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  1. Best game of the season! Lu in Rogers Arena! Mediocre canucks team but thats the reality of the past 3 years!
  2. Watching the canucks is less fun these days, still don't like seeing Lu in another jersey....but im very happy for him!
  3. This makes the Roberto and Schneider traded look even more stupid!!!
  4. No one can achieve anything with this squad!
  5. Score!
  6. Just watched the Florida pressconference...Lu seemed a bit sad about leaving Vancouver and the boys! I really don't like how this played out! Good for him though that he's where he's wanted!
  7. Luuuuuu!!!! Too bad this club turned into a disgrace!
  8. Look at his tweet
  9. How terrible did the team play in those games?! The goals against werent terrible or something
  10. Lu the man!
  11. Another one here!
  12. No bashing, but any goalie would have won gold with this kind of defence! GOOOLLLLLDD!