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  1. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    To be honest, I was expecting another lottery finish to this season, and I was looking forward to a Svechnikov or Dahlin. I suppose that is a sign of how awful the past couple years have been. This year so far? I have actually enjoyed watching the team. There is grit, and jam, and try. I can't remember the last time I saw a good come from behind win, or even a lost game that the Canucks dominated. It's still early, yes. But I like where it's headed so far. I still see a drop coming, and probably a miss of the playoffs. But an encouraging sign is that it is usually the youth spurring the good play rather than the veterans dragging it up, like Calgary all those years. The Vaneks, and even the Gudbransons, I would like to see traded come deadline, if a deal can't be made with the latter.
  2. How Will You Remember Dan Cloutier

    Game 3, up 2-0 against the powerhouse Red Wings with their dangerous bought and paid for roster, letting in a goal from center ice.
  3. STEVE FRENCH!!! How are you my cougar buddy?

  4. You know, Andrew Cassels, of 168 points in 198 games with the Canucks from 99-02. Or maybe he is a real big fan of Cole.
  5. Dmitry Zhukenov | C

    Zhukenov with the shootout winner tonight. Almost ended it in OT, it was called off though. Nice play on the tying goal as well.
  6. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    I went to a talk by Paul Henderson. He rambled on for two hours about Jesus, his autograph, and his daughter marrying an American. It was bizarre and quite disappointing to my ten year old self. Did get him to autograph a hockey card though. Then there was Lanny McDonald, he was in town to drop the puck at a senior game. Also, a friend of my father's, Gord Strate. He holds (or held, can't be arsed to look) the record for the most NHL games played without a point. Must have been fairly good though, to hold down a regular spot for a season with the Wings in the Gordie Howe era.
  7. Mackenze Stewart Talk

    I have heard from one of my sources that the organization is quite pleased with Mackenze Stewart's play of late and they are working to get him signed real soon.
  8. Mackenze Stewart Talk

    Exciting to see a relative get drafted. And to my favourite team as well, thought I might have to change allegiances there, though I guess being a 7th rounder, the odds are stacked against him. Yes, not the most skilled or tough player out there just yet, but he has two things much harder to teach, size and character.
  9. 2014 IIHF World Championship Thread (Bieksa named Captain)

    I wonder when that exhibition game I was reading about on TSN is happening, if it will be televised, or if it already happened and what the results were.
  10. (TEMP GDT) Anaheim Ducks @ Vancouver Canucks

    Gutless effort against a team that embarrassed them in their last two games against. Looks like they are going to get shutout by a goalie playing his first NHL game, so far they've handed it to him. 9 shots through two?
  11. GDT Canucks @ Colorado March 27th 6:00 pm PT

    Fucking gamecenter blows balls. It looks like shit at the highest level, and now it crashes, and when I reload it, refuses to show anything other than the Winnipeg game.
  12. [GDT] March12: Vancouver @ Winnipeg

    I'll just broil.
  13. [GDT] March12: Vancouver @ Winnipeg

    Ugh, kneeing. Cheap play, results in injuries too often. Don't see why the league ignores it and slew foots.
  14. Evan McEneny | D

    1G, 2A for McEneny at the end of the 2nd in the game tonight. 35 pts in 56GP now, just surpassed his previous career high in 9 less games.

    Canadians can't play on the big ice they said.