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  1. Sadly, we can't see it this year View it next week, August 21st. Less meteors, but the moon won't be out and this haze will hopefully clear up. As for the full shower, aim for next year. The moon won't be out at all and hopefully there wont be any haze.
  2. I don't really care to stare at the sun, I'd rather just experience day turning to night and back to day again. Here's hoping!
  3. Wheelchair clause is a must
  4. Lol okay sounds good
  5. K, so sign Horvat and offer Jagr a contract with the remaining money. His choice
  6. Good one lol. I disagree though, I see nothing wrong with having someone like Jagr on our team. Any other 45 year old player and I would strongly agree. I'd like to stay far away from Iginla. Of course drafting and developing is the way forward. Having someone like Jagr would contribute to the development of those young guys. If you're worried about a lack of roster spots, there are many other players we can dump.
  7. There's nothing wrong with having a seasoned veteran on our team. He would most likely click with the Sedin's and would be a great mentor for the young guns. Edit: Similar to Sundin's effect on Kesler.
  8. 45* And yeah I hear ya. It's going to be another 2-3 years till we're a fully transitioned team anyway, may as well make things interesting. That said, I think the Sedin's and dare I say it, Horvat, will be the leaders this year. I could see them all reaching 60-70 points this year.
  9. Yeah why not? He could put up 40 maybe even 60 points next season for very cheap.
  10. I personally believe he has Calder potential.
  11. Juolevi and Goldobin are very close. Went with Juolevi.
  12. Gonna miss him. A guy willing to take less money to be with his family. Gotta respect someone like that. Good luck to ya Miller, go win a cup in Anaheim.
  13. Sure I hear ya, that seems most likely. To me, it doesn't make much sense to trade him to begin with. That said if these rumours are true, it makes sense to me that McDavid is tying up too much money (+ Lucic, future Larsson contract, etc.)
  14. I think McDavid wants too much, and they have to pay him. They can't fit Draisaitl in their plans anymore. I would love for us to pick him up.