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  1. [Proposal] Van-Min

    I could be mistaken but I think Folino has had spot duty on the top line and a few cameo appearances on one of their power plays. That shows he wont look out of place if he is paired with top players in key situations. Youtube him and this guy has done enough fighting to make even Dorsett proud. Somebody here mentioned his career high is 23 points.... Well if this guy pots 10-13 each year from 4th line then he is DEFINITELY a keeper and worth going after HARD. Leads the league in hits which Green is looking for and could pair him with Virtanen for inspiration. All this for 4 yrs, @ $2.85m? He is EXACTLY the type this team needs right now.
  2. [Proposal] Van-Min

    With the loss of Dorsett, One player I'm thinking has a comparable is Marcus Folino. Not sure how fans or coaches feel about Folino but being 26, he fits our age group, hits like a truck, has shutdown abilities and could be a fit with Sutter and Gaunce. I assume Min management likes him alot as they did just sign him to a 4yr contract that is about the same as Dorsett. I would have no problem parting with Granlund as he is an RFA at years end and will likely wanna cash in on his 17 goals from last year. Thoughts? Thanks
  3. You could be right but there could also have been... "Hey, we'll honor your request...just give us a bit here ok?"
  4. I sense this is a timing issue and wonder that since a few D are coming back that someone is going to be shipped out. One or more of the returns could then take Rodin place on the Utica roster Like say for instance...Jayce Hawryluk after Benning trades Gudbranson to florida Just a thought....
  5. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Might depend on if Ken Holland becomes available this summer.... ....jusss sayin
  6. OMG haha....ya I didn't realize I did that haha. Good catch
  7. If Benning can swing a deal to send Gudbranson son to FLA and get Hawryluk then that would be sweet. The "Charlie Hustle with hands" type this team is building around.
  8. Well for the Koekkoek comparison to Pedan.... Slater has 2 goals while Pedan will still be taking residence in Scranton and likely won't get a sniff. The Coburn comparison is going to be much the same as when Edler and Eriksson come back.... 2 younger players that are doing great will have to sit because like Coburn, they can't come out of the line-up unless Green parks them in the press box. Your opinion of Coburn doesn't seem to be shared by his coach that deploys him for 19mins/ game so Coburn might be the wrong comparison Again...same situation as Pouliot....Koekkoek can't get into a line-up. Even IF Jim got him for a song....where does HE then fit into our line-up? SOMEBODY has to come out. Is it MDZ? Hutton? Or Pouliot? Leave Tampa because he is tired of being #7/8 to become #7/8 here
  9. We'll that's your hunch and opinion.... And I'll respect that
  10. Fair enough... But Koekkoek hasn't had enough body of work to show what he can do. His problem is he can't get into the Tampa line-up and again that's the good problem to have from a Tampa standpoint. Ppl dumped on Pouliot for his draft spot and also not getting into a line-up...look at him now. By the end of the year, his ice-time should go up along with his time on PP. He only cost us Pedan and a 4th. Ya I want Benning to hoard draft picks but I make that trade all day long. If Benning coughed up a 3rd and similar prospect for Koekkoek and he works out to be the same as Pouliot or Hutton...that's a worthwhile reason to part with that pick. IMO there is no difference if a traded pick turns into a very good asset or you use the pick to draft someone and he also turns into an asset. As long as it works out no?
  11. And you are probably right. Hard to argue that one good sir
  12. Quite frankly I haven't read ANY posts to this thread before I added my 2 cents....but that's not to say I don't respect anything you DID write. MY point was that when replying to a comment...I rather hear YOUR words so next time maybe copy/paste YOUR words....just sayin. The reason for not reading the orevious posts is for the simple reason that every rumoured player we seem to be after or is said to be available gets the same cast of threads and same reasons as to WHY we want/don't want said player, along with the scraps we figure we should give up for said player. Then I go onto "Proposals" and sure enough there are 4 ppl already created threads of the scraps we should trade for said player. You get my point? Lol Being a member of this beloved sight, I find when I put my 2 cents worth, someone will reply and then everyone repeats themselves anyway. Hence why threads get to 15+pages lol. Truth be told trading Hutton for Koekkoek would more/less be an eventual sideways move imo. Koekkoek WILL be a player, he just hasn't been able to crack the line-up and he doesn't require waivers to be sent down. He is in much the same position as Pouliot was. I rather Benning look for upgrades on LW to play with Horvat. Domi/Athanisiou types that are young, full of piss n vinegar and upgrades over guys like Baertschi and Gagner My earlier post was a bit of a dream but no different than most on here. If we DID managet to get Koekkoek, that would make Hutton expendable no? Package Hutton+Baertschi.... What does that get us for upgrade on LW or Center?
  13. Yes you're sorta right. Tampa would own his rights but when Tryamkin comes back he will be a Free agent no? That's alot of dead asset sitting idle for 3yrs
  14. Tryamkin has an iron clad, can't get out of contract with KHL for 3 yrs and helps Stevie in NO way.
  15. Well the problem I see with that is... With Tampa being at the top of the league and no real weak holes, they most likely don't need Edler and his 10 ailments and his $5m cap hit. If they NEED a D, they would simply just plug in Koekkoek. The problem Tampa has is a problem we can only DREAM of and that is "depth" Now Stevie Y don't give a crap if he has a player chomping at the bit to get in the line-up or his agent cryin about getting his unhappy client out of there. Stevie Y sits like a pokerface hawk and waits for the right opportunity and right deal. And this is what Sakic is trying to model himself after in Colorado after Roy farted that team back a few years. I don't think Tampa would even BE interested in Edler, Tanev and certainly not Hutton. They have a great D full of youth, Vets, a franchise D and some great D prospects coming thru the pipeline. Yzerman also has a few contracts that need hefty renewals AR the end of the year but watch him tap dance around that too. I think the only waY Benning pry's Koekkoek out of there is with a 2nd and a prospect not named Subban. Oh ya... Stevie Y's ears will DEFINITELY perk up at the chance to snap up Weircoch as was suggested by someone on here lol