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  1. We're fcked LOL, not even mad.
  2. Left lane is for passing, if you're not using it to pass then I wonder about your other driving skills.
  3. $135,000 worth of equality.
  4. Thread started by GLASSJAW?
  5. Have they shown Linden's reaction yet.
  6. Seriously players don't show up but it's the coach. Enough people.
  7. 3 coaches have failed to do this at some point or another with this core. It's a player problem at this point.
  8. How so? The players need to play which they're not. Let's blame the coach for what we've seen from this core before. McMillan decision was bad but it doesn't change the fact that this core has given up.
  9. Bieksa and Higgins make me sick.
  10. I bet it hit you right in the pit am I right?
  11. Apricots are a terrible fruit.
  12. Vintage Canuck you're turning into one of those guys tries so hard to post first that he posts the wrong info. Nice work.
  13. Maybe they called up Baertschi so he can watch us lose tonight. Should of played him, he'd probably be the most motivated guy on the ice tonight.
  14. If the Sedins don't get on the score sheet it won't matter what we do.