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  1. AppleJack

    Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    Just to the devils advocate although I think love is mostly about you choosing to love and honor another person sometimes putting their needs above your own. I do think fate may hold some sway over things. Perhaps fate points us in the right direction and then its up to you what to make of it. After all if it wasnt for a random occurace on these very forums I would had never had met TS and now we are getting married(May 2019). We have gone through things that would sink lesser realtionships and came out stronger. Yes, we worked for it but maybe just maybe Fate played a role in that as well. All to often when things get tough people walk away and yet even when things felt hopeless we made the choice to fight for us. We evolved and adapted and grew and we did this together. The real question is did we make these choice or did Fate guide us to these choices or was it a combination of both.
  2. AppleJack

    Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    I work with children and I know how much of your life and time they can consume. So I am not saying this without some knowledge about what its a like to be around children all the time. If you dont put the work into your relationship it will be strained regardless of having kids or not. Sure you may have to make more sacrifices in regards to 'freedom/partying' when your kids are young but it still possible. You just need to Find other ways to support eachother and maintain your romantic relationship instead of partying like you did before you had kids. Alot of families I work for often have monthly date nights, they hire a sitter for the evening or get family to watch the kids.There are options. You just need to put the work in, sure its harder with a family then when you are single but you had a family with this person for a reason,cherish that.
  3. AppleJack

    Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    Try having those kids taken from you, voided from existance, never to exist outside of your woam. Try living with the reality that your child(ren) are dead, gone and you may never be able to have another one. Then we can talk about how 'having kids is a strain on a relationship'. Honestly if couples who have overcome the worse fate can throw at them can stay together I fail to see how losing 'party time' due to having kids is such a strain. To many people take havng a family for granted, they dont realize just how damn lucky they are. Yes Having a family is hard, its expensive and you do make life style changes but given the alternative having a family is worth it. Given a choice I rather have our son alive then 'freedom'. Which leads to the question at hand is love fate or choice? At the end of the day you make a choice to stay and work on your relationship, you work through the hard times, you become stronger because of the hard times. Its you and your partner against the world. Maybe that choice is made because of fate maybe its not. All I know is that if you really love someone and belong with them then life(and love) will find a way. Since losing our son life has not been easy, there were times where I wished I died along side him The despair you feel from such a loss is really something you cant put into words and you can all to often stay trapped in it, in a endless cycle. But there is joy and you are able to love while carying this around and yes it puts a strain on everything but you come to a cross roads and you make a decison to love and fight for your relationship. To work for something that is real and lasting because you put the effort in, because you put your partner first, because you make a choice.
  4. AppleJack

    Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    When I was about 5.5 months pregnant with our son three years ago and with a small child. I was on the Millenium line and asked this young couple for their seats(they were in the handicap seats) not only did they refuse to give up their seats, but the women pushed me and when I quite loudly protested being pushed because I was pregnant she told me she hoped my baby died and sadly he did die a few weeks later. I know her saying that had nothing to do with what happened but who says that to a pregnant women esecially if they are with a 4 year old child. I dont often wish the worse on people but if I hope that women gets whats coming to her. Sadly no one else on the train did anything either. They just stood by and watched this women physically and verbally abuse a pregnant women. I reported the incident to the transit police but they couldnt do anything. A few weeks prior to this incident I was on the train around 11pm. A guy comes on sits beside me. He looks over at me and comments on "how he would hate it if anything bad happened to my baby." He then starts to rub my knee. The guy sitting across from me just turned away. You would think another guy would hear that and try to help but nope. I manged to get away from the creeper and got off the train at a busy station. I went straight to the transist attendants standing around and told them what happened. They said theyhad multiple complaints about the guy but had to catch him red handed one of them did escort me back onto another train. You would think they would put transit police on the actual trains in this case. I also had a major issue with another younger couple smoking in the covered area of a bus stop. They were lipping off and threaten a older lady and myself cause we asked them to not smoke near us since we were there first and it was a covered area. I had a asthma attack because of them.
  5. AppleJack

    The Workout Thread

    Sadly I dont have access to a bike. Swimming probably would be the best but our pools been closed for awhile. I was thinking yoga cause I could do it at home and it will allow me to continue to work on stengthing my legs. I have noticed such a improvemennt in my flexablity in the laat few weeks and do not want to lose that.
  6. AppleJack

    The Workout Thread

    I have been doing really good with my runs but sadly i have been dealing with ankle problems. I took 2 days off between running this week and my ankle is a throbbing mess of pain. Its not swollen or anything so I doubt I sprained it. It has been bothering me off and on over the last week. I went out and really pushed my endurance on saturday and felt amazing doing so. Just normal pain saturday night then major pain Sunday and Monday. Today it stopped hurting so I went for my zombie run (week 3 of the 5 k one) but within 5 minutes after I put my shoes on it was hurting. I did my 5 k training on a slow pace and then did nothing else and went home. I have a old injury from like 10 years ago in that ankle and I think its acting up. I am also pretty sure its also because of my shoes. I am going to buy new shoes in early July. Any reccomendations? We are looking at under armour. I guess Ill take a week or two off from running and just do yoga. I am very frustrated that just as I am getting into a running grove I have to stop.
  7. AppleJack


