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  1. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    True, good argument for at least looking at the option of trading down... (still would be bitterly disappointed if get the opportunity for 1OA and trade down)... But last year, I would definitely had considered it... (think we won the draft anyway).
  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Actually a great question. Would be interesting to get a look at their scout. Can’t all be luck.
  3. 5-2 Canucks and 2pp goals
  4. Canucks to ruin their chance of top pick. 5-2 Canucks.
  5. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Hahaha I’ll give you that one
  6. Media Vs. the Fans

    Fair enough Toews. Agree that it goes both ways as I also stated. Dwaliwal is not only popular, he is a shining light in the media world, mainly, as you rightly stated, because he is sticking to the facts, and giving us to opportunity to make up our own minds. He is a source and not an analyst. I don't have a problem with positive or negative sentiments... after all I am neither blind nor dumb (at least not too much). Whether we agree or disagree is up to us as fans. Journalists have their take on it as well, just like us and it gives us different point of views.... But, when the views of the media becomes constantly negative and shiitstirring, then it is no longer creditable. Might as well come out and say they don’t like Canucks. Unfortunately in sports, not just hockey, you find a lot of former players turning pundits, suddenly becoming the best managers/players to ever have existed, and constantly find fault at the present players/ managers in order to become relevant. Its interesting at first, then humorous and finally incredibly boring and tiresome to listen to. Long story short. PS. I love Dwahalis reporting
  7. Media Vs. the Fans

    The thing is... how do you know if he is honest? Already here on CDC its easy to see that the people standing up for various media personalities (cheepers had to write that a few times), and normally the one promoting the views of these fans. Fans who'd like to see JB sacked will believe anything certain writer write, and vice verse... But it is almost as if the local press don't even want a team in Vancouver. Constant whining and unhappiness with everything Canucks. You would think they would look at Canucks fair or favourably as it is the team of the city, but they crap all over them all the times. WHY?
  8. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Again agree. And I am sure we will see more prospects start to make the entrance on to the team next year. I think / guess the JV issue made management more cautious about just putting the rookie straight in, or maybe they didn't feel they were at a good enough level... I have to say though that I'm more interested in the youngsters becoming top players, what ever it takes, even if it means letting them mature in the lower/other leagues. I doubt there will be a Sedin issue next autumn. But lets wait and see. There will be at least 2-3 more prospects in the team at that time. I have zero doubt about that.
  9. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    True they have had better than avarage careers, which I think is also to be expected from 1 OA picks. Point being JB haven’t ad as thus you can’ draw parrellels between the outcome of the management teams in Oilersland and Canucksland. If parrallels can be drawn in 3 years time, different story. Problem is often, if instant success is not seen, management teams are canned. Then 2-3 years later it all comes together, and credit is given to the management team, who had very little input in the drafting at first. Sedins were not drafted by MG, but as they flowered all the praise were heeped on him. Maybe for a change we should not jump from GM to GM, but instead stick with the present one.
  10. (Rumour) Vancouver to Host 2019 NHL Draft

    If we pick 2nd OA.... I want as safe a pick at a star player as posible. At the moment very few have a defender outside Dahlin in the top 3. If The Russian boy is as good as they all think, you’d be daft not to draft him ahead of a demenceman, just because you have a positinal need. Rather have a first line winger who can be packaged for a star derender, than a maybe a true no 1 D man. Very few of them around and often they are found by chance.
  11. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Give JB 3 first OA picks and afterwards lets see if we still suck like Oilers, then we can draw proper parallels... Given that Oilers drafted one of the very few generational talents like McD and still sinks like a rock is nothing short of shameful.
  12. Again true, but both lives of one another. I don't know anywhere else (not saying I know how thins are done everywhere), where the local media doesn't support the local team, or at least doesn't report made up articles in order to undermine the local team. Criticism is fair, and options are varied, but the constant negativity coming from the local press is astonishing.
  13. No excuse for $&!#-stirring lies.... Parts of the fan base doesn't like JB or Linden, or at least the way they are doing things, but they still don't sink to the levels of producing lies. Its Childish and pathetic.