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  1. Not a big fan of Blount off the field. Someone in the crowd threw the Tshirt at him, he had some fun with it, it was out of line. boohoo, whatever. he apologized and he said he respected Lynch afterwards.
  2. LOL at seahawks fans complaining about the patriots parade. Your team is literally notorious throughout the league for trash talking and taunting. What did you think was going to happen? Whining about Edelman with the Sherman picture? You mean the same guy who jumped in Tom Brady’s face screaming at him last time they played? Then later on tweeted “U MAD BRO?” with the picture of him doing that? The guy who last year tweeted pics of his ring at Patrick Patterson? The guy flashing signs to the camera after the go ahead TD? The guy taunting Revis with the 2--4 sign?Seriously what did you think was going to happen? he brought that upon himself. Honestly, when you trash talk so much and it blows up in your face, you can't turn around and whine when the other team dishes it back. too funny. coming from a team that acted like big babies and started a brawl with seconds left in the game, and whose player mimicked pooping on the field. get out of here. You lost, they won, stop being whiners, it's pathetic.
  3. Impressive hypocrisy here. If this had been bruins fans, everyone here would be talking about how classless the fans are. speaking of nut shots: 9C656E382D1077840658666065920_2462d1535dc.0.2.12024046981916381809.mp4 funny, haven't heard anyone here discussing that one, or a couple of the other ones by the canadiens this series. nope, only the bruins would do things like that.
  4. well, my prediction of 5 PM was a bit off... 10 PM, but hey! I'm a law school graduate!

  5. If I don't mess up... I'm a law school graduate at 5 pm tomorrow. holy crap

  6. I don't think most bruins fans care that much about canucks fans tbh. you don't see them making posts about the canucks every two minutes. Hating another fanbase because they support a rival team is one thing. Painting a whole fanbase as racist is another.
  7. The first guy has no American friends on Facebook, and his pictures indicate he has lived in the Czech Republic since his childhood. The second guy is definitely a racist hillbilly and he supports Boston teams including the patriots and the celtics, and it look like he has family in massachusetts. anyway, he's a fool. doesn't represent the bruins fanbase
  8. well sorry but what do a couple whack jobs in the czech republic and in Iowa have to do with the general bruins fanbase? for some reason they've taken a liking to the bruins, but they've probably never even been to boston or met other bruins fans. you can't possibly think they're representative of bruins fans in general.
  9. the first one is czech and lives in prague, the second one is Iowan and lives in Clifton. not sure how representative of bostonians they are
  10. he literally jumps backwards off his skates. I agree it's a penalty, but it was definitely embellished as well.
  11. I imagine you're referencing the busing crisis? Yeah that was a tough time in history in boston. What ethnicity is the governor of massachusetts? is david ortiz not the most popular person in boston for about the past 10 years? is iginla not one of the most popular players on the bruins? what nhl team and fanbase was the first to cheer for a black player? i'm not saying there's no racism in boston. but labeling boston as a racist city is stupid. boston is one of the most liberal towns in the US.
  12. seriously? did you follow bruins fans' reaction to the subban tweets after game 1? everyone condemned the few fools who said anything racist
  13. well a quick search shows this about rangers fans: or this, in London Ontario during a pre season game i'm sure there's others
  14. right, three's no racists in any other place than boston. k....
  15. fair enough. bruins fans aren't racist though, a few idiots on twitter are.