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  1. Anyone know what time the gates are open today? Thanks!
  2. Can't wait to see these in action!
  3. Can someone please explain "BigCountryIsFree"
  4. I love how Smith is casually talking with some of the guys
  5. The Score is amazing
  6. I think they're playing in Juan de Fuca rec centre now, not Panorama.
  7. Island problems
  8. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.
  9. I've never really understood why they switch for home and away
  10. Not sure what a title is... but I'll take one!
  11. Isn't Irwin playing for the Sharks the only reason the Canucks are playing them for the Kraft Hockeyville preseason game on the island?...Bust
  12. When I saw him standing on the bench for the 3 on 3 tournament, he seemed like a bit of a pretty boy, and after when I got a pic with him, he had a huge cheesy grin on his face... I could see why he would be in the top 10 list, lol
  13. NHL website says he's wearing 77, but I think he deserves 18