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  1. I would be curious to see what an actual return package for Boeser COULD look like. Tkachuk definately turns back the clock getting a younger player that fits Canucks in so many ways. -Tkachuk is buddies with Hughes - can score -asshole to play against -helps and can contribute right now Im sure there would be quite a few teams lined up to take on Boeser's services while offering a good package. A few I dreamt up myself Buf: Cozens Risto Phi: Konecny Frost Min: Dumba Boldy High pick WPG: Laine
  2. I do like the Goldy for Lemieux proposal tho. Although now Gorton now has to sign Goldy which might be easier as Im sure he would accept a 1yr show me deal. Our 4th line needs a good mucker like that. LA thrived on having Clifford acting as a missile, same as when we had Raffi Torres. They just need to be harnessed into not taking stupid penalties
  3. Jake Virtanen.... If he comes in and has the effort type of year that Roussel had along with achieving 20g-25a... Thats my hope anyway
  4. I like Perrault but his age doesnt fit our age group. Rather have someone like Bryan Rust. Move JV to left side and keep Gaudette here JV-Gaudette-Rust Thats a speedy 3rd line that will be capable of scoring
  5. Not sure which D Buffalo gives up nor which one they DO give up on truely helps us unless we are targetting their prospects such as Samuelson. Not sure where all the toxic talks of Subban come from other than Gallagher. Cant deny Subbans talents tho. Would rather have PK than watching Pouliot, Biega, Tanev Edler-Stecher Hughes-Subban Not a bad top 4
  6. Remember the last time Canucks had a really good 3C? Kadri could be that guy again. Sure....hate him but he still takes hard faceoffs, shuts down top centers, kills penalties while popping in 18+ goals every year Roussel/Kadri/Virtanen That could almost replicate the '10 line of Torres/Malhotra/Hansen that was a dominant and effective line.
  7. PK Subban I think Nashville signing Fabbro makes Subban that much more expendable. He would add that veteran presence and a bit of pizzazz and snarl on the back end. He also takes pressure off Stecher having to be that #2d and still buy him more time on 2nd pairing. Hughes/Subban could also be a great A few miles on his body but its also an example of a "bold move" that helps us.
  8. Surely this needs verifying but surely it has legs. If so, this has Scott Walkers finger prints on it from being McGinns junior coach back in Guelph
  9. thanks for the insider info. the email I got was that they do sell named jerseys for football, not sure of basketball. would be cool to get a Hughes jersey tho. Hat tip to you sir for being there to see some good games in the many sports. UofMich usually has good teams
  10. Not sure about UofMich games but UND were usually sold out and are a hard ticket to get. especially when thats the only thing to watch in the city of Grand Forks. at the same time, Im trying to get a Quinn Hughes jersey. Ive been begging/pleading the sports shop at UofMich but they dont sell named jerseys for mens hockey. They only do that for football.
  11. Great interview and soundbites from B Campbell this morning. not sure who the D guru is in Utica but wondering out loud if there's any possibility to getting a Campbell type in the Utica staff to start mentoring the young D down there. a guy like Brian, that isnt too far removed from the game and is in tune to the new skilled D types could prove beneficial
  12. Not to mention Dahlen ripped it up for Allsvensken. Petrus Palmu is rumored to be rookie of the year in Liiga