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  1. BS.... first of all why the hell would McGregor have Brandon Rios of all boxers help him prepare for Money May. Secondly, Brandon Rios himself said that he never met McGregor. I don't know where Jessie Vargas got that info.
  2. "Speed and Skill remember, Speed and Skill."
  3. Looks like Jack was rooting for the Canucks back in '11, here's a tweet he liked recently.
  4. 1. Pettersson 2. Boeser 3. Juolevi 4. Demko 5. Goldobin 6. Dahlen 7. Virtanen 8. Gaudette 9. Lind 10. Zhukenov HM: Gadjovich, Lockwood, Brisebois.
  5. If its boxing rules, Mayweather won't even get hit.
  6. Goldobin's gonna ruin our tank frack! He's looked good