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  1. Might as well give us Chychrun right now.
  2. Hopefully in the playoffs. I'd like to see them win the cup. Anytime before I die would be nice.
  3. I want Auston Matthews.
  4. Eff the playoffs. I want Auston Matthews.
  5. I like..... cake.
  6. Aaron Rome.
  7. 1. This team wasn't even expected to make the postseason. 2. He got the Sedins back on track. 3. He got Edler back on track. 4. The players enjoy playing for him. 5. No.
  8. Get us Ovechkin
  9. Guess our PP can continue to suck then.
  10. I've heard lots of rumors that the Sens are willing to move Chris Phillips. He's a Veteran defenceman and has played pretty good on a struggling team. Maybe the Canucks can acquire him. He's good in his own end and has a ton of experience. He might be able to fill in the hole left by Bieksa. Not sure what we'd have to give up though. He does become a UFA at the end of this season. And he is 36 years old. I don't think the asking price is that high.
  11. I'd like them to hold onto Higgins and Hansen. Higgins is probably one of our most underrated players and Hansen provides a lot of energy. Plus the Canucks have defencemen in Utica that are just as good as the ones you've listed. Biega has been pretty good even though it's been just one game. This Pedan kid has also looked good from what I've seen of him down in Utica.
  12. Bo Horvat is going to be the next Wayne Gretzky.
  13. It's funny how some of you people are like "Oh, oh, give them this, give them that, lets get this deal done!" It's like you know what Winnipeg's needs are at the moment. Winnipeg has the opportunity to make the postseason and obviously if they're gonna move an impact player like Kane, the offer is gonna have to be feasible to them. You really think they're going to take a trade like "Subban, Shinkaruk, and draft pick" when they are still pretty much in the playoff race? Especially when a 30 goal scoring winger is heading the other way? Wake up. If the Canucks aren't willing to overextend for Kane, the Jets will look somewhere else. Also have to look at the fact that they have Kane for 3 more seasons, they aren't in a hurry to move him.
  14. But... I wanted Torey Krug....
  15. I think more often than not, Kassian has looked noticeable. His stats may not show it, but usually when he has the puck, he's effective.