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  1. I think regardless of whether he get inducted in to the ROH, it will not happen in the near future... the wound is still too deep for a lot of fans...
  2. I don't recall Kesler being told to leave? Agree he was entitled to say yes/no to, what was put in front of him. Thats the point of NTC's etc....
  3. Have to say the its a tough one... Probably have go with @Canuck Surfer... Maybe in time. Kesler was my favourite Canuck, and I wanted him as Captain of the team. Only Canuck to ever win the Selke... Loved the intensity, not so much the diving, but that was an issue league wise... However,... still can't stomach, how he left the team. Get that he wanted a cup, but so did Sedins, Burrows, Bieksa, Hansen, Higgins etc... once it became evident it was less likely to happen in a Canucks uniform, they didn't think of no.1 like Kesler did.... I also seem to recall him moaning about the fans giving him abuse, when he visited with Ducks... If he loved his time so much in Vancouver, he should have taken the sticks, he got on the chin, and said, he understood the fans reaction... being humble was never the Kesler way, so he didn't, and thus, for now at least, I don't see him in the ring of honour... Just like Luongo... Kesler thought of himself and his career first and foremost. Fair on him, but don't come crawling afterwards, when you leave the rest to rot, and ask for a seat at the top table... Luongo 'my contract sucks' was in that boat too... $5.3 for 12 years... yeah cry me a river. And then a final salute to Canucks, when he didn't go long term ill like half the players in the league on these bloated contracts has, but left the us hanging with a recap penalty for the next 3 years... Like Kesler, he did, what was best for him, but definitely not the Canucks. Maybe in time there will be room, quite sure there will be, but definitely not yet... That status should be kept open for the players, who bleed green and blue, and did what was asked of them...
  4. Miller has been magic... but somehow I felt at the time JB knew this was going to be the case, since he was prepared to give up a first and a third.Therefore didn't feel he was the biggest surprise. Jake has been great to watch, but again don't see this as a huge surprise as he has improved year on year, and will continue to do so. (I took some stick for suggesting playing Jake on the first line with EP and JT in the beginning of the season, and playing Brock with Bo... didn't see Eriksson fitting in as well as he has) I think the biggest surprise is Pearson production... many did not believe, he would be able to carry on with the scoring form, he showed after being acquired. But he has . Finally as have been mentioned already... honorary mention to Eriksson for perseverance.... good on him...
  5. Probably does... This there's a lot of young players looking towards Canucks amongst others, with slight envy of getting opportunities at a young age on a team heading the right direction...
  6. Massive thank you @MattJVD Can't see after hours on this side of the pond, so really pleased you relaying it. Please continue to do so if you have time and can be bothered as its often really interesting. Cheers bro +1
  7. Babcock has won it... would you like him to be in charge of our young players?
  8. Maybe yes, maybe no.... I think you need to give him credit for the way the youngsters are progressing... If, once they have been seasoned, they don't look like they are improving, then I agree, but until then, I disagree... Start saving...
  9. We do have a solid team, but the best players on the team are still growing... They may make waves, but would be very surprised if it wasn't going take a few more years to be dominant... until then less enjoy the ride... Green seems to have done wonders for a fair few of the young players... Definitely glad we don't have the same tunes coming out from the locker room, that they did i Toronto under the stewardship of the 'supposedly' best thing coaching wise since slice bread.... I'd say, let the team grow, and if in another year or two we look stifled, then revisit the thoughts of a coaching change...