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  1. Time to Bring Back Zack Kassian!

    boone jenner did recover.. he played the last 11 games of the season when cbj was all but out of the playoffs already..he definitely wouldn't have been playing at anything less than 90% when the games didn't matter....Zack on the other hand.....
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    sedins can make alot of players look good but burrows is the only one that really made the sedins better as a line...hes been the only one to truly fit right in with the cylce game and not just stand in front of the net...
  3. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    wasnt that the same reports that came out after the schnieder deal too? all sorts of GMs saying they wouldve gave more... i wonder if they all just say things like that to make mike look like an ass.
  4. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    last time cody played with players like vanek and pominville on his line was the lockout year and he was on pace for 30 goales and 70 points for a full season.... thats underachieving to you?
  5. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    where are people getting this consistent crap???? first full year in the league 19 goals. then 15 in a half season with the lock out on pace for 30... then he scored 20 goals last year.... and that brings us to this year..... seems pretty consistent to me.... yeah hes a minus 9 but hes on a shipwreck of a team with no goalie and will probably still hit the 20+ goal mark and not to mention he is 54% on faceoffs right now. i love how when trying to degrade a player people bring up consistency.. nbut yet in this argument kassian is the poster boy of being inconsistent .... but many of you think just because a guy doesnt score every night hes inconsistent.... well guess what even 40 goal scorers dont score every night!!!
  6. BC Lions

    no more kevin glenn beck or lulay if hes good to go.
  7. CFL Thread

    that coach knows his days are numbered... jeff garcia will be Head Coach by next year.
  8. [Confirmed] Willie Desjardin: VAN Head Coach

    too bad hes not the one of the ice...i dont like the adaptability of our players...
  9. [Report] Booth on Waivers

    to win a cup after leaving van?? brent sopel ,matt cooke, further back scott sure there are others but im just thinking of guys who spent a good deal of time with us before going to another team..
  10. [Report] Booth on Waivers

    he was owed it after the ridiculous discount he gave the canucks... no one else even came close to giving that big of a discount... last person to be that unselfish was linden when he took a pay cut so we could give more money to Jovo..when burr signed that 2m a year deal he was easily worth 4-4.5 at the time hes had one bad injury filled year and when he did play his line was rarely together as each sedin battled through injuries... its easy to see that all 3 of those guys need each other. burr can still be very effective in other roles down the line up and PK and hank still does ok with other wingers daniel is completely lost without his brother. burr is one of the type of players even if he isnt scoring he still brings alot to the team... same cant be said for alot of guys on the team including the sedins.
  11. [Report] Booth on Waivers

    sedins without him dont seem to have one either...
  12. [Report] Booth on Waivers

    i really thought he was finally getting his game back in the second half of last year... i didnt see a reason to buy him out. one of our fastest skaters and hardest workers last he will go and be a complete bargain for some other team...
  13. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    no AV just pretty much sat down rick nash after he started playing well vs montreal just ripped him off the PP in the finals ... he didnt do it early in the playoffs when nash wasnt playing well... that wouldve made too much sense... AV decides to take a players minutes away once he starts producing..
  14. SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

    wow nice hands Brown didnt know you had it in ya.
  15. SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

    we got the furthest with ex blue jackets.. manny and raffi so maybe there is somthing to this... philly will be next to reach the cup with mason, vorachek, and coutourier (who was who they drafted with CBJs pick)