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  1. I often peruse these forums, preferring to read what people have to say rather than expose my general ignorance. I do feel, though, IMHO, that people often over-exaggerate how good or bad a trade, roster move, or player might be. This, though - Eberle for a waiver player - this is bad. Just bad. There is no other word to describe what Chia has done: bad. I like to weigh the evidence and take a reasoned approach...but this is....bad.
  2. We Are All Cucks

    Dan Carcillo on hazing

    Ok, I get it. Initiation for newcomers to provide the function of showing them they are now members of the team; actions undertaken for the rookies to show that they are willing to do what it takes; and feats where the newbie can show their strength and fortitude can all be useful and serve to bring people together. If that's what you mean by hazing, then I am with you, to a certain extent. Of course we want the new members to be able to show they can succeed, and to give them the opportunity to do it. If, on the other hand, you are supporting activities that are designed to demean, disparage, and humiliate, then I am sorry, I will disagree with you for as long as high school/college sports exist. IMO, that is essentially the difference. Team building and initiation can be done in a way to bring up the newcomers, but hazing is inherently an action for the purpose of putting down the new member. You mention cleaning the cleats. I actually don't see what's wrong with that, as it is a productive activity that shows that respect is to be earned. Forcing somebody to do a pointless activity like running naked only humiliates the individual undertaking it and does nothing to develop camaraderie. These kinds of activities are so pointless, short-sighted, and counter-productive that it really is mind boggling: "Hey, we want to win as a team, in a team sport, which entails us trusting one-another and working together...so...let's beat the s*** out of the new guys so that they never trust us, and as a result of their resentment, will never pass to us, and perhaps we can not only ruin their junior career (thus derailing our current hopes of a championship), but just maybe we can scar them for life and get a lawsuit coming our way 10 years down the road, too. Just for good measure".
  3. We Are All Cucks

    Food for thought: Seattle joining the league

    Should they? No. Will they (do something similar, but not as drastic, like introduce a play-in round)? I wouldn't be surprised. Playoff revenue is the wet dream of the owners, and with expansion plus a new lockout CBA coming up, I would not be at all shocked if they try to find a way to increase that cash flow. As the OP hinted at, too, 32 is kind of a magic number for it's divisibility possibilities, and I can see Betman/count Dracula doing all kinds of math tricks in his head to tinker with the playoff format.
  4. We Are All Cucks

    Marchand Mugs Eller

    This. There is no legal action which is justification for a dangerous, violent response. You can act like a D-bag all day, but that doesn't mean that somebody is justified for elbowing you in the head, or any other violent action. It just means you're a total D-bag. People will treat you like one. I actually don't mind Eller's celebration (aside from the taunting the other bench part...), considering they are the defending champs in their first game back. Thing is, no matter how you feel about what Eller did has no bearing on the fact that Marchand jumped him dangerously and violently. Challenge him to a fight if you are so inclined, fine, but what Marchand did was classic, cheap, rat-like behaviour.
  5. We Are All Cucks

    Pronman's top 100 prospects for 2018-19

    Obviously it makes more sense to put Petterson higher up, but if you look at the groupings as a whole, it isn't that far off. Petterson is in the right category (the 'elite') and is not in the same 'special' category as Dahlin, the issue is just that he is too low within the category. It's not a crazy top 10, just a bit jumbled, that's all.
  6. We Are All Cucks

    [Report] Nando Eggenberger invited to Development Camp

    So, I'm confused, despite his bump/bang/knock, is he actually playing in the Young Stars tourney, or not then? He is on the roster list on the Young Stars GDT. Has he been unscrambled? Having him join the team would be pretty fun, do you think?
  7. We Are All Cucks

    [Report] Nando Eggenberger invited to Development Camp

    Yes, but you do have to keep in mind, that the Swiss sometimes have holes in their game.
  8. We Are All Cucks

    [Rumour] Justin Faulk next to be traded out of Carolina?

    Y'know, I say Faulk de Cock. While the speculation about relocation might make sense, I think the fire sale is more related to just starting fresh. The owner likely wants his own stamp put on the team.
  9. I like this idea. If we're going to bring in anybody, I'd prefer to bring in someone on whose shoulders we can put a lot of responsibility, leaving the younger guys to develop at their own pace, without carrying the offensive workload. If we're going to bring in more fringe players like Nash, we still leave all the scoring up to who Boeser and Horvat basically. If their offense runs dry, we can't score. Nash/Beagle/other-similar-players are not the answer to that problem. Thing is...I highly doubt Joe wants to come here. At least Johnny T could win with us in the future. Joe would be coming just to lose during his last couple seasons.
  10. Neither do I, but...am I pretty immature for giggling about his name, or...?
  11. We Are All Cucks

    Canucks Prospect Pool - A Reflection and Evaluation Thread

    You might be right, but I suppose the term needs concrete definition. Regardless, putting up numbers in the AHL is exactly what you would expect an anticipated NHLer to do. As a prospect, that's kind of the goal. Add in pedigree, the comments by PK, and the general hype from fans, and you can't say there weren't expectations for him. If not from the hockey club, at least from everybody else.
  12. We Are All Cucks

