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  1. Quote of the day... +1
  2. Aye it would be nice, and do expect progress on all these things... Whether it'll be in top six or bottom six remains to be seen, but with the power he possesses there should always be a place somewhere in the line up for him.
  3. Thats just it... Its the same with OJ and EP... once the selection has been made, they are part of our club and deserves all our support. Only time will tell what JV becomes, and unfortunately a lot doesn't have the patience... I'm not so concerned if he'll end top 6 or a strong third or forth liner, cause anywhere in the lineup you need players with his skill and power. If Jake becomes a Hansen/Torres clone, I will be delighted.
  4. Jokes or not, think its only few if any, who aren't behind JV... Credit were credit's due.
  5. I'm sure if there is a problem it'll be Horvat agent playing games...
  6. Yes there could be a case for it in todays game. However, according to former ref Howard Webb (i believe it was), Lacazette was technically offside, so might not had counted regardless... not sure about that though. Regardless, at least the ref would not be hung out to dry for these decisions, if they had used video ref. Believe the video ref gave Bayern a pen in their Bundesliga match against Leverkusen, but not sure as I didn't see the match. Actually the two biggest penalty claims were probably the two times Diouf slipped and clipped first Wellbeck and later Bellerin. Fair to say the ref weren't kind to the gunners...
  7. You are so right. Its not like he's an overweight bloke in school being bullied...
  8. Yeah time will tell... but if here's the slightest doubt, let him develop some more.. Plenty time for the boy.
  9. Utd looking good just now... this was the kind of game we drew last season. More ruthless this season. Onwards and upwards. Glory glory...
  10. Football needs to follow the times. You are absolutely right. The fear has always been the stoppages that it could cause v what kind of incident. But with easy things, like offside, ball over the lines, mistaken identity, clear cut dives as well as dirty tackles, raised arms, penalty decisions (where ref has been blind sided) etc. calls can be made within a few seconds, and more importantly, it takes the heat off the referee. The players will always protest any decision and often ends up getting a call at a later stage... The ref needs to get all the help he can to make it a fair contest...
  11. Yes exactly... except its all of UK.
  12. TV appearances in UK..... Sky sports and BT sports have paid to show a certain numbers of games, and those are the games the teams gets paid for. All the games played at 3pm UK time are not shown in the UK. However if you are other places in Europe or Overseas, all the games are available to be seen. This is in order to ensure the other teams that plays will be generating gate revenue.
  13. See how much money there is involved in the premiership. Sunderland was the worst team and got relegated, and yet made close to £100million...
  14. Think its about time this is being introduced... Has been discussed for years. With so much focus on every decision, the refs been needing all the help they can get for ages. The issue was always the flow of the game, and how much the video ref should be involved. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.
  15. They would have been wearing Crowns and gowns....