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  1. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    When I was a little girl (probably around 5)l was living in Campbell River and we had a little black kitten named cleo who went missing. I remember not believing my mom when she told me Cleo had moved far away because Cleo had just played with me that day and continued to appear to me until we moved from that house. I thought maybe my parents had given her away to a neighbour and she just was visting me or she was sneaking into the house or something. I remember asking if we couldnt keep cleo why couldnt we get another cat at the time..both my parents said no and brought home a dog instead. Yet even though we had this new dog I still saw Cleo on a daily basis. I remember telling my mom one day that Cleo was visting and she got very upset and told me that Cleo was gone and I must been mistaken. I was very confused since Cleo was sleeping on the kitchen floor. I even told my mom this and she sent me to my room. We moved shortly after this and I never saw cleo again. It wasnt till much later I found out the truth about what happened to our Kitten Cleo. She wasnt given to a neighbour or ran away. At the time Cleo went missing a bunch of neighbourhood cats were turning up dead. Cleo was actually killed, skinned and hung on a tree in the back yard. No one ever found out who killed her or the other cats. My parents later told me they thought a local teenager was behind the killings. All I know is my murdered kitty appeared to me for months maybe even longer and stopped appearing to me once we moved. I am not sure if it was because she was tied to that spot or if it was because I no longer needed her to appear since we got another cat as soon as we moved. I had a lot of cats in my childhood but only remember two of them Cleo and another black cat we had named sabrina.
  2. [PGT] Winnipeg Jets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    We were at the game tonight. The arena was not warm. Infact it was so cold we went to the team store and bought toques.
  3. Our health care SUCKS!!! Failed my wife...

    So about 8 days or so after our son was stillborn I walked into the ER at RCH complaining of Chest pain that got worse with breathing. I was sent for x rays and they found a shadow on one of my lungs. I was told I needed a CT scan and after getting one we were told I had a PE (blood clot in my lung) the doctors gave me a prescription for blood thinners and sent us home. Two days later I was rushed back to the ER via ambulance with worse chest pain as well as finding it difficult to breath. The ER was packed and I was stuck on gurney in the hallway for 6 hours. The paramedic stayed with me keeping a eye on my vital signs. I was in horrible pain and they couldnt even give me a tyenol for the pain. When the doctor FINALLY saw me he told me that I actually had clots in both my lungs and he didnt understand why I hadnt been admitted two days ago. He wanted to keep me in the hospital overnight to keep a eye on my vitals (my heart rate was high) and so I could talk to a hemotologist. Shortly after I saw the specialist the ER nurse came in and told me they were moving me to another part of the hospital. That was fine and all until she told me that the only spot for me was the maternity ward. Instantly I refused because I had just had a stillbirth a week or so earlier. The nurse pretty much told me to suck it up and that was where they where putting me. It wasnt till the Hemotolgist and the social worker told her that I was not to be put in the Maternity ward that she suddenly (though reluctantly) agreed to move me to another part of the hospital. Once I was away from her and the ER I had amazing care. Fast forward a year and a few months I was once again rushed to the ER via ambulance because I was having a miscarriage. Since I have a previous history of blood clots in relation to pregnancy I was on blood thinners at the time and was at risk of hemmorghing. The staff where very attentive and we were seen by the doctors quite quickly however the doctors who saw me bedside mannor was greatly lacking. We had a new doctor (possible med student) who had to confirm the miscarriage via ultrasound. She wasnt sure of what she was seeing and so she called in another doctor to help assist her with the ultrasound. The two doctors then started to joke and laugh with eachother while they were performing the ultra sound which given the circumstances was very insenstive.
  4. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Thank you. It has been a difficult journey for both Ts and we appreciate the support. Getting my tattoo was actually a very healing process and I feel a large sense of peace having our sons footprints with me always. He will always be a part of our family and this just another way to honor and remember him. Thank you. It has been a difficult 2 years TS and I appreciate the support.
  5. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I had a blast at the live event at Rogers Arena. My only complaint was that they did not have any women sizes for T shirts....and the Ambrose shirt sold out in the men's smaller sizes. They also did not have any of the female wrestles shirts, which I expected them to have at least a Charlotte shirt, as she was one of the big names at the event. So that kind of bummed me out. The crowd was pretty rowdy in our section we were in 108 iit was a lot of fun and reminded me of going to a white caps game. I wish Canucks games were that rowdy. I really hope we get a actual Raw/Smackdown or even A PPV I would so go again.
  6. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    So I got a Memorial Tattoo last Thursday for the baby boy TS and I lost October 29th 2015 at 24 weeks and 1 day gestation(I was basically 6 months pregnant when he was stillborn). The footprints are his actual footprints and the angel wings are the same style wings on his molly bear (a special hand made teddy bear made to be the exact weight our son was). I just thought I would be nice to share it with all you.
  7. confessions

