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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Thanks Forza, Hope Pettersson fantastic season continues with Canucks getting 1st pick...
  2. All Asians are ninjas Ona serious note though, most of the players now a day goes down rather easy... Although the simulation penalty has help a somewhat.... But yes not the finest moment, however Makaveli made a fantastic collection of the big bad Bruins diving... With that fat sweaty sh!thead complaining about Canucks diving. I believe most of them are at it. But other than that I'm looking forward to more pushback from our new core.
  3. Totally agree... Talk is cheap.... Show us instead.
  4. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    The C/B's wasn't much better... Fazio in particular was beyond poor... It is the worst defensive performance I've ever witnessed in the later round in the C\L.... Even way back when Utd beat Roma 7-1 at O.T. the Roma team played better than yesterday, At times the defending were so bad, it looked as if they had been paid to lose. Could easily have ended in double figures... Shocking performance absolutely shocking.
  5. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Been thinking the same thing. Two great forward lines.
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Would be great if he could... It could be the first marker on what to expect next season...
  7. Pettersson vs Glass in 2017-2018

    Agree EmW... nobody knows, what the future brings, but the shear excitement brought by EP to the fan base in just one season is amazing. We'll see what happens, but JB definitely looks to have found the diamond in the rough. Mind you, we deserve it, for all out rotten luck in the drafts...
  8. Pettersson vs Glass in 2017-2018

    Nope... not a chance in a million. Wouldn't even take Nylander and Glass over EP alone.
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Don't see this being the case at all...on the contrary. Who is accusing who of not being high on EP? Actually, I remember last year being told I had no idea about hockey, for suggesting during camp that JV and maybe Brock could end up playing with the big team... And I wasn't even sure... Everyone here is high on this kid...kid... Don't think many here are oblivious to the fact, he is a kid and still far from the finished article. However, after his exploits in SHL, its fair to have higher expectations and to being ecstatic about him being ours and possibly coming over to the big club... Point being, Canucks will make the call, when they see him ready for the NHL. And after watching other small young players succeeding, its fair to think, we see him next season with the Canucks... time will tell By the way his own coach advocating it... of course he would love nothing more than to see EP stay another season...after all he just won them the league.
  10. Put Thy $ Where The Mouth Is! ('18-19, good, or bad?)

    Don't see us in the play offs next season, but lots depends on what JB does in free agency. Management did say they may not spend to the cap next season in which case I doubt we will be play offs bound. We will be seeing more youth on the team, and the future will be shining bright, but I think, they need a bit more seasoning before they can take us to the play offs. I expect us to be playoffs bound in 2 years. But all depends on if management splash the cash in free agency.
  11. Could easily be the case, but in this case I doubt it... ratings all over suggested nobody saw this coming. Actually pretty sure even JB and the rest of the scouts may be slightly surprised at the meteoric rise of EP... Some pretty good players has been picked at no. 5 over the years. In 20-30 this one may be there amongst the best... drool...
  12. Pettersson vs Glass in 2017-2018

    Good question...probably... really don't know... Would you give up what could turn out to be a franchise player, v a real goal scorer (6 years older) + good prospect w size.... While Pettersson has been unreal and given us real hope for the future, Karlson has done it on the big stage, and Glass is still a great prospect. Guess it also depends how quick management want us to be competitive again.... Nah...not a chance. We may have struck gold. You don't give up on a potential franchise changing player...
  13. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Join the club Coastal... We were many