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  1. They kind of lost me when they moved to a more fast-paced, action-oriented style. Yes, I liked the terrible controls and nonsensical puzzles back in the day. These remakes do look intriguing though. Probably a sale buy. At least they went and fully remade them rather than this bs remaster cash grab so many companies are getting into.
  2. I feel like people would be decrying the Calvert incident just a slight bit less if it hadn't led to a goal 10 seconds later. That is the purpose of the rule, I figure. Try and prevent players from faking injuries to get whistles in pressure situations. The refs messed up this time. Such a situation happens rarely (I mean this specific type of play, not the refs messing up in general, that's every damn game). Usually when a guy gets a puck to the head they are pretty on top of it. Perhaps the refs were staring off into who knows where and missed it. Maybe it was just a judgment call based on the score and time of game. They are only human. I don't find the Zadorov incident completely comparable. He got back up, got in the play, and the Predators only scored when he was on the bench.
  3. Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. I suppose people will be insulated from hearing his opinions now. I would give most immigrants a bit more credit; I figure they are not that weak that they would be broken down by the ramblings of an old man. At least Don ain't hurting for money and can probably enjoy a nice relaxed retirement. I doubt they would have let him off the hook if he had apologized. Folks would be waiting in the weeds for him to slip up again. I can't escape the feeling that this had more to do with getting rid of someone that is disliked than the controversy of his statements. I respect Don a lot more for standing by his words, not backing down and apologizing. Saying immigrants should show respect for a nation's veterans on a day of remembrance should not be a controversial opinion. I guess it was the tone though, and perhaps he should have done a study first, and got concrete information on the relation between citizenship and poppy-wearing, avoiding the anecdotes.
  4. Seems like immigrants have reached protected status and have become free from criticism. Can't mention them without a bunch of old-stock whiteys jumping to defend their honour and moral superiority. That paternalistic line of thinking seems a bit racist in itself. I don't think we need to "cancel" the guy over it. Nature is likely to do that itself very soon. Immigrants don't wear poppies? Seems like a reasonable hypothesis. We operate along the lines that every culture is equal and welcomed and that immigrants should cling to their previous values and way of life. Of course they aren't going to be concerned with Canadian history and culture if they aren't incentivized to learn it. It wouldn't surprise me if many of them don't know why the hell folks are wearing flowers on their lapels. But yeah, seems like the poppy has become yet another way for people to virtue signal. If you really care about the troops, perhaps consider the value of that donation you're putting in the box. Maybe think on writing your MP and asking why veterans aren't being giving the support and care they were promised and have earned.
  5. There was a lot of "who?" when looking at their roster. 1/3 of the group are Europeans or AHL guys, and probably a few more that should be there. Big question marks in every part of the lineup. Doesn't look good for this year to me.
  6. Probably not the greatest of all time. That's a bit hard to quantify. Might not even be Welles' best. However, still a masterpiece. I know influence doesn't equate to a good film, but it had a such a great impact on many movies that came after it. I feel the 'greatest' tag causes people to go into it with too high expectations and get disappointed. I assumed it would be terrible after all the hype and ended up loving it. I like those movies that are all great plot, dialogue, performances, and camera work though.
  7. Sure, I like goals, but I would say I really prefer a back and forth, competitive game. Plenty of those end up low scoring. Last nights game wasn't particularly good watching. Rather than more goals, I could use some rivalries again, some emotion and anger. Many of the regular season games feel too pedestrian anymore. I do like to see some scoring from the team in a loss though.
