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  1. Anyone know what time the gates are open today? Thanks!
  2. Retro Jersey Unveil (Feb 13 vs Leafs) - Bonus Jake pics!

    Can't wait to see these in action!
  3. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.
  4. Post here for a title.

    Not sure what a title is... but I'll take one!
  5. What is the best name in hockey?

    You should add Lack to your sig
  6. What is the best name in hockey?

    Pernell Karl "PK" Subban
  7. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Could you make a sig using this Virtanen photo and this Linden photo....surprise me! Thanks!
  8. What is the best name in hockey?

    Clayton Stoner
  9. If any of you have Snapchat, I'd recommend adding the Canucks. They have been posting some pretty funny videos of the prospects
  10. Thanks! Im planning on getting there an hour and a half before 5:00, mostly to check out the campus and meet some people, but also to get good seats...or get seats at all, lol
  11. Us islanders really appreciate having the prospects camp here this year