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  1. Just imagine Marky being light out for Calgary.... One of the worst nightmares come through, and if this happens and Demko fails to match... Glad I don’t have to make this decision. Almost certain Benning gets it in the neck regardless of what he does...
  2. That would probably be the one thing that could make me change my stance... I'm a little concerned about just throwing Demko in at the deep despite his fantastic performance v Vegas... The last thing we need is to break him before he has really begun, but...... I would feel very uncomfortable seeing Marky at Kraken, especially should Demkos form dip during the season....
  3. So long Manny... You'll always be thought of fondly in Vancouver Happy trail amigo
  4. Vancouver is becoming a good place to be... The vets like it here, as they can see good times coming.... Can Benning fit this in... he has done it a few times already... so wouldn’t put it past him.
  5. He may sign without, but then it's gonna be expensive... Guess it depends what whispers his agent has from other teams... Why would he sign a team friendly contract, if he is gonna get traded to Seattle? Can easily see this ending up being a good bye to Marky.
  6. Could also be maybe Stars players are slightly more battle hardened... One of the reasons why Benning was so hell bent on getting the boys play offs experience... Or maybe they have had a slightly easier route to the conference final... The reasons is/could be many... no doubt Green have been learning on the job as well though.
  7. Sure... if they are holding back cap wise for EP's next contract, sure they may as well start talking to EP's camp now. Maybe get slightly lower AVV since they are not going to pay him pittance next year... Could actually work in their favour... again provided they don't plan to spend to the cap, but keep cap space for Peteys next contract. And that would also eliminate the offer sheet crap... Will interesting to see how it plays out... and without doubt starting point of many a discussion over the next X amount of months/years
  8. I get where you’re coming from. If the support isn’t there around your stars, you can easily come a cropper... think both Oilers and Leafs are in that trap just now... I think, we do have a few elc’s and younger players ready to take up spots on the bottom 2 lines and maybe even the 2nd line as well, although it remains to be seen. As I mentioned to Ibatch earlier as well, my concern is, if we hang around too long waiting for EP and Hughes matures, we waste the good deals both Bo and Miller is on as well as Boeser. if it wasn’t for the offer sheet issue I wouldn’t be at all worries, but this had me slightly concerned. Think the big question is, if hockey will be back at xmas, will the influx of Podz, Lind and Hogs + hopefully a couple of hard nosed forwards be enough to brings us to the finals? If so, should we resign all 3 major pending free agents? If not, then I believe letting Tofo go will be the sensible decision, as much as I’d hate for it to happen. Tanev is a huge question mark as well. What does he expect v what else is available. Regardless it is first world problems, and far nicer for the club and fans alike to have, than the questions/decisions faced over the last 6 years. Benning now has the bricks to build a proper team. Can he fit all the pieces remains to be seen. Always great to have a dicission with you friend And yes sorry to digress
  9. Cheers Nux. We would also need Demko resigned and a new Dman to take Edlers slack out of the 21M ( that’ll cost around 10M+) How much do you think EP would get on his next contract?
  10. I agree Ibatch. I thought the boys did fantastic and showed immense heart.... however, if we are brutally honest, it was men v boys at times during the Vegas series... we had been through the mill in two previous rounds and it finally caught up with us. Benning has stated before that you win with older players, so he firmly believes that as well. He may however think, that a few players being changed could move us over the top, after seeing the boys go toe to toe with both Wild and Blues... I have to admit, I never thought about Petey perhaps being offer sheeted, and it has put it all into a different perspective... it is really hard to guess about these things just now, as nobody knows if he can get out of the Eriksson issue and what trades he may be able to make. But yes, he can not put himself in a position, where he can’t match an offers sheet for Petey. Just one question, if anyone offers Petey 10-11+mill x 4-7 on his next contract (his second), how do you leave this much money free? And aren’t Bos, Millers and Brocks second contracts being wasted then? As they are also going to look for increases soon after? These will be the waters Benning will have to try and navigate, as he moves forward. A totally different, all be it nicer, problem to have. It will be very interesting to see, what Benning figures out. Finally, could Benning swing it around and have Tofo take a reduced contract, provided he promises him his mate Pearson stays as well beyond his contract also at a reduced rate? (make a verbal deal with both behind the scenes)? Its kinda weird thinking about these things, as with the Corona Virus hanging over their head, we don’t even know if they’ll be playing next season, Is Aquilini even interested in spending this much money on players, not knowing if he is handing out his money for nothing.... Only few business men became rich by handing out money for free. PS. Just went through Cap friendly and cannot see anyway we can keep Pearson here as well after his contract runs out....so much for that idea...
  11. Absolutely correct. With an unexpected flat cap due to Corona virus, its massively unfair to screw up teams who is building their teams just now... mind you being screwed over by the league is hardly anything new to the Canucks.. The writer does have a point though, and I can just see the fan base totally lose it, if anyone started to offer sheet Petey.... Imagine only to get a 1st, a 2nd and 3rd for Petey.... Someone posted a list with approx cap space for the NHL teams... Imagine a team with a lot of cap space, lots of Picks / young players coming through over the next 3-5 years, or Avs....
  12. Yes, fun to think back at some of the comments regarding Benning drafting Petey. what an absolute steal by Benning. And to have 2 in top 5-6 would be incredible achievement by Benning... in particular bearing in mind we never drafted lower than 5th. Regarding offer sheet, I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to contracts for the young guns ( CDC is a fountain of knowledge) , but thought I read someone say that the young guns couldn’t be offer sheeted? If they start doing that, then we could be getting problems, but wouldn’t be surprised, if it happened. With less money to play with (Bobby Lu), we might be testet.... Leave that for our Guru Benning to deal with.