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  1. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    Well if that happens (Hamhuis for Bowey) I will seriously sponsor your ticket and drinks all night at The Rog   He is how one scenario could ALSO play out. We trade Hamhuis to Caps and get Orlov and Bowey gets promoted for the playoffs once his AHL season ends
  2. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    You know....if I'm an owner and my GM just traded away a RHS 6'2" defense prospect that has already put up 25pts in half an AHL season as a rookie...WHILE being a +10.... For a 33yr old defenseman with a busted face and likely married to that face shield the rest of the year....AND will ALSO be gone I'm gonna be seriously pi $$ed if I'm Leonsis    "But the coach remembers the player...." bahahaha   Ya ya, I know...."Erat got Forsberg" blah blah blah
  3. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    Ya....until Hammer realizes that he is once again coached by Sullivan and passes.... I don't think we getting Bowey. I can see the 1st and prospect as a nice return. Zack Sanford or the big Swiss Dman they got last draft are projection prospects too. 24yr old Nate Schmidt also fits Benning's profile as well, and still with a .8k cap hit for 2 yrs
  4. [Rumour] Pitt interested in Hammer

    Well since you put it that way....why are we nickel n diming for Bowey?  Why not ask for Carlson?  Hey of Erat for Forsberg is able to happen....
  5. [Rumour] Pitt interested in Hammer

    Haha....dream on.  Please explain how or why Wash trades their top defense prospect or a 1st for a 34yr old defenseman with a busted face and hasn't even played a game yet since having his face plated?
  6. [Rumour] Canucks In F Andrew Ladd Sweepstakes

    I would offer up Shinkaruk or Gaunce out of prospects... The reason being is that If/When Ladd is on the team, we will now have: Sedin Sven Ladd That leaves no spots for neither Gaunce or Shinkaruk   At the same time, I'm wondering where Etem also slots in if Ladd comes? Ladd WOULD be a great linemate for McCann-Virtanen  Ladd/McCann/Virtanen 6mil for 6yrs seems alot, I would do 6mil for 4 yrs tho Maybe offer the 2nd from Columbus   Gaunce/Shinkaruk  CBJ 2nd   That's the start of my package for Ladd
  7. Demitra only if he played like he did in 2010 Olympics. ....guy was on fire then went to bed when he came back to play for us
  8. Naslund-morrison-Bertuzzi D. Sedin-H. Sedin-Burrows  Raymond-Kesler-Samuelsson  Torres-Malhotra-Hansen Edler-Salo Mitchell-Jovo Ohlund-Hamhuis Luongo     I can't count Linden as the 2nd tour of duty Linden was a far cry of his former self of 93/94/95 seasons. He had that MCL in 97 and it ruined him. Ya he was a serviceable player but IMO still got slack due to his legend and that's why I can't include him.  The old line of  Raymond Kesler Samuelsson  Was a dandy and gave coaches fits trying to defend both that line and the Sedins. Line generated alot of goals Raymond had jam and became a heck of a dependable guy on the pk due to his blazing speed and release
  9. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Why font we all just relax and wait a few years for Benning's draft selections to finish developing in their respective leagues and get to the big club. From what I've seen so far, alot of his picks look quite decent or are rounding into the vision he seen when he drafted them. Baertschi is even making a case of redeeming of the 2nd round pick we all obsessed about  
  10. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Take a guy like Andrew Ladd.... Selected 4th overall in 2004 Did he light the league on fire in his first 5 years in the league? No but he has 2 cups and has leadership oozing from his ears, beat the S**t out of Kesler and blossomed into one hell of a hockey player
  11. Well the past year, Stamkos has been slotting in on RW....so there's that.     Having him slot in with Sedins could be quite the magical experience
  12. (Discussion) STAMKOS. Possibilty or Fantasy

    Well he hasn't signed yet and just because he is from there that he is begging to sign. Tons of Ontario and Torontonians opt not to sign there.  Can't say I blame them once they hear about creeps like Cox and Kypreos constantly requesting interviews from the showers.
  13. (Discussion) STAMKOS. Possibilty or Fantasy

    As much as I like McCann, if we get Stamkos, I'm looking to trade McCann for a defenseman 
  14. There is also the crop of free agents that become available each spring.  One particular defenceman I've been tracking for a few years is Ahti Oksanen out of Boston University. 6'3 207lbs and usually point per game guy. They all make entry level contracts but the way to win the bids is the promise of ice-time.