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  1. Thanks for doing this again like last year. I'm looking forward to keeping up with all of our prospects with this thread!
  2. The Utica powerplay is so ineffective. They really need to improve if they want to win this series.
  3. I haven't seen Baertschi since he crashed into the net in the 1st period. Hope he is ok
  4. I was at the game last night. Although Baertschi didn't play a whole lot, he was still noticeable. I think anyone can tell that he's amazingly offensively gifted, definitely more than Vey. I really like Vey and I'm glad Benning acquired him but Sven is much more talented. Baertschi's defensive game isn't bad either. He seems to be defensively aware. I saw him covering for Bieksa a couple of times at the blue line when Bieksa decided to go for a venture. Baertschi is going to be really great for us, just watch. Hopefully he gets some playoff games to show what he can do.
  5. Bangladesh has bowled decently so far. I know its such a long shot but as a Bengali I would be so ecstatic if Bangladesh pulls off a miracle and wins this. But India is my favorite team. I'm so torn
  6. AB de Villiers wreaking havoc!
  7. Man it was a sweet game! I'm glad I chose to watch it!
  8. anyone have a oneplusone invite to spare? I want to get it as a gift for my sis.

  9. I feel your pain. Micropipettes have ruined my PCR reactions too.
  10. It's really sad to see him go for so little. The guy has won 2 gold medals and was one game away from winning the Stanley cup. How does Miller get more than Luu? Anyways, best of luck to Luu! I'm sure I will be happy for him like 3 months down the road.