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  1. That will likely save Benning's job
  2. The Buffalo station story was from last season. Tanev's M-NTC has already kicked in. THAT July 1st has already passed
  3. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    Yet you ask that guy what Carrick is worth and he will demand a 1st and say Carrick is so good
  4. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    That guy is the biggest Leaf tool out there.
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    For once I would like to see someone say "Ya, the area he's from, they trim too much fat off of their whale blubber." "Bit of a girlie-man and I can't wait to line him up."
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I know we've probably covered this but if we don't get to draft Dahlin, that Bouchard should be our target. Watching the latest highlight reels of him just makes me miss 2011 team and one the reasons we were so effective. Was because in addition to having deadly forwards, we were also able to pump an average of 20 GOOD shots from the blueline. I miss the set plays of Ehrhoff clanging shots off the boards and one of the Sedins or Burrows there for the greasy rebounds. Or just a good hard Salo bomb. Bouchard LOVES to shoot and shoot often. He also loves to dish off like a pp QB while also playing responsible. Could also elevate Juolevi's game much in the way Salo used to help Edler by holding his hand but together they were very effective on the 2nd pairing. That's not to say I hope to see Bouchard on the 2nd pairing as I do see him as an awesome #2 or a top pairing D. When Hunter puts the C on his players sweater it recognizes that player knows his $hit and displays great leadership. Watching his interviews, you can tell he just already gives those intelligent answers. If Bouchard is available with our selection. . He is definitely my choice in this draft
  7. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Ya you can add that too...feel free to add to that as well Thx
  8. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Svechnikov is also around 8 months younger too I believe. Ya you're right this could be up for debate. I just prefer the elite dude on the LW since we have someone already slotted on the right side
  9. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Along with 4 helpers and Player of the Game for Team Cherry at Prospects game "HE'S A GOOD CANADIAN KID!!"
  10. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    You can copy/paste this.... If we're not picking top 3 and Dahlin, Zadina, Svechnikov are gone... I'm 100% on the Bouchard train. -Big -Can skate(finally a guy that can lug the puck out of our zone -incredible Passer, finally someone to set up both Boeser and Pettersson as they will be flanked on either sides of the goal. -has an equally impressive shot of his own and shoots often - is incredibly patient...heartbeat usually at 40bps -already has chemistry with Juolevi Wouldn't that be hilarious tho... ...we pass on Tkachuk to draft Juolevi ....then pass on Tkachuk again to draft Juolevi's old D partner But again...mark me down as 100% for Boucher if Dahlin, Zadina and Svechnikov are gone
  11. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    -Gosh...best goal scorer of the draft? -Gave Canada legit fits during wjc -Along with Boeser/Pettersson we would have 3 guys that could seriously rip the puck -back checks -loves to chase pucks...real puck hound - being a LW, gives a reason to drop Baertschi off at a bus stop - can skate like the wind IMO, he should be #2 overall
  12. Good point but there would've been plenty of good talent wherever we would'e
  13. These guys are out in force this time if year too.
  14. The article is also written by Ottawa scribe Bruce Garrioch who drums up a TON of click bait and suggestive speculations. Much like Canucks "listening to offers on Hutton" he reported last week. I know, I know....where there's smoke there's fire but this guy also throws tons of spaghetti on the wall hoping some will stick. I'm not so sure ARZ deals OEL away without making sure they are in position to draft Dahlin. Then again, who knows with Nerd-Boy running the team. If indeed Chayka IS shopping him? I'm confident GM's will be tripping over themselves to get him. Does he have a NTC? Or can they send him anywhere?
  15. [Waiver] JT Brown (tampa)

    The only reason I would want this "Ham 'n Egger" is because I'm tired of the ham n Eggers we already got on this team. I would claim him to give him a tryout for the rest of the year since he is UFA this year. Only makes $1.25mil but ya...if this guy provides piss n vinegar and is different than having to watch Chaput, then sure