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  1. Agree on the first part, but.... Sorry mate, but don't think so... He is a man, who seems to use his former horrible background, to slag off a whole city, a team etc., because 1 individual took to use his terrible story, as a weapon. Burrows went way over the line on that one, however having a horrible childhood, should not give you card blanche, to use it in order to become relevant. He brought it up... nobody from this fan base did. Don't throw stones if, you live in a glasshouse..... As one poster said... He sound like somebody about to write a book.
  2. Brilliantly said...
  3. YYYEEEESSSSS suck it up leafs crowd.... Embarrassing to hear the leafs with that much support at Rogers. Well done Nucks.
  4. Larsen looks like a deer caught in the headlights out there...scared to say the least... not good
  5. This is the time to make em pay... get the freckin goal now... Lets win this for the sake of humanity..
  6. Just hope I get to watch...
  7. They'll call everything to ensure it doesn't escalate... crap call
  8. Canucks playing w fire in their belly... me like
  9. keep it up... hammer them