No liver failure is inevitable with this team lol
  3. Lol don't drink too much you might destroy it beforehand
  4. Oh man that's rough, I'll have to start drinking I guess
  5. Yep, and at this point I'd say we're tanking too. The Draft lottery could still screw us, but hey if we luck out with one of Hischier/Patrick we would complete our retool/rebuild. Here's hoping. Edit: Honestly the top 5 looks pretty good, if we finish second last we're laughing.
  6. Wow we have a good shot at finishing second last
  7. Benn just doesn't like getting tossed around I guess lol
  8. STECH
  9. #Bachman4Vezina
  11. Megna looking good tonight
  12. Idk he's making NHL plays, just needs to clean up his game
  13. He'll be fine the things he needs to learn are teachable