    Canucks Prospect Pool - A Reflection and Evaluation Thread

    First, I have to agree with the posters that say the two pools are not apples and oranges. I think Gillis generally gets a bad rap, and he was a better GM at what he did than he gets credit for, but we need to asses what Gillis did with his oranges to what Benning has done with his apples (how you like them apples?), and from purely a drafting/prospect acquisition standpoint, Benning has admittedly done a good, but maybe not great, job at building his pool. Now, the assertion that this is not about future casting could not be further from the truth - forecasting is precisely what this is about. If you want to look at the 2018 pool from a static perspective, that is, how the 2018 pool looks right now, without considering who may/may not turn out to be good NHL players (ie. without future casting) then you have to do the same with the 2013 pool; you have to look at it from a 2013 perspective. And damn, in 2013 that looked like a hell of a pool. Hunter Shinkaruk was a steal, Jordan Shroeder was a star in the making, and Corrado and Subban were Blue chip - even neon-blue chip - prospect D-men. But, that's not what we're doing. We're looking at these players over time, over a period of 5 years, knowing well that Shroeder didn't have it in him, and being constantly reminded that Subban's first name was not PK. So, to compare that knowledge with today's pool requires us to future cast - even up to 5 years in the future, to be fair. To do so, we have to keep in mind the fact that even potential stars don't always turn out, and the likelihood of a draftee making it is far less than them not making it. Keeping all that in mind, and also considering the Canucks' luck over the years, and for those of us who have lived through '94 and '11 and even '82, please allow us some healthy skepticism towards what's going to happen with these guys. Sure, it's tempting to get hopes up. I'm thrilled with Hughes. I'll gladly eat the words I said about the Petterson pick after we passed on Glass, and 'why-isn't-anybody-taking-him' Lind looks like the real deal. But, this is just the same way I had high hopes in 2013. Shinkaruk was going to prove to the Flames that they shouldn't have passed on him, and the fact that we got a Subban in the fourth (?) round was enough to get me stoked about the future. So, I'll happily wait and see how the future goes, but I do think Benning has done a reasonably solid job with his apples, and I'm happy to admit it looks even better than the orange fruited future in 2013. All that said, I think there are some unfair points about the two lists given by the OP: Elias Pettersson Thatcher Demko Quinn Hughes Olli Juolevi Jonathan Dahlen Big Tall Guy in Russia Nikolay Goldobin Kole Lind Jett Woo Adam Gaudette Brendan Leipsic Tyler Madden Lukas Jasek Petrus Palmu Jalen Chatfield William Lockwood Dmitri Zhukenov Zack MacEwen Jack Rathbone First, the 2013 list has a ranking of ten, so including more than ten in this list is unfair. Second, I don't know about considering some of these guys prospects: I'll give you Gaudette, but Goldobin and Leipsic have both played about as many NHL games as Boeser. They're both young players on the team, but no longer 'prospect' territory. The Big Tall Guy in Russia is technically a Canucks' prospect, but I'd say he has to be put on hiatus and not considered on these lists. Would we have considered Rodin when he was lighting it up overseas but had no immediate plans to come back? As part of future casting, we have to consider the (strong) possibility that guys like Zhukanov and Madden will likely never make it as full time NHLers. The odds are just against them. So, I'd first knock it down to 10, to compare better, and get rid of the aforementioned non-prospect-status players. So the top 10 might look like this: 1. Elias Pettersson 2. Adam Gaudette 3. Jonathan Dahlen 4. Quinn Hughes 5. Thatcher Demko 6. Olli Juolevi 7. Kole Lind 8. William Lockwood 9. Jett Woo 10. Tyler Madden Looks a lot less dominating over the other list this way. Pettersson, yeah. He should be like 1-5 on this list. Gaudette is already an NHLer, and looks like he has great potential for a career. Dahlen has done his time in other leagues and is ready to make the jump. That doesn't mean he'll make it though. Hughes is in 4th because he has just been drafted and there's nothing we can attach to him other than his Jr. career. Still, looks like he's primed for success. Demko still looks good, but not as the sure-fire star/starter everybody had him pegged as not too long ago (see what time and reality can do to prospects once it sets in). OJ...well...we'll see. I still challenge anybody to tell me he was a better pick than Sergachev, McCavoy or even Chychrun. A bit of a miscalculation there. Lind looks great, but...well...reminds me of Shinkaruk in some ways. Lockwood had high expectations, but maybe won't live up. Woo and Madden. Love the picks, but the reality is that the odds are stacked against them. Again, I think it's a decent pool, but along with all the ramblings I've just said above, it's just not that much of a slam dunk better than the 2013 pool. Better, yes. But not way, way better like people keep saying. Still hope I'm wrong!
  13. I'd be game! And if that goes through, you get on the phone with Dorion ASAP and try to take any talent Ottawa's got left on that team. A good old fashioned 'indirect-tank'.
  14. We Are All Cucks

    [Discussion] Hey, How About We Fire This Group! Another Blown Draft.

    Good thing big ol' Gudbranson is working out so well. Since size is obviously the most important factor, Guddy's 5 inches on Justin Faulk certainly merited being picked 30 spots earlier in their draft years. Size is everything, after all.
  15. We Are All Cucks


    Come on people, anybody who adds to this thread is just condoning its nonsense. Wait... damnit.