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  1. Actually Brady is the rougher of the 2. Btw...Keith equally hated Calgary so you can put that theory to rest. Pettersson Tkachuk Horvat Scary center line-up for the next 10-12 yrs But ya.... I'm taking THE best D when it's our turn to pick
  2. Another early list from Dobber
  3. Looks like Benning has found a replacement for Harry Orr's old job. Being a scout for Warriors the past 7yrs, this guy will be quite up to speed on the who's who in The Dub.
  4. Take this for what it is until ISS churns out their list in Sept. Obviously missing a few names such as; Tkachuk Evan Bouchard Some decent skilled defenders to be had tho but damn are they on the small side. Heres to hoping they grow
  5. Well ya...Jake was drafted 4 years ago. Since then we have amassed that many more prospects. Gadjovich being a good comparable. Eventually tho...this tends to be on Jake to finally get his collective "stuff" together and start being a noticable difference. Work habits, talents, dedication, IQ, etc....the "tool box full of tools". Prove he was worthy of that 6th pick.
  6. Don't get me wrong...I'm a huge JV fan. Talked to him a few times and he seems like a kid that knows he got the message and is working his arse off to prove the doubters wrong. I still think one more year in Utica getting top/hard minutes (pp,pk,5v5) under a "development coach" while avoiding what is supposed to be a dog food season will be best for him. He can finally play with more skilled players too if guys like Rodin, Goldobin, Burmistrov, Chaput and possibly Dahlin, are likely to be on the team
  7. I did say that Willie got behind him and threw him right back into the line-up. For the first bit he DID do good but as the Canucks fell to the basement in the standings, guys like Jake and Jared were caught doggin it. Sedins called them out in The Province. Sure they didn't name names but we knew who they was referring to.
  8. Me thinks Stuckel could be spending time in Kalamazoo is his first pro year
  9. The NHL is littered with these examples, including players from our own team. Eg,.... Markus Naslund....drafted high in 1991. Pitts gave up on him 5yrs after he was drafted and traded him. He didn't break out until 1998/99. 8years after he was drafted. Todd Bertuzzi....drafted in 1st rnd in '93. wasn't until 2001 when he finally discovered his scoring touch Andrew Ladd...drafted 4th overall in '04. wasn't until '09 when he fully embraced his role as an effective 3rd liner. later traded a few years later and started racking up the goals in '13/'14...10yrs after he was drafted David Backes is another great example for the 1000th time, just because a player is drafted in the top 10, doesn't mean they SHOULD'VE been drafted at that spot. Perhaps that's on the scouting staff, but we are here and now. The thing with Jake was he was ranked the fastest skater in the draft, could score, hit and drive the net. Basically the very type of player we DIDNT have. Jake for his part didnt do himself any favors by demonstrating his immaturity and not taking his career more seriously. He, like Bo, played their D+1 year back in Junior and eventually made their team out of the following training camp. Jake for the most part had somewhat a decent rookie year. Bo, also had a good rookie season while being shackled to the 4th line but didn't complain or whine. He was ready to burst thru his glass ceiling but WD wouldn't have it and I think that was good of WD to do that. Where Jake shot himself in the foot was his going to the Beiber concert and hangin with the Beibs while guys like Bo and Hutton are studying film or power skating or generally thinking of ways to improve their game. Everytime a camera was on Jake he was always kinda acting like a goof, mocking other guys out loud or just being loud instead of just shuttin TFU and concentrating....like Bo would be doing. Tony Gallagher even pointed it out a few times on TSN1040 morning show on a few occasions. Jake had his WJC moment and came back home the scapegoat of the nation. I believe Benning was about to send him back to junior but Willie vouched and insisted he stay and get thrown into the mix as a show of the coach having his back. That turned out to be a mistake on Willies part and Jake was dogging it during games and practices in the last pasts of the '16 season and was also evidenced by the Sedins calling Jake/Jared out for this. When it came to the off-season, Trevor spoke up in saying he personally seen Jake working out everyday but come training camp and the start of the season, it was reported and well documented that Jake wasn't in the greatest shape. The last nail in the coffin was when Jake went whining and crying to the media about playing time and throwing the coach under the bus. "Enjoy Utica kid....don't forget your STUFF." I work in Abbotsford and a month ago, I was always running into him at the same time at the same gas station, 7-11 on Immel Rd., and I swear the guy was dripping in sweat and his little buddy was in worse shape. His Jeep Cherokee is super bad ass too by the way. He seems humbled and working hard to finally prove himself. Ppl mocked him for the inline skating but I cant see why that wouldn't be a bad thing. I still have high hopes for Jake and hope he CAN and WILL become useful. seeing his late season chemistry with a skilled guy like Goldobin is very encouraging. Both love to skate and make plays at a high level. Another year of Utica with a few tasty call-ups should do the trick. I'm hoping and can see Burmistrov getting sent down Goldobin-Burmistrov-Virtanen this could be a great line
  10. For all the press and excitement that surrounded Gaudette, we never got to enjoy what Lockwood was all about. Here's to a great upcoming sophomore season tho. U of Michigan is going to get a boost from Josh Norris and small but skilled D in Quinten Hughes that's likely to be a high draft pick next year
  11. He was slated to be a tweener between limited ice-time, press box and Utica. Let Philly waste 3.5mil of cap space
  12. Since Snow somehow fleeced Treliving for a 1st and 2 2nd picks, this is where Benning needs to strike and strike now. Benning needs to phone Snow and and say "Hey man...I got the perfect Hamonic replacement right here, he is a right shot, cheap contract and does pretty much what Hamonic does.....I will only charge you YOUR 1st and a 2nd." "How does that sound Gareth? " Now if Eberle gets injured and they start crapping the bed....these could be great picks..... Would we take salary back?
  13. Thanks for coming out and getting your arse kicked against SJ..... Cheers buddy
  14. I think the coach would just quit if he was forced to ice that line 5v5