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  1. When we watch raw we fastforward through 90 percent of it but when we watch smack down we watch all of it. Smackdown is so much better in every way even the more boring storylines are way more likeable then anything Raw puts on. It's to the point I am starting not even care about my favorite (except bayley) raw wrestlers it's just all so boring.
  2. As someone who has food allergies I can honestly tell you that it can be rather scary and frustrating dealing with food especially while eating out. If we went to a restaurant and my allergies were blatantly ignored and I was served something I couldn't eat and had a scary reaction i would be livid and sue as well. I understand it's not always a easy job and that the waiter made an honest mistake but food allergies need to be taken more seriously especially life treating ones. With that said I being my epi pen with me everywhere and I would never go out and eat somewhere and leave it in the car that is just stupid. Some people are so sensitive to foods that just having slight contact to that food causes a reaction (I get a rash from washing dishes with peanut butter on them) so it seems rather big risk to go eat somewhere without your epi pen. I also learned the hard way that you also need to be aware of your food when I had a potentially similar thing happen. We went for gelato and both my best friend and I asked for no cookie with our sorbet. The girl asked if we were gluten free and I informed her hat I was and then she put a cookie in my sorbet. I am allergic to wheat I get a rash and stomach issues. It is not life threatening but imagine if it was that girls laziness could had major consequences. So yeah maybe some of you are finding the fact he is suing to be ridiculous but the fact is that restaurants actually need to take these things more seriously.
  3. Everyone I know just calls it pride, everyone who attends pride does so regardless of sexuality. I have straight, gay, ace, poly, Transgender friends and those of us who attend do so celebrating all of us not just the gaya friends. Heterosexual people trying to warp pride into some kind of homephobic political statement is kind of getting tiring and rather annoying. Why not join in the fun and be happy and prideful in yourself and humanity itself! Why continue to spread hate and vileness? Regarding your other point it's not going to psychologically damage a child to see a boob (its usuaĺly boobs you see or has been the last few prides I went to) at pride. Honestly your acting like people are having sex in the middle of the street it's just a boob. There are worse things a child could be exposed to then a women walking around with no shirt or bra on. Maybe if people stopped sexualizing every part of a women's body we wouldn't have this problem. Honestly when we have a child I'd gladly bring that child to pride. It teaches about diversity and acceptance of others which to me is more beneficial then being afraid of a little dancing and seeing some chick's Boobs. There is usually a lot of families there with young children and I don't see a problem with that at all.
  4. You are missing the whole concept of pride altogether it's not about being vindictive it's a celebration of love and the freedom to be who you are. It's about being proud of yourself regardless of sexual orientation. It's about spreading awareness that not everyone in the world is able to safely make that choice. I highly doubt that If you were gay or bisexual or an ace or Transgender person you'd choose not to embrace and celebrate that freedom and fight to spread the message that people everywhere are still not free. Pride has nothing to do with being 'better' then heterosexuals but as a way to celebrate all sexualities. Pride may not mean the same as it once did (due to the fact that LGBT have the same rights in Canada ) but it's still very relevant because homophopia still exists and people still have to fight to simply live in some parts of the world. A certain select group of heterosexuals demanding to have the same 'rights ' as LGBT people and be entitled to their own parades kind of shows why it's important that pride parades stiĺl happen. To help you understand better I am going give you an actual account from my life. As a bisexual person I have had to deal with oppression that my straight friends and family have not. I basically was disowned from family members for 2 years till I started dating a guy and even then I have to deal with family who gladly tell me they are thankful I am no longer a lesbian . The thing is that I was never a lesbian to begin with , I was always and will always be attracted to both genders Nor does falling in love with a guy suddenly make me straight I am just me and I love who I love. I share this story of my life with you to further show why pride needs to still exist. When people would sacrifice relationships with their own family because of sexuality there is still something very wrong. I may never have a close bond with that side of my family again and I am OK with that because they made their choice and I am still going be me. Loving a man or a woman does not change me as a person nor should it determine how society treats me or others like me. Now as a canucks fan it means a lot to see an organization and team I love so much to stand up and fight for equal righta and support people within the LGBT community. Our team recognizes that people are people and love is love and they are doing their part to fight for true equality and pushing past the fear and negativity and judgement. I took a video of the canucks marching if anyone can tell me how to upload it I'd love to share it .
  5. Bisexuals are part of the LGTB community and are included in the pride parade. They had entries for transgendeted people as well. It was aĺl encompassing. Pride ia about celebration and love and being yourself. It's about equality and freedom and it's something fun that spreads awareness. I fail to see why you are getting so upset about pride parades existing. It's not necessary just about being gay it's about having the freedom and right to love whoever you were born to love.
  6. Spent the last twenty mins looking up Gluten Free, Milk Free, Egg Free and Nut free blueberry muffin recipes and all of them include Coconuts....head desks. Nut free should be NUT free.

    1. Toews


      Not sure coconuts should be classified as "nuts". They seem to have very little in common with whatever fits in that category.

    2. Baer.


      Coconut isn't a nut, it's a drupe, which is a type of fruit.