    More of a question then just a confession. So we have a very good friend whose dog died last month and she is flat out acting like her child died, and its getting to the point where we are both super annoyed with her. I get that people love their pets and that one passing away is very sad. I would be very upset if something happened to one of our cats. However it is NOT the same thing as losing a child and our friend is being beyond insensitive its to the point I think we may have to talk to her about it. I just not sure how to do it so we are being sensitive to her grief but make her realize they way she is comparing her loss to ours is not cool. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Here is a little background about what Ts and I have to endure. Last weekend we had a party for my upcoming birthday, everything was great until the end of the party when one of my other friends joined us for cheesecake and a netflicks movie. This friend had never been to our house and really wanted to see our babies Memorial items (especially since she helped us get our sons Molly Bear). So we were looking at the bear and talking about it when our other friend totally took over the conversation and started talking about her dog. It was to the point where it was upsetting both Ts and I. He actually got up and left the room because of how insensitive she was being. She not only was interrupted both my friend and I talking about Ts and I's son to talk about her dog, but then started comparing the memorial items we have for our baby to ones she's has for her dog. She then started going on about her dumb bird that died like a billion years ago and how she wished i had met the bird cause I would loved it. I don't give a crap about her dead birds. To stop the talk I suggested we watch a zombie film. I wanted to watch Silent hill, and my friend wanted to watch Dawn of The Dead because she said Silent Hill was to scary. Don't get me wrong Dawn of the Dead is a very good zombie film. Yet, it is very triggering to me, I made it very clear I didn't want to watch it, I even mentioned the whole Zombie baby thing. I said we were watching Silent hill but then my friend said if watched that she was going home. Maybe I should have said then go, but I am too nice, and I said fine. I then mentioned again How I was uncomfortable watching Dawn of the Dead since you know the whole Stillborn zombie baby thingy...and I had a stillbirth. I even said that it made me uncomfortable because the baby turns into a zombie (I mentioned the zombie baby at least three times), This wasn't a good enough excuse not to watch the movie, my friend insisted we watch it. It got to the point when my other friend to try to please both parties suggested we just FF those scenes. So we watched the movie I didn't want to watch and of course even though we FF those scenes we still ended up seeing part of them. After the movie my friends said they were going to go home, and I was like Finally but instead of us just parting ways right away my friend just started going off about her dog again for like 20 mins. Then when they finally got up to leave I gave my other friend a big hug, and the one friend who dog died demanded I give her a hug, and was being all weird. I don't know what her issue is but I swear if she mentions her dog to me one more time I am going to scream. Lastly I have also noticed everytime I share anything about our son bear or anything at all about him on FB, this particular friend then instantly shares something about her dog. It feels like she's trying to compete with us over who lost the most. Its like seriously you cant' seriously think a dog dying is worse then a baby dying then having to give birth to that baby, then almost dying yourself because you have blood clots and then you know having a miscarriage a year later. Its so beyond frustrating. So yeah how do I talk to this person about her not you know comparing her dog to my baby without upsetting her or should i just continue to grin and bear it??
  8. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Ts got us tickets. I am super excited to be going since I never been to live WWE event before. Does anyone know how much I should budget for merch?
  9. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Just watched this weeks smackdown, at the end of Namoi and Charlotte's match Natty, Carmela and the Tamina girl attacked Charlotte. Since those women could be considered heels and its obvious Becky is against the way they are treating Charlotte. Do you think its possible they are turning her Face???
  10. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    When do tickets for the June 24 show at Rogers arena go on sale? I want to go.
  11. confessions

