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  1. 5-4-3-2-1 Canucks pick from 1st to 5th!

    I am guessing the top 4 will shake out like this: 1 - Vegas 2 - Colorado 3 - Arizona 4 - Vancouver
  2. Think the Islanders have any interest in Miller? Maybe Miller for Halak + 2nd / 3rd rounder or a B prospect
  3. Curious if he will attempt to move Miller and / or Sbisa. I am sure Edler wont be moved but hopefully he also moves Megna, Skille, Larsen etc for later round picks
  4. Granted the ED is important I am sure there will be some teams that throw caution to the wind and make a push for the cup. Sure you may lose a player to the ED but if the team won the cup surely they wouldn't be that upset at losing said player.
  5. [Waivers] LAK - G Jeff Zatkoff

    I wonder if Benning would try to acquire 2018 picks if that draft is supposed to be deeper or if he is going with 2017. If there is much salary retention then Benning should try to squeeze out a first rounder. It will be late due to Anaheim being in the playoffs but Bernier stinks after his leafs stint and Miller give Anaheim a much needed solid backup / Guy who can take the reigns if Gibson stinks down the stretch
  6. [Trade] Fiddler to Preds for a 4th

    I wonder if Benning would consider a 2018 pick for Hansen - if thats considered a stronger draft, not 100% sure
  7. Figured after todays news that Datsyuk is returning to Detroit that perhaps both teams can help each other out. Not sure if its entirely balanced, but maybe its something that could use some tweaking: To Detroit Alex Burrows (maybe 10% retained) To Vancouver 2016 2nd Round Pick (#46) 2016 4th Round Pick (#106) Datsyuks Contract Basically Vancouver would be taking on an extra 3m in Cap Space from Detroit & they are gaining said cap space + a player who can fill in on the bottom 6. Not sure if a 2nd + 4th is too rich, if it is maybe Van can retain some cap on Burrows / add in a C level prospect / later round pick It is probably too lopsided in Vancouvers favour but seems like a decent deal both ways and is essentially freeing up cap space for Detroit to pursue some UFA & won't cost them a prospect in the system. Vancouver recoups a mid 2nd round pick and a 4th pick to stock pile the minor system up again. Another option I thought about was a Higgins swap (instead of Burrows) and this gives Detroit even more flexibility as Higgins cap hit is 2.5m (although not sure if he has 1 more remaining year after this upcoming season). Anyway - is this too lopsided for Vancouver, Detroit giving up too much for cap space or is it more likely Datsyuk contrack + midling prospect for scraps?
  8. Any chance Chiarelli does Benning a solid and flips no4 for Edler + some further along prospects (Maybe Guance & someone else?) Would be a sweet situation adding both Tkachuk & PLD almost building your 2nd line in one draft (based on both guys panning out). In actual reality is Edlers worth a late first (say 23 - 30) and either a 2nd / 3rd? Not saying they should move Edler but a return like that would hurt next year but it seems like smart asset management to get something for the guy now and in 2 - 3 years your new core will start playing together
  9. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    Cant say ive seen a ton of either of them play but if Harkins / Juulsen say Vancouver is their favourite club then iam all for attempting to bring them in the field
  10. [Rumor] Ryan Miller to Vancouver Thread

    He won a cup at the age of 39 I believe Deniro Saying that Vancouver of 2014-2015 is not nearly as good as Bost of 2010-2011
  11. Jared McCann Talk

    Probably a good sign that Botchford hates this pick completely
  12. Thatcher Demko | G

    I really like this pick, if anything it should help motivate Markstrom & Lack + Cannata & Eriksson to really improve themselves as by adding this guy it starts to create some internal competition for spots. Also by having so much goaltending depth we can really take time with this guy and develop him correctly (let him play out his College career & give him a season or 2 in Utica). I also slightly disagree with the whole 'goalies are easy to trade for so drafting them is somewhat pointless'. Usually if a good / great young goalie gets moved its either a) an incompetent GM or you have multiple young goalies in the system or a great goalie already. I would also rather be as deep as vancouver is in goalie prospects than be a team like Winnipeg that has somewhat neglected the position and they are stuck with a, in my opinion, overated average goalie like Pavelic and there are a few other teams that are now realizing that crappy goaltending cripples the best of teams (ie Pittsburgh come playoff time).
  13. Kyle Pettit Talk

    I don't mind this pick, by all accounts he sounds like a good character player which is something you can't measure in stats The fact that at a young age he buys into the team first mentality and is willing to do whatever it takes to win (blocking shots even in a blow out etc) suggests that there is more to this guy than goals and assists. Sometimes players like that are quite coachable as well since, assuming he comes to Vancouver for the prospect camp, you figure the staff (is it being run by green or desjardin?) will tell him what he needs to work on to get better overall etc. Its not like this guy will be in the NHL next year anyways, by all accounts he will be a player that plays out his JR days & plays in Utica for a season or 2, unless he improves so much so that he warrants getting called up
  14. [Confirmed] Willie Desjardin: VAN Head Coach

    Well with Pittsburgh letting go of Granato & Reirdon I wonder if Vancouver would pursue Reirdon as an assistant since he worked well with some pittsburghs dmen
  15. Id also say that while Stefan played in the nhl was only slightly better than Findlay. He was a bust of pretty big proportions Id also say a point in koivus favor that makes that comparison equal is that mk still in nhl while ilya is in russia "retired"