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  1. Forget him... No time for patients wanting to run the asylum. After thinking it over, I don't care, how much potential he has. If he isn't a team player, then good riddance. Even the best players gets their heads down, and work for what they got. JB will find us another gem.
  2. Yeah lets get a Bure Hope you're right... No. 88's departure is stinging at the moment...
  3. I get you point, and maybe its just me being extremely bitter of us not being in the playoffs again. I know we are rebuilding and yes I'd rather have a team that eventually can compete, but man it sucks not being part of the playoffs. And then I am probably still a little sick in my stomach of the fact Oilers got McDavid, while Toronto got Matthews... Simply disgusted with the system.
  4. I still hope Sharks turn Oilers over.... still have that 1st as an incentive.... Canadian American etc.... Unless its Canucks winning it I don't really care.
  5. Great win for Utd. Cracking game. End to end. Great goal by Rashford, although best moment in the game was Rashfords rabona cross to Pogba and his scissors kick attempt. That would taken some beating had it came off... Celta Vigo next.... Cmon
  6. Another Russian.... hmmmm....
  7. Without Gudbranson, they will be slaughtered... If Gudbranson plays as he is expected to be able to. Hopefully that'll be the case. So Yes...
  8. Finally a bit of fighting talk.... +1 Screw these lame assed spoon fed kids. You want it? Go and earn it like the rest...
  9. Sorry Down Unda, but thats rubbish... so now every time a player with potential complains about the manager, we sack the manager??? How do you know, what he was offered? Guess we should have sacked AV as well, when COHO complained... All fans will be upset to see him leave, but if this is the reason, me first attitude then f*** him. Can understand if it has to do with homesickness, his wife, language etc... it happens, but the Club is bigger than any player...
  10. Sorry, my mistake... initial shock clouded my vision. Cheers Baggins
  11. Cheers bro...and on his birthday
  12. WTF????.... is it April 1st? Guess Edler won't be traded after all.....Noooooooo just Noooooooo
  13. And? Quite sure nobody cares about his contract.... 2 cups. If Horvat Captained Canucks to 2 cups, would you care about his contract? Or anybody else for that matter, even if they totally flattened out afterwards?