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  1. If Gaud keeps scoring and putting up points, while playing an aggressive style of hockey, he will force Greens hand to keep him up. He is showing that he can play at this level.
  2. No Goalie that's not the case... although I'm sure Viper007 is a great guy
  3. Yep... we need players with that extra bit... for our top 6...
  4. Thanks... Amazing how many have forgotten the pre season talk, where the vast majority agreed this season would see us as a bubble team either very close to play offs or just in the play offs... Ups and downs... life of a young team coming together as a team.
  5. RIP. Condolences to the entire family. Stay strong Marky.
  6. Exactly.... at some stage we need to move on.... They needed an offensive player that could play in the top 6. They got that player... Now we need to youngsters drafted to push for positions in the team...
  7. Stay strong Marky... Our thought are with you and your family...
  8. Are those top line players??? or mere fillers on cheap contracts? Did all these players collect all these NHL games before the age of 26??? How do you know Benning picks won't have accumulated that numbers by the end of their careers. And how does Nonis 4 + Bourdon + Schneider = 7? So far Brock, EP, Quinn JV, Demko, McCann are well on course, maybe Gaudette... and there is a fair few prospects that still could/should become NHL'ers On a side note... Slagging of Virtanen, yet bringing up Schneider...
  9. 4-2 Canucks.... the win streak starts here... Nashville....