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  1. It compares to Pettersson and then states he is a 1B/2A C.... hmmmm... dare I suggest Pettersson is a 1A?
  2. Agree.... there are so many good possibilities... who will end up being the better down the road, and who may bust. We need RHD but also need top 6 players at forward positions. So whom ever JB think may have the best career of the players left at 10 will do me just fine...
  3. Cheers Ibatch... sign me up. Its not just hockey this happens. The standard is the fantastic play in contract year, just to see them fall like apple off the tree, after the contract has been signed. As a fan its so infuriating...
  4. Amazing how little love there is for Kakko or Hughes... Foote (2) - Newhook (3) - Kakko (5) Byram (5) - Korczak (2) Soegard (3)
  5. I just really hope that he can get through his injuries and turn into, what everyone was hoping he’d be. If for nothing else to have the Benning bashers eat humble crow... Boy was touted as the best all round d in his draft. And the one with the highest floor (as far as I remember). Others had potentially higher ceilings but were considered more boom/bust. The boy has had terrible luck with injuries, and it remains to be seen, if he will become a top pairing, a top 4 pairing or a ordinary d man. But boy would I love for him to make it.... I was never on the Tkachuk train...
  6. Sounds like a great guy going forward. Would definitely fit in to any coach plans.... Me like...
  7. Carlsberg don't do trades...but if they did.... Doubt LA bites, but if they do...
  8. Can I just say what a wonderful day today is... Never thought I could be happy for another team winning the SC, but watching Bruins get beat in quiet TD Garden come in at a close second.... How poetic they should concede 4 goal at home in game 7 of the finals... Now maybe just maybe they'll know, how the Canucks felt at Rodgers in 2011... Blues first doing the Diving Sharks and the Dirty Bruins... Thank you... Only way this could have been bettered, was if it had been done by the Canucks. To watch the ring kissing rodent with F all but tears is sheer magic.... for everything else there's Master Card...
  9. Not getting involved in discussion, but Please tell me where I sign up.... wouldn’t mind making a few bob saying positive things about Canucks.
  10. spot on...problem solved. Give him 7-8/year for 2 years incl NTC if needed, and then speak again in 2 years. Thats should cover what he wold have made on 3 years/NTC
  11. Yes but he doesn't want to be traded. He wants to stay and has indicated this... He does not want to leave Vancouver... Decision probably was made before the deadline. If Edler said no then, there was still nothing JB could do.
  12. Yeah thanks for saying so Jim, but no thanks... I prefer to play for Vancouver, and if I can't play here, I want to decide myself where I play. Thats the reason I signed a NTC...but thanks for the coffee...