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  1. We're fcked LOL, not even mad.
  2. Left lane is for passing, if you're not using it to pass then I wonder about your other driving skills.
  3. $135,000 worth of equality.
  4. Thread started by GLASSJAW?
  5. Zack Kassian might make the team next year.
  6. Doesn't look too good for a guy thats 20 and is supposed to be all offense. Maybe he can't excel under the current coaches.
  7. People nit picking a 18 year olds public speaking. Why even mention it if you know it's not relevant to anything.
  8. Is that even possible he's already like 215. For 6 feet that's pretty close to the most beefed up you can get.
  9. So you're posting this to prove the above poster corrected? Your points have no basis. A lot of lesser players have played in the post season.
  10. At least buy me dinner first.
  11. Had to make space on the photobucket. Here's an imgur version...
  12. Can we trade Kyle Petit for Brian Boyle next?
  13. Anton Rodin had a good WJC too.
  14. They probably got the call cause that Russian player laid on the ice for half the period.
  15. Exactly it wasn't even boarding that's why it was weak. That penalty changed the whole momentum. Soft refs.