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  1. I know their play is what matters, but do you guys really want a kid who looks like Ritchie on the Canucks? The guy's like a 7 on the Sopel-Scale.
  2. Are you insane?? A guy laughs at your kid walking into a post (I would have too, that's hilarious), and you run up and grab him by the throat?? Wow man, I hope you're trolling
  3. Just win 7 in a row, easy! Still alive!
  4. I was hoping for them to tank, but what a great effort.. I might have to change my tune a bit! Canucks for the cup!! Pretty cool to see Colton Sissons play in Vancouver for the first time, he had a solid game! Oh and our Weber was clearly better tonight..
  5. But.. we have something like a 2% chance of making the playoffs at this point. Please just lose, I want Draisaitl!! edit: Oh, and to the people saying this makes me not a true fan?? I have been a fan my whole life and I would rather see them get a decent draft pick for the first time in 10 years than win a few meaningless games. If we somehow got a top 5 pick, that could positively affect the team for decades. Doing well now and just missing the playoffs? That benefits no one. If anything, finishing rock bottom would be a good wake-up call. Does this mean I think the players should intentionally throw the game? No, you meatheads, I just want what will benefit the team the most.
  6. Mike Sullivan: Dennis Quaid: Thinner face than the Quaid, but it's the best I've got/
  7. I don't know what this is, but I like it

  8. Aww my picture was so unique for a while..

    1. Sugar baby watermelon

      Sugar baby watermelon

      LOL sorry, I couldn't resist

  9. That gif with the baby is hilarious

  10. "When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty..."

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    2. Gunner Garrison

      Gunner Garrison

      when the buffalo is empty, hodgson gets picked up.

    3. Baka


      When Penner comes to town, invest in Ihop.

    4. Grapefruits


      When O'Brien comes to town, invest in The Roxy

  11. ^ He is on the mobile website. Change the url from "page_st_1" to something like 5000 and it should bring you to the last page...
  12. With that picture, you write "not sure if..", then hopefully you make it funny
  13. Try making some, they're easy