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  1. Its a lot of if's....... but not impossible. I've been arguing long and hard against Tanking, and I totally support not doing so. I must admit I found it hard to stomach, that we ended up picking 5th after a season, where the team fought in every game bar a few, but just couldn't manage to fight against the injuries we accumulated. I want us to compete, I want the team to be entertaining me, and there is not a chance in hell I'll pay to watch a team packing it in night after night. So yes lets see where that brings us to by all means.... However, I also want the team to be given a chance to go for the ultimate goal, and unless we get really lucky, and all, our second to the top picks, pan out to their max potential, I fear, we will always be that small step behind. We need that no 1 Dman so bad. After that I really believe we can compete, but please please give us that no 1 D-man....
  2. I know you're right and you speak my language, but I don't know what we can do to get one of the top picks next year. I do think we will be struggling next year irregardless, but as was mentioned previously, new coach often means improvement in results, and this would not be the year to finish 17-21ish in the league. At least next season there seem to be more than 3 top picks, which means bottom team is guaranteed a real star player and possibly a franchise player. I hate tanking, and think it is going to be the death of pro-sport. I was chuffed when the draft system was changed as I was sick of seeing losing on purpose being rewarded, but now I feel just as sick seeing teams drafting top picks, while we suck. In the end, yes let just play hockey and hope we get lucky, but somehow I have a feeling that if Bruins, Blackhawks and Canadians or the likes should finish in the 3 bottom spots it will not be 3 teams from outside the bottom 3 who'll be picking 1-2 or 3.... Is it rigged..... noooooooo....hmmmmm.....
  3. I totally agree. Think @Warhippy raised the question of either Crosby/McD or 2 Getzlafs... As much as I would love to see a player of McD's ability in a Canucks uniform, I'd take 2 Getzlafs any day, for the simple reason you mentioned. Injuries.... All it takes is an injury, and their wings will be severely clipped... And yes there must surely have been opportunities for trades to tighten up their defence using Eberle as bait. Guess its because its the Oilers...Thats why the sucked for so long. They obviously think their defender are good enough to get them over the line, but I think they may suffer for it.... Oilers needs to win now while they can afford expensive defenders to help them out. Once McD and LD get the kind of pay rises expected, it will reduce the room for manoeuvres and make it harder although not impossible... Unless of course they get players to sign reduced contracts like Hossa did with Blackhawks, and Sedins with Canucks.
  4. God you sound depressing about our future because of McD... Our team will peak, when it peaks, and just because Blackhawks and Pens have won several cup, doesn't mean others can't. LA did it several times... If our team gets 4 good lines, maybe its not beyond the possibility to win... Otherwise we may as well pack up and watch chess or Darts instead...
  5. Brilliant
  6. Actually thats almost my fear... I've never been a tanker, and want to see the team compete every game, but but but... The prospect of getting a franchise defence man like Dahlin next year, is just too much not to wish for... I general the talent pool is starting to take shape, and even though they won't all materialise, there should be enough talent coming in over the next 2-3 years to get us into the play offs by 2020ish...
  7. Its not so much, who fans were in favour of before the pick, but now that EP has been picked, the fans should be getting behind him instead of complaining about, who they thought we should have taken. Fact is, he may turn out to be the best player in this draft... For the record I was hoping for Glass...
  8. Good write up... all about perspective +1
  9. Before the draft everyone agreed (or nearly everyone) that there were 2 stand out prospects without being generational talents. This was followed by 8-10 players, who were really all interchangeable, and anyone from that group could realistically become the best player drafted. And now sections of the CDC acts as if we just passed up on signing Crosby or McDavid... for 3 years we've heard about how we should have drafted Ehlers or Nylander, and when JB takes a chance on a skinny but super skilled kid, you complain.... Get real FFS
  10. He already is the captain of this team, irrelevant which line he plays on. I have zero doubt about him signing a long term deal....
  11. Agree and a few more drafts will see us have the nucleus of our future team...
  12. Surely we won't get shafted again.... Maybe....
  13. Agree 100 %