    First I do not. second you try living with what I have to in the past 2 years
  12. confessions

    . I am trying to talk to her about the situation but she doesn't see how she's excluding me from things cause she does stuff with me just the two of us and I am like yeah but the big things with the whole group I am being excluded from. I am really at a breaking point.
  13. confessions

    I am beyond frustrated and annoyed with my best friend she is really starting to piss me off. She needs to really STOP excluding me from stuff and when I bring it up and tell her I feel left out she has the audacity to tell me that I am over reacting. She is basically pushing me out of my friend group and clinging to my boyfriend. AND does she really need to make plans with him during my 'fertile window' we are trying to get pregnant kind hard to do when he's not at home. She hasn't been supportive at all and furthermore going on and on about some chick ending your friendship right after I had a miscarriage is so uncalled for Its like really I don't care about your petty stupid problems, AND i hate how she always cuts me off to tell me she knows how I feel when she can't possibly know how I feel. She does this ALL the time which brings me to this final point A BIRD is not the same as a baby stop comparing your dumb stupid bird to the death of my son. You do NOT know how it feels, you will never know how it feels so just stop.
  14. What you did about your real life crushes..

    I was one of the few females( at the time) posting and I was getting alot of negative attention from all the jabronies. At the time I wasnt really looking for attention from guys I just wanted to talk hockey and I was being harrassed. I was treated like a puck bunny even though I had been a canucks fan since I was a teenager so long before some of the boys here were even born. I also was getting messages out right asking me to hook up by some of these same boys. when I just litterly wanted to be treated like any other fan. Sometimes I think a lot of the newer female posters have it alot easier then I did 3/4 years ago. Its no longer taboo to be a female canucks fan on these forums. So the main reason I crushed so hard on TS Is because he treated me like a person and not a dumb chick to hook up with. So we started talking and I told him I really wanted to meet up with other Canuck fans(despite the way I was being treated) to watch games. Ts and I tried to organize this forum thingy to meet up with other fans to watch a game but it never panned out... so we decided to meet up anyways to watch a game just the two of us. I just showed up in jeans and a canucks jersey when I first met up with him. He wore a jets hoodie and cargo pants. So never really felt like a date.. at first.. we were just two fans getting together. The first place we tried to go was closed so We ended up going to Tom and Jerrys and ate nachoes and watched the canucks get killed by Jonathan Toews. Somehow durning the night the mood shifted and it started to feel more like a date. One of those crazy life moments when things just fall into place and it just feels right. So we left the restraunt early and went back to my place to watch the my little pony movie and TS some how ended up staying the weekend. We have been together just over 3 years now.
  15. The Walking Dead Thread

    If you never seen the other seasons how can you really judge the rest of the seasons? In season 4 and 5 the cure storyline is revisted with Abe, Rosita and Eugene's introduction into the group. The story just cant focus on one possible storyline aka the cure they need to focus on many ideas. Yes the majority is about surviving in a world without morality and dealing with other groups but to me that is interesting. In season 4 they also focused on flu/sickness running rambent in less then hygine living conditions and I found it very interesting but wouldnt want a multi season show dedicated to it. They have addressed the cure idea already and Perhaps later they will re-touch on the idea of a cure in the last season but for now I like how the show is going. Personally I think Judith and the other babies/children born after the zombies took over will be the 'cure'. Untill this happens I am content on seeing how the group continues to survive in this world.