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  1. did he not play 2nd line when Crosby and malkin were hurt? How well did he do with that opportunity?
  2. funny.. I didn't think you could score an assist... This is all they have and all you guys can claim are "points" stamkos scored more goals last year than both of them combined... You know what goals are right? That thing the giant score board in the middle of the building counts that decides who wins and losses the game? Is alot easier to beat a player with a pass than it is to beat a goalie with a shot.... But good for the sedins for having 4 point nights against bottom feeders and get held off the score board when it matters... Just so people like you can clamour over their point per game crap stat. These guys are no where near the elite players anymore.... And I don't even hate that guys, I just don't crown them world beaters just because they can pass the puck....
  3. My prediction is that lack splits games with ward and then Carolina moves on from ward and signs eddie at a nice 3 year 12m deal...miller gets hurt bad , markstrom continues his act of playing Dodgeball in the NHL. Benning freaks, signs ward for way too much next off season. cdcers applaud him for signing a "proven vet" way passed his glory days who hasn't been anything more than average for half a decade, but he will be a great "mentor" (sound familiar?) markstrom demands a trade, becomes a star for the islanders (benning gets a 5th for him). We go into next season with miller on the LTIR, Ward as our #1 and demko as #2 until ward goes down with yet another injury and demko steals the #1 job. Meanwhile lack, Schneider, markstrom and luongo battle it out for the vezina. . . The end
  4. what's fair and what will help the team achieve the ultimate goal are 2 different things... If I watch Hank tell reporters 1 one time that "the team played well enough to win and just didn't get the bounces" after a compete stinker I'll strip the C off him myself.... Classy guys? Yup no doubt, unreal in the community? No argument there... Great leaders, coming up big in the biggest moments, rallying the troops they have continued to fail in these aspects time and time again. And when teams focus on them and shut then down there is 0 push back from them and they play like they are 5' tall...
  5. except the fact they took a raise instead of a pay cut on the back side of their careers. That really helped
  6. Anyone else think Jim made this comment to help Miller? Think of it from Ryan's perspective... Last off season he seen 2 Cali teams say thanks but no thanks to his services... And then this off season all he is hearing is how he's no Better than eddie and he can't be traded because no one wants him.... Jim messed up with miller's contract and the was a very real chance of if he didn't move eddie that we would have been luongo Schneider 2.0, so Jim comes out publicly and makes a statement that other teams did want Miller and that the canucks believe in him enough to keep him to help Ryan's mental state and knows damn well markstrom will not even come close to challenging Miller for the #1 spot next year. Nothing breeds mediocrity more than 0 competition within the organization and right now I don't really see much competition for any spot on the team.
  7. how did Calgary over achieve? Two seasons ago Calgary in the second half of the year were one of the best in the league and carried that momentum into last year and made the playoffs...
  8. Doesn't matter really WD will roll 3 lines 5 on 5 almost equal like he did last year with the 4th line playing just a couple minutes less..... The difference in ice time is pretty much just special teams.. We seen countless times last year our 3rd line play more than our second. Or the 4th pay more than the third, many games sedins didn't lead the team in ice time.. Soo these line lables don't mean as much as say, who you would like to see play with Bo.
  9. 1 thing people are forgetting is the $... Many of you say you're alright with this team floundering and going through some growing pains for the next couple years fit the long term goal.... I'm fine with it too... What I'm not fine with is spending damn near the most amount of money in the league to go see said team. And majority of fans will not either and it will be a couple years of half empty building and not a competitive team, all on a gamble that all our young guys reach their full potential in a couple years and take over the league.. Meanwhile Edmonton is still waiting for that to happen.
  10. just gross...benning hasnt been here too long and hes already made a ton of bonehead moves. love how he over pays for players and lets the good ones go for nothing. this is the type of return i expected for a bieska salary dump..
  11. boone jenner did recover.. he played the last 11 games of the season when cbj was all but out of the playoffs already..he definitely wouldn't have been playing at anything less than 90% when the games didn't matter....Zack on the other hand.....
  12. based on what? hes had 2 good whl seasons, a good quick start in the NHL that fell off quickly, 2 average stints in the AHL and hasnt brought any consistency of effort to his game in the NHL at all and gets knocked off the puck very easily.. he hasnt shown at all that his success from Jr can translate into the pros.
  13. not a fan of this trade ,but it doesn't have much of an impact anyways.
  14. sedins can make alot of players look good but burrows is the only one that really made the sedins better as a line...hes been the only one to truly fit right in with the cylce game and not just stand in front of the net...
  15. wasnt that the same reports that came out after the schnieder deal too? all sorts of GMs saying they wouldve gave more... i wonder if they all just say things like that to make mike look like an ass.