  8. Feels like either clown college or I've transported to the future. We've got the left winger apologizing for being racist. The limp-wristed, bible-beating right winger calling him out for his racism. The minority hard lefter, who still refuses to denouce his own far right supporters in a country far, far away, calling them all racist. There was probably nothing too scheming in JT's mind when he dressed up for the party. Probably trying to swerve some of them hot private school teachers with his radical humour if the money didn't work. The optics aren't good however. Still kills me though, this line, this was racist then, it's racist now, it was never okay, we knew better even back then. Most of these folks grew up around that era. I did myself. It was pretty kosher to make fun of Arabs around 2001. Guarantee Scheer was out walking around in a bedsheet calling himself Abu Faisel, just nobody had a cell phone. Of course, this probably predated 9/11, which made things real serious. I hear more bs about these kinds of things than any party's platform. Perhaps no one cares, and the sideshow is what it is all about. TV ratings and such. We're going to end up with another minority government in short shrift and another election soon. Perhaps then one can field a half-decent candidate.
  9. I was expecting controversy. He seemed to say most of the right things though. Talks with the coach a lot, recognizes he needs to work on the mental game, is not a drunk, likes playing in Canada, puts the voodoo on Matheson. I'll admit, I like Goldobin. I have no doubts about his offensive ability. He has made some incredible plays in his time here. Seems to be resistant to playing a two-way game but not all forwards are going to be Selke winners. I would have liked to see him given a bit more rope. He looks lost in the defensive zone though and that doesn't fly anymore in today's game. I don't see him sticking around for too much longer. I worry he'll go to another team, get slotted in on the first line, and put up a ton of points. He certainly would in the KHL. I don't know, you look at the first game there. Puts up a couple points and gets stapled to the bench, playing sub 4th line time. He was relatively consistent at putting up points when playing with good players and being given the ice time. It's interesting looking at the game logs. Stretches of success filled with periods of what looks like inactivity. I think he has the tendency to lose confidence in his game. Perhaps some players do not respond well to the tough love.
  10. Yeah, fine in Florida, but they shouldn't even consider raising the number 1 here. I find it quite hilarious, how Lou signed a massive contract and then quickly asked for a trade as soon as he figured he might be replaced, thereby causing a bunch of drama till he was actually traded for a pittance to a team that was obviously his only choice. Don't you remember that interview, "My contract sucks!" Sorry, those were the actions of a prima donna, someone who cared more about themselves than the team. I understand why he wanted to go, but I will not fete him for it. Please. He was no hero, like they like to say. Instead, the organization and fans got dumped on for him choosing to sign a contract and then not wanting to honour it? Gross. Best goalie they've ever had, but I have to limit my praise at a point. And then, with the last move of his career, he boned the Canucks again to appease his home franchise. Why do people act like Luongo was a saint that got crucified? I do take issue with Bure's number getting retired as well, though I put it on the number of games played here. Honour Lou in some other way.
  11. The only thing I'd really like to see from Loui is for him to put down his purse and start caring. If he started playing like the game mattered and not just a paycheck, then I wouldn't dislike him too much. If he puts up 15 and 15 at 6 mil or 10 and 10, so what, as long as he tried. That's the part that kills me the most. I never really disliked a player that gave it their all. Now a player that acts like a prima donna, like they are entitled something because of history despite putting in record low effort? Get your ass back to Sweden then.
  12. It is U18, however, I believe the restriction is on the age at end of year, not at the end of tournament. Hence a guy like Lafreniere was not eligible. But don't quote me on that.
  13. It's always been pretty hazy any time I've been there, but I seem to recall they have a bunch of pictures of celebrities in small bars on the wall. Just not their bar. I thought that was pretty funny. Sure is a postage stamp, couldn't fit a lot of folks. My cousin's band plays in there quite frequently.
  14. I notice one aspect of recent Stanley Cup champions where Canadian teams face an obvious deficit. Rather than prominent free agents, they almost always have several very important players that they traded for. It's no secret that many players do not wish to be traded to Canadian teams, and block doing so, for reasons that have already been stated in this thread. Of course, that comes far below the often abysmal drafting and developing of Canadian teams in recent times. The main reason probably comes down to the numbers thing. 7/31 ain't the greatest odds. We did have five runners-up since the Canadiens last won though.