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  1. We just adopted this little dude. He is a dollface Persian.
  2. In honor of Bayley making a full heel turn on Smackdown last night. I cut all my hair off.
  3. I got asked if I was pregnant yesterday and I felt so awkward but the more I think about it the more annoyed I get. I really wish people would just keep these assumptions to themselves. You dont know someone's history. You dont know that that women you just asked if she is pregnant has had 3 losses and now struggles with infertility. So please think before asking someone If they are pregnant.
  4. Bought the kitties some fancy scratchers Gilly is hogging the shark one and wont let Discord near it.
  5. Awwww Winston sounded so sweet for comforting you when Sally was needing her teeth out. I love persians they are my favorite breed of cat. My aunt had 2 very shy persians when I was a teen. We would visit them quite alot and they would let me pet them. They were the softest cats ever. I have to bring Gilly and Discord to get their teeth cleaned but the insurance is making us wait till August to get it covered. Today I went to the all new cat pet store and I spent so much money on our furbrats.
  6. Awww I am not good a remembering dates but I have paperwork for Discord and Gilly I have her spay and first vaccination records with her actual birthdate. I had to just look this all up in February for insurance purposes. We actually want a third male kitten or young cat who would be black or dark colored and whom we would name Winston Churchill or Church for short. We want a maincoon mix or a Persian or Himalayan. We probably wont get another one for a while because our landlord hasnt gotten back to us about having a third kitty. There are a lot of people in our side of the building with 3 cats and one of my friends lives in the other towers and she was told she could get another dog or a cat cause her 2nd pet is a bird. Technically our building is a 2 pet building but it sounds like they are bending the rules for certain tenants so I will harass him some more. We are in a 2 bedroom so we have enough space for 3.
  7. So we are taking this online course and one of the modules is on the effects of racism on children and adolescents. We have to watch these videos and as I am watching them and they are explaining about culture and racism. I was reminded about how we as a species can even show racism towards other species (not only are own). More specifically I thought about how Black Cats are treated. How they are always the last to be adopted from shelters, even as kittens they are picked last. How they are stereotyped as 'Bad luck' or 'Evil' and how some people actually believe this. Or people just dont want them because they are black and black cats are hard to photograph.. And as a human I seem to care more about animals then other humans because my thoughts went straight to cats and not all the various horrible examples of racism through out history(some of which my family was directly effected by.) I guess my confession is i am a really a crazy cat lady and proud of it. Discord cause he is a cutie putie and 'so hard to photograph '
  8. Awww you are so sweet. Thank you. Its faded alot I am going get it retouched up in late July. I will probably keep the rainbow till the fall then go back to one or two solid colors.
  9. A few more wedding pics as promised. Apparently our photographer took about 1000 pictures. My mom has them all(the wedding was in my hometown) she sent us a few as a preview and will receive the rest asap. On a side note. Gimic wedding frames are hella expensive especially when you usually buy dollar store frames.
  10. Ever since I concussed myself (on our stupid freezer door) last summer I have had post concussion syndrome issues anytime I (or something ) hits my head or face. I am taking even small things like say your cat hitting you in the face with a paw and boom instant headache and nausea. Yesterday morning I woke up with a slight headache and feeling flushed (which I thought was the heat- maybe it is??) I cleaned all mornin yesterday and then as I was putting the vaccume cord away....BOOM ... the edge of the cord smacks me right in the face near my eye/forehead area. Instant neck pain (which is still bothering me), slight headache and then later flushed skin and nausea again. All day yesterday I was worried that post concussion was showing its ugliness but now as i lay here at 6am feeling like total crap I think I just have the flu. You see one of the little people I work with was sick during the week. I had felt yucky Friday night and Saturday morning but just assumed it was the heat.. I took cold medicine and felt okay till the vaccume cord incident. It wasnt till this moment I remembered I was near a sick person. So yeah screw you post concussion syndrome I'm just sick.
  11. Gillys plan to steal my man backfired....or did it
  12. I feel your bug fear here but at least your cat sort did something by staring at it. And didnt do a pathetic kitty fail like Discord did. A few nights ago I walked into the kitchen and there was a HUGE spider (okay it was a daddy long legs) and I was like NOPE so I grabbed our kitty Discord and dropped him in front of the spider and ran out of the kitchen. Do you think that cat would go into spider mode, nope, he followed me meowing for his supper. Meanwhile I am screaming at him to eat the spider.
  13. Oh lol .. we are still waiting for the other pics but I'll post more when we get them.