    So wait there will be a actual non online version? We were under the impression it was a online only game that you could choose to play solo So we arent likely to get it but if they have a actual single player non online version with all the typical fallout goodies it maybe something worth getting.
  8. AppleJack

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    I been playing Super Mario 3d world /mario kart 8 on and off for a month because I am a mario nerd and nintendo girl. We are a saving up a switch and I want all the mario games and of course pokemon. Two days ago I started playing Fallout 4 on the PS4. I have been watching Ts play the game forever and really enjoyed the story. (I tend to watch him play the non mario games)So I asked him to help me set up a character on super easy mode. I am only on level 3 and have only completed a misson. One of the raiders in the second mission is in a house and I cant get to him. Ts also said a deathclaw should show up but I cant find it. I am having a lot of issues with the playstation controls as this is my first time playing the PS4. Its fun so far and I think I am doing okay considering I am a nintendo only girl.
  9. AppleJack

    The Workout Thread

    I am currently running about 3 times a week and walk a lot as well. ( I did take a week off due to blisters ) but I may push it to 5 days this week as I am feeling great and not as sore as I have been in previous weeks or even two days ago. The extra stretching before and after my runs as well as a 5 minute warm up has really helped. Right now I am currently only running at Queens park but do try to switch it up a bit by switching between the walking path and the dog trails. I tend to run the smaller hills but will walk up the big ones. I know I am not ready for the big hills just yet and don't want to push my body too much. I downloaded the zombie run app yesterday and did a mission and work out today as it was so much fun. I try to change up my playlists up as well.. I am currently only working part time right now as soon as I find another gig I plan to buy good quality running shoes as I know part of my issue is my shoes. My Best friend gave me a pair of hers but they don't really fit right and were the reason I got a horrible blister. I don't plan on using them and will return them to her. Thank you.
  10. AppleJack

    The Workout Thread

    I watch this one channel called the Run experince they have lots of videos. Some of them are more advanced but they have lots of neat information. I also downloaded the zombie run 5k app. I did the 1st story and work out 1 today and it was a lot of fun. I also found it really helped forcing you to slowly build up your endurace.
  11. AppleJack

    The Workout Thread

    I did yoga in the past but found it very hard. I was thinking going to a few yoga drop in classes to be taught properly. I usually run for 5 mins then walk for a bit then run for 5 mins etc till I get to running for 30 mins. I admit that today though I didnt walk inbetween running(except up hills) and Saturdays run was probably longer then it should have been(I was out for 2 hours total) but I did walk in between bouts of running. I have been really pushing myself with endurance by trying to beat my best time of prolonged running. Today I did 10 mins without stoping. Stopped for a minute then ran for 5 mins and repeated the process until I had ran for 25 mins total. I then walked for awhile (up a hill) then ran for another 5 mins. Breathing wise I could have ran longer but my legs felt rubbery and like they were going to buckle. I most likely have been pushing myself to hard and should take it easier. I used to be a distance runner (I used run the 800 and 1500 and 3000 m races in track. I wasnt fast but i loved the thrill of pushing my body to it limits by running all three at meets) in highschool but that was 20 years ago and I am finding it frustrating that I cant even run 20 mins without stopping. I keep reminding myself I am a out of shape old lady and not a althetic teenager. Now that I am running again i dont recall why I stopped.
  12. AppleJack

    The Workout Thread

    I started running a month ago. Its getting easier and my endurance is slowly increasing but I am having a lot of problems with my legs and feet hurting. I know part of it is my shoes but I suspect its also due to not stretching enough or not doing the right stretches. I have been watching videos on youtube about building endurance and speed (I pretend I am running from zombies or dinosaurs so I want to increase both.) But the stretching ones seem a bit advanced for a begginer. Any tips from other runners?
  13. AppleJack


    So out wedding next year is 99% planned and I wish it wasnt. I have planned none of it. My family had done all the planning. I am greatful but also annoyed because I wanted to have more say in the planning. Our guest list is also getting out of hand. my aunt keeps adding random family I dont know or barely even know. Her reasoning is that family are more important then friends. My parents also have more people added then we do. They are paying for the wedding though but I dont want a huge wedding and neither does Ts. They wont be happy but i am going cut the guest list by 10 people.
  14. Time for that tin foil hat..

  15. AppleJack

    Now and then: CDC

    Nope we arent related though TS sometimes refers to me as AJ. My original user name was Gillyfluffball. I changed it to Applejack cause Applejacks is my favorite pony.