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  1. Amongst this terrible news from Manchester a lot of feel good stories emerge... Despite the uncertainties in the immediate aftermath lots of people came forward and offered food and shelter to people stuck as a result of the shut down of the rail services next to the venue. Taxi drivers came and offered free fares to take people stranded, and all the emergency service personel rushed in to help, despite being off duty. Wonderful to see that despite this cowardice act of violence, the people will not be intimidated. Stand with Manchester
  2. Have a weird feeling Griezmann is using Utd as a bargaining chip to get a better contract. Just like Ramos did. Starting to get fed up with this saga.... If he isn't sure, he wants to come, drop him. Lots of other targets to go for.
  3. Should have his head smashed in.... What an asshole...
  4. It would take exactly 1 game for him to become the new whipping boy.... But yeah bring him back, and while we're at it bring back Naslund and Jovocop too... All be it, I really miss juices toughness on the back line, but thats Juice anno 2011
  5. Canada unlucky... But Edler... worldchampion. Let that sink in....
  6. Hmmmmm...... Hopefully we get a win v Ajax on Wednesday, and get to C/L that way...
  7. This is probably the closest to the truth we get. Nobody knows, which one of these players will be the better player. They could all end up being duds or the could end up being stars... I'm so torn as to whom, I want us to pick... I just hope we could get another pick in the top 10-12 as there as so many intriguing players, and it could really set us on our way rebuild wise.
  8. That would really get the rebuild going.... would even mean, we would have real bargaining chips, if needed in a few years. This would really get us moving forward. good proposals, but would they bite...
  9. Great proposal. We just happen to have the opening needed.
  10. Not sure about the Sedins. If they continue their downward trend, I hope not. I love the Sedins, and always stood up for them, but unless they recover, I think they are done. It remains to be seen. Virtanen will be interesting, hope they find roomful him, but if Green feels he needs more seasoning in the AHL, I hope they keep him there. However I actually believe he may surprise a lot. But Still could be done with a few more players, who can stand up to anyone. Its transition (or whatever its called ) and I would actually like the team to play a tougher type of hockey.
  11. Ok, Sedins retirement aside, I can not see them play here after next season. I was in the happy camp, when we brough in Eriksson, as I though we would get a potentially deadly 1st line. We all know how that ended, so if I am honest, I'd rather we keep building from the back (with 88 gone fishing), and let Sedins mentor the youth one more season. Unless JB come up with a masterplan that blows me away, I'd prefer one more season of seasoning for the young players, supported by some tougher team mates. We potentially have a lot of skill in our group of youngsters, so I'd like to have them protected from cheap shot artists. PS I would like to add a defender of Shattenkirks calibre to the back end. I think my issue is, I don't see Markstrom as the future no. 1 for this franchise.... unless they aim to be in the no.1 sweepstakes... And I have a feeling management don't neither. Otherwise he would gotten far more starts already. Also like the feistiness of Miller, and hope it rubs off on the rest... Finally, on the owners issue you are absolutely right. Of course they'd rather pocket a couple of mill or make them go towards a place that makes the most impact.... but again my fear is it'll be a Eriksson/Vrabata clone, and that may stiffle the opportunities all the new talent should be given. I do want us to be able to compete, but I would wait until after the Sedins are finished here, before I'd even consider the need for other mentoring players, or the type of mentoring players we need. I really hope Benning still want us to get bigger and meaner, as he stated, when he started.
  12. Bam... end off. +1
  13. Don't understand the worry about money? Sedins retire next season, and we are rebuilding, so we won't be have huge problems managing salaries. Like to give the youngsters a chance to win each game, and it starts with good goal keeping.