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  1. [Proposal] Brock Nelson

    Curious what it would take to get Nelson out of NY. Even with Tavares gone, he still seems the odd man out on depth chart. To me he seems like a healthier Sutter but just not as good on faceoffs. He is set for arbitration so Im not sure if he CAN be traded but worth a shot. Could be a decent 2nd line C, scores 20-25/ year and hasnt been injured. Horvat Nelson Sutter Beagle Good center depth until the TDL when Sutter AND possibly Nelson can be flipped for good picks/prospects, and bring Gaudette up Thoughts?
  2. Quinn Hughes | D

    Great interview and soundbites from B Campbell this morning. not sure who the D guru is in Utica but wondering out loud if there's any possibility to getting a Campbell type in the Utica staff to start mentoring the young D down there. a guy like Brian, that isnt too far removed from the game and is in tune to the new skilled D types could prove beneficial
  3. Actually....i believe there is just the one Peter but im not sure how he relates to this Ottawa thread.
  4. Hey are you here to talk hockey or act like you're still in high school, snickering at other from the bleachers Talk hockey or get to steppin
  5. Honestly, we dont know if it was his GF on twitter or not. Thay being said, Hoff is a constant 25+ goals scorer and has wheels and would do alot of good for SJ but he will do pretty good in Florida. His GF is SUPER stoked coz now she gets to live in Maijami now .......tax free
  6. Well I wrote that before Hoffman had been flipped.....so that wouldve helped with Marleau's departure. Hoffman has been on an avg 25+ goals/yr avg the past 4 years. And if Tavares wouldve signed, he wouldve replaced Thornton. The here and now, guys like Meier, Hertl, etc all coming into their own help Thornton/Marleau departure by replacing the points they would produce.
  7. Ya....i think Buffalo is very close to considering that one.... You can claim that you called it ok?
  8. And why not? He walks onto a team that has talented wingers to play with. What would be his deterant? You think Lou is gonna turn NYI around at a snap of a finger?
  9. You can say that all you want but you know what? They've spoiled their fans by constantly being in the playoffs every year, scout and draft well, make bold moves, take risks that usually bring medium to great success. Basically....they are an organization as a whole that tries. They've successfully cycled out their versions of Sedins(Thornton/Marleau) and now replaced them whereas we cant even say we did that Plus they've owned us for how many years now. Go ahead....poke fun at them dude
  10. Now.... If Im John Tavares, Im SUPER curious on an interview with the folks in San Jose. Couture Pavelski Hertl Hoffman Kane Donskoi Mier They got 2 awesome D in Vlasic and Burns, a solid netminder. Gonna be some great teams in our division visiting The Rog
  11. I always think its Melnyk That said....you trade a 25 goal scorer for Boedker? Yikes
  12. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    Thanks....ya i forgot about that aspect. I truely wouldnt make that trade anyway. I believe Dobson, Bouchard, Hughes have a higher ceiling anyway, but i wouldnt be afraid of moving out our 2nd. I see Hanifin as a bit of a rushed player and his +/- was evident but he was ranked high all that year and selected where he was by a pretty keen GM for a reason. He WILL get better. Like many insiders state tho is Elliotte doesnt stir the pot and every quote or bone he throws out usually has meat on it. Stay tuned i guess....
  13. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    Havent parused the other 26 pages in this thread so im not sure if this question has been asked yet....but... What if Benning dealt next years 1st rnd pick for Hanifin? Hanifin Dobson Juolevi Could be a decent D core for the next 8 years.....
  14. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I seriously dont need want these kids on our team next year anyway. Would rather see Dobson spend another 2 years in junior and atleast a partial year in minors for that full development aspect. Same if we select Tychonick....sign him after his junior year. UND has a decent team coming back up again. He is 6' now but could get to 6'1 195 by the time he gets here