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  1. Think you’re right. People don’t just leave 5mill on the table, whether its to go home and play hockey for fun in Sweden or whatever. Unless a trade is made to get him off the books its most likely he will stay here for his entire contract... whether we like it or not. The story of his tenure with Canucks was already written, when he started with an own goal in his first game. Doubt that even him scoring the winning goal in the Stanley Cup final, would make the fans forget, how he flopped during his time here.... although it would help a little
  2. If they sign both Hughes and Petterson to bridge contracts, Luongos recap penalty should have vanished as well, giving them a little more room for manoeuvre, I guess?
  3. Cheers. Yes there’s opportunities in the UTICA top six now, which is very pleasing. They just have to grab their chance and it won’t be long before they’ll get their chance in Vancouver... the transition is happening now and over the next couple of years. Really exciting time.....
  4. In the NHL Podkolzin highlights real on the previous page, they suggest he should be taken at 3OA... a top 5 player in this draft.... all while they mention 4 reasons why he dropped, russian being one of the reasons... or so it sounds?
  5. Interesting... Do believe as per reports the reason for Podkolzin dropping was mainly the Russian issue. With him being signed for the next 2 years in the KHL... But yes think he was rated around 9th mainly because of him being russian.
  6. So long Goldie... good luck back home.
  7. Yes there are a few sleepers... For starters it will be interesting to see, how Lockwood will be doing over the next few years... Seeing how Brock and Gaudette have performed has definitely made it interesting... Others of interest is Brisebois, Rathbone, DiPietro, Lind, Woo...(maybe even Jasek has an outside chance) and of course we are still all hoping for OJ, although time is passing by... @£#$ injuries. And finally VP and Hoglander both with very decent chance of making the show. if only 3 out of Brisebois,Rathbone, DiPietro, Lind, Woo, OJ, Podz and Hoglander) makes it, it is still averaging 2 NHL players with 200+ games each draft.... I'd say that is pretty darn good.
  8. Cracking post Ibatch. Homerun.. Right out of the ball park. You may even add Forsling to the list of players looking very likely to pass the 200 game’s plateau. And on top of that there is a few more that may/may not make it. Drafting on JB’s watch has been a beacon in the dark.
  9. Thanks. While it may not be as per usual, which ever way the league can recoup some of their lost earnings makes a lot of sense.... for all parties involved.
  10. Wow....thats powerful. Not exactly what I expected to read from a big bruising D-man. Hope he will speak out more, as this is extremely well articulated and well thought out. Thanks for posting Higgy.
  11. Cheers Nzan. Without doubt and at the start they probably wished for a long lasting tenure with Linden leading the franchise. Still if one of the most loved and famous Canucks in history is asked to lead the franchise as a rookie, I do believe, in the eyes of the owner, one of the big advantages gained by this, would be some leeway, they might not otherwise have obtained. Think Linden himself would understand that, and rightly so as he earned that right during his playing career...