  7. So apparently I can't tell the difference between Chicken and Turkey breast.... and I am allergic to Chicken
  8. Every time Reigns opens his mouth I want to vomit . I seriously don't know why they think anyone could actually like him over Styles. Give me a break...
  9. Please tell me your kidding?? This type of situation is nothing like a common law relationship. This is basically moving in with a stranger and paying rent with sexual favors. Its basically prostitution. This is against the law. a common law relationship is between two people who love each other and who are living in a marriage like setting but who aren't married for whatever reason. Yes there maybe cases of one partner supporting another but it's more of a family setting. It's not just about sexy times, It's about love and commitment and companionship. It's about building a life with someone who you are in a serious relationship with. Someone you want to have children with, someone you probably will marry anyways some day. (This isn't necessary of all common law relationships.) it's about family!! There is nothing similar about the two situations at all.
  10. Translink is going on strike. Looks like I get to walk to work soon :angry:

  11. CDC used as a dating site I would never had considered such a possibility....
  12. Thank you so very kindly for your kindness. it's people like you and JR and various others who have supported us that makes CDC a good place. I just ignore the others. I was journaling for a bit but stopped mid march. I think i'll take it up again at least on the weekends. I am far to tired to do anything after work. It was super helpful when I was doing it and I don't know exactly why I stopped doing it to be honest. I don't think my families trying to be cruel but their behavior is beyond disgusting. I am already on rocky grounds with that part of my family anyways so I am not surprised by it. They are CRAZY super religious and I think they accepted things cause God gave them another grandchild. My dad's told me pretty much that already. We are very spiritual and do believe in a higher power so I don't know if they think it brings comfort. It doesn't. It's probably the 2nd worse thing you can say to someone in this situation. The first being "it happened for a reason". I always ask just what was that reason because we don't even have a true cause of death just some educated guesses. So I don't see a reason for telling someone this at all. I am happy for your friend rainbow babies must be the most magical thing in the world. I also love that term rainbow babies. It's so hopeful. I have heard it used a lot and have also heard the term 'hope baby' used for during pregnancy. Ts and I attend this support group called empty cradle. It provides comfort because everyone understands what we are going through there. There are some women who have had rainbow babies so that's also helpful. I am glad for the group and feel it's helped me alot. I eventually plan on getting a tattoo with our babies footprints and angel wings. I am not when I will get it though. I just started working again (with children) and that's forced me to get out of bed even when I don't want to. I feel bad cause I never told the family about the baby or that we plan to try for another soon but I don't really feel like indulging that information just yet and if anything it makes me better at my job because every moment with a child is more precious. It also makes my job harder because I am reminded to often just what I lost. My counselor thought it was a good idea and I am able to only work part time so it's probably the best fit. If I had worked at wallmart or something I would have had to work full time. it's been a long journey but I think we are working through things together and growing stronger. thanks again for being there.
  13. Thanks for the support. My sisters super understanding and my mom's being great but the rest of the family are putting a lot of pressure on me on regards to 'Being there' for my sister and going to see the baby. I want to wait a bit till its not so raw or we are pregnant again before doing that but they keep 'guiding' me in what they feel is best. it's something I have been dealing with since we lost our baby because my sister was already pregnant at the time and thus made it all okay for most of my family. I do feel my son's been pushed aside because he's dead. I also pretty much be blamed by various family members because we told ppl right away about the pregnancy and because we and others bought us stuff. It makes me so angry that I'd been basically told I am the reason my baby died because we weren't superstitious. My step mother has also heavly hinted that we should wait a full year at least to get pregnant again because it would be bad luck to be pregnant when our baby's birthday rolls around.
  14. My sister just had a baby and I am super happy for her I am also really jealous that she has one and I don't. I been told these feelings are normal giving what happened with our baby. I thought I was dealing with it but this morning I read numerous fb status updates from my family going on and on about how 'brave and strong' my sister is because she had a C section. This made me furious to the point I wanted to throw my phone out the window. Brave and strong for having a C section are you freaking kidding me! Try giving birth to a dead baby and then having to live with that. Try returning to work with children because it's the only thing your good at and your counselor says it will be a 'healing' experience. Try knowing that even though you plan to try for another baby there is no guarantees that you won't lose that baby, oh and also you may actually be putting your life at risk because you are prone to blood clots. That's strong and brave not cause you had a C section! I of course can't post this anywhere and I can't blame my sister for my families stupidity. it's just really frustrating I get that babies are exciting news but enough is enough. My dad even had the audacity to tell me everything's fine now cause my sister had a baby so I can stop grieving.
  15. I can't speak for ALL victims families obviously but I can speak as a family memeber of someone who lost a loved one to murder. My uncle's killer claimed to have had a psychotic break. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. To us his state of mind doesn't matter. He took a life and he got away with it. That is NOT fair. He got 5 years and then was released because he was 'deemed' as no longer a threat to society. This is not justice That is what bothers me about this case and others like it. People commiting sick and twisted murders because they are mentally ill and then not having to pay for it. Its immoral and twisted. Why should the person who commited the crime be resolved of all responsibilty and given a slap on the wrist? They still killed someone did they not? Why doesn't the victims rights matter in all this? I am not saying they should throw him in jail and let him rot but keep him under perment supervision. If that's in some kind of safe house or whatever so he can live some form of life then okay fine..but to let him go free and clear.. its just not right. Even if you take the serious lack of justice out of this...Li is STILL mentally ill. His Illiness will never go away. He maybe on medication because of said illiness but what do you think will happen the minute he stops taking that medication? He's already shown what happens. One family has already paid the ultimate price for him being unfit to be in public.