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  1. Brocklovich

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    Did i hear elliotte charge that Demko is not happy with how his injury situation was handled?
  2. Ottawas first is going to Colorado. Not sure if Tampa traded their first as well but Benning could target a 2nd or 3rd round pick to take a portion of a cap hit like what vegas did for the Brassard to Pittsburgh trade.
  3. Benning should jump on trying to use cap space to facilitate a trade
  4. Wonder if Columbus would entertain trading for Gagner. He was solid on their powerplay and got 50pts for them. Heck a 3rd or 4th round pick would be ideal for him
  5. Brocklovich

    2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    He obviously wont but it would be something if he told clubs in interviews that he wants to play with his brother here
  6. Brocklovich

    2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Too bad no 4th round pick was hoping to get Jack Drury with it. Not sure about passing on Wise in the 3rd round but all good
  7. Brocklovich

    37th overall

    I am hopeful Wise makes it to 37. I could have sworn he was highly touted before this year and feel like he gives Van a potential 2nd line centre if Pettersson ends up being a winger
  8. Brocklovich

    2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Personally i think it'd be electric if Vancouver got 1st overall next year (assuming they are a bottom club) considering they are hosting the draft but i am sure they wont. Wonder if Benning has got on the horn Montreal to see if they are interested in anyone. Be nice to grab a 2nd off them
  9. Brocklovich

    2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I feel like if Jake Wise somehow makes it to 37 Benning should take him. Was reading up on him and he seems like a solid prospect
  10. Brocklovich

    5-4-3-2-1 Canucks pick from 1st to 5th!

    I am guessing the top 4 will shake out like this: 1 - Vegas 2 - Colorado 3 - Arizona 4 - Vancouver
  11. Think the Islanders have any interest in Miller? Maybe Miller for Halak + 2nd / 3rd rounder or a B prospect
  12. Curious if he will attempt to move Miller and / or Sbisa. I am sure Edler wont be moved but hopefully he also moves Megna, Skille, Larsen etc for later round picks
  13. Granted the ED is important I am sure there will be some teams that throw caution to the wind and make a push for the cup. Sure you may lose a player to the ED but if the team won the cup surely they wouldn't be that upset at losing said player.
  14. Brocklovich

    [Waivers] LAK - G Jeff Zatkoff

    I wonder if Benning would try to acquire 2018 picks if that draft is supposed to be deeper or if he is going with 2017. If there is much salary retention then Benning should try to squeeze out a first rounder. It will be late due to Anaheim being in the playoffs but Bernier stinks after his leafs stint and Miller give Anaheim a much needed solid backup / Guy who can take the reigns if Gibson stinks down the stretch
  15. Brocklovich

    [Trade] Fiddler to Preds for a 4th

    I wonder if Benning would consider a 2018 pick for Hansen - if thats considered a stronger draft, not 100% sure