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  1. confessions

    So out wedding next year is 99% planned and I wish it wasnt. I have planned none of it. My family had done all the planning. I am greatful but also annoyed because I wanted to have more say in the planning. Our guest list is also getting out of hand. my aunt keeps adding random family I dont know or barely even know. Her reasoning is that family are more important then friends. My parents also have more people added then we do. They are paying for the wedding though but I dont want a huge wedding and neither does Ts. They wont be happy but i am going cut the guest list by 10 people.
  2. Time for that tin foil hat..

  3. Now and then: CDC

    Nope we arent related though TS sometimes refers to me as AJ. My original user name was Gillyfluffball. I changed it to Applejack cause Applejacks is my favorite pony.
  4. Now and then: CDC

    TS was also one of the first people on these forums who befriended me as well and stood up for me when I was being bullied by some other members who didnt take kindly to a female hockey fan.
  5. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    Once a rat always a rat.
  6. [Report] Mike Fisher announces retirement

    I imagine that the Sedins have to much class to do that(since they would be taking time away from young guys who had earned their spots).
  7. Tanev for Tanev Baby tanev has a better skill set.
  8. confessions

    Yes this is pretty much how it is with my friend and it drives me nuts. I try to limit our time together so I can grin and bare it. Which is rather sad cause we are so close ironically her bossy personality didnt bother me till we lost our son. I am not sure if she just got bossier or rather I got less patient. I do tend to anger a lot easier now. I miss the old me sometimes but I cant be that person from before.
  9. confessions

    One of my closest friends has a habit of being bossy and a bit of a know of it all. Shes a sweet girl but at times can be very annoying to be around. Its bad enough when she is actually right but she often has no idea what she is talking about and we have to grin and bare it. The lastest example of this is when we were talking about possibly adopting and she proceeded to tell me exactly how the process goes because she just adopted a dog. Um kind of not the same thing at all.... and if it was the same as adopting a beloved pet we would already know cause we adopted one of our cats a few years back. Yet she felt the need to tell me all about the actual adoption process and how it works and was legit giving me tips on how the home study is conducted. I could understand if she knew people who went through the process but she doesnt. Nor has she looked into the possibility herself because she doesnt want kids yet she knows exactly how the process works and how long it takes. We are pretty sure she is basing her home study information from the process she went through adopting her dog once again not the same thing. The kicker was when she told me we were being hasty because trying for a baby for 3 years and going through reccurent pregnacy loss isnt thinking things through enough . Sometimes I want to tell her to just shut up and that she doesnt know what she is talking about but it would create so much drama. So I just grin and bare it.
  10. Trade for baby Tanev

  11. confessions

    I ordered some stuff for the Cats off of amazon. Amazon sent it via Canada Post. Canada post decided to be a bunch of lazy baboons and didnt even try to deliver it and instead sent the parcel to the post office in another flipping city. I called customer service to get it all sorted out and they refused to send it to New west. This has me more angry then it should.
  12. Erik Karlsson's son passes away

    Its been almost 2.5 years for us and although its still quite raw and we will never move past it we are able to move forward. We try our best to honor our son in everything we do. I would say the worse thing is living with the knowledge that we dont have our little boy to love and protect but instead we only have his memory. It breaks my heart to hear of other families having to face such loss as well. All I can do is offer my thoughts and well wishes to all the other families out there who have to live with this awful reality. This makes me so angry. EK and his family shouldnt have to deal with sick people like this. I think EK and his family is incrediably brave for sharing this tragedy with us.
  13. Erik Karlsson's son passes away

    A loss of a child at any stage is the single worse loss that could happen to you. So I really dont think anyone should dismiss the loss of a baby so lightly. And take it from me 'just having another' isnt easy as one thinks and you NEVER forget the loss of your child/baby even if you are able to have more children.
  14. Erik Karlsson's son passes away

    This is so very sad to hear, my heart goes out to Erik Karlsson and his family.