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  1. +1... Hope to god we don't let go of Gudbransson, regardless of whether we would have had Try or not. He has been one of the very few upsides this season. Have been needing this for quite some time. You can even feel the excitement, as soon as there is a scrum, and he is on the ice...
  2. This is quite funny to read.... For years people were crapping on Luongo. Then it was the Miller is way to expensive... Cmon now.... Let it roll. Markstrom needs to play, and so does Nilsson. We need to know, what we have got, and this is definitely the season to figure it out... Whether he will sink or swim remains to be seen, but without letting him run with it, we will never know.
  3. Fair play... It was more the fact that he gambles, and do tend to win some as well as lose some. But as I said, it was not to spit hairs.
  4. Not to split hairs here Toews, but shouldn't you take the other 1st round pick (Shinkaruk) for Granlund into the mix? Brings slightly more balance into it.
  5. Well said Thrago... Agree with everything you say. Ofcourse every GM wants to win a trophee just like any coach wants to win games. It drives me nuts, when people expect teams to suck. The Coach get the sack and stuggles to get a job later on... why on earth would anyone do that. GM's who drafts and vrebuilds squads rarely have a long shelf life. Besicly the same people, who wants change, don't have the stomach for it. And its totally irrelevant, which ever way you try to rebuild.
  6. Hahaha Maybe yes, maybe no. But as of now that is obviously not the case.
  7. Hang in there bud
  8. Cheer up CB51... you'll probably still be here long after the rest of us bud
  9. JB was hired by Canucks May 23, 2014... So I'd say 2 more drafts, but definitely at least 1 more draft followed by a season.
  10. Well that give them another 2 years, Yes?
  11. Well played Forsberg, well played.
  12. I know Baggins... You've always been fairly clear in you previous post regarding this. The disappointment is more the fact that we are starting to see a change, which was being called for, so I was wondering if it would change the attitude of the fans, who normally attends games, if they played more youth, but as people voting has shown, it doesn't seem to make a huge difference. $ and Atmosphere seems to be the main ingredient that keeps people away. If a Saturday night game against the hated Flames can't get people to show up, I don't know, what can.... Lower the ticket prices in the lower ball, but I wonder if they are already sold to corporate members, who just can't be bothered...
  13. Nope bud, I don't think you are at all. I said in another post, that I have a feeling that Green is trying to establish if Granlund can centre his own line, possible with a view to the future. The thing is Green will have to make up his mind quickly about what his aims are for this season. If he want to win hockey games, Vanek has to come of Sedins wing. Its blatantly evident, and even if it hasn't been disastrous, its has not been a good fit neither. Vanek actually hasn't been bad, but like Sedins he lack speed, and is not like a terrier along the boards. If they want Sedin to improve its easily done by reuniting them with Granlund again. Or at least give Virtanen a chance with them...
  14. !00 % agree with this... Have been saying the same thing. Sedins needs a Winger with speed and who can go into the dirty area.... This is why both Granlund and Hansen has been working well with them. Everything goes between deadslow and stop with Vanek on their wing. This is also why i don't like BB on their wing..