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  1. I checked online.. it doesn't mean anything other than "company".. any suggestions?
  2. Can we have his cheer as : "Olli Olli Olli, Oy, Oy, Oy..!"
  3. Hamhuis has signed with the Stars.
  4. Hammer has gone to the Stars.. 3.75 mill for 2 years
  5. Got one chance, infiltrate them Get it right, terminate them The Panzers will, permeate them Break their pride, denigrate them And their people, retrograde them Typhus, deteriate them Epidemic, devastate them Take no prisoners, cremate them
  6. My chants of "Klaatu Vrbata Nikto" finally worked.
  7. Honey Badger DGAF. Love his work style.
  8. I guess theres a market for "cojones" in some countries. Its a delicacy. Two nuts with one stone and all that.
  9. I have tickets to this game courtesy of my daughter's school and am SO excited. I will keep my hockey chants and incantations to a minimum so that the boys can score. "Klaatu Vrbata Nikto"
  10. Not sure anyone saw this video.
  11. Well considering our penchant for lousy Octobers I think we did quite well. I had to do my superstitious bit though and look away for the puck drops. Seems every time I watch the puck drop they score. And although I like Sbisa, the number of times I heard "Sbisa falls down" or "Sbisa gives the puck away" had me tearing out my hair. Should we get him some training skates..? Or attach some wheels to his?
  12. I downvoted that video twice. One from each of my youtube accounts. It was THAT bad. Whoever did that
  13. Somewhere in Toronto, Farhan Lalji is sitting and reading this thread with a box of popcorn. Canucks fans are SO damn easy to intimidate. If you are going to hate on someone after 4 games, games that pretty much everyone else has been missing wide open nets, missing passes and falling over their own shoelaces, you're just a bandwagoner. I'd like to see Sven succeed if only so that we can tell Calgary to suck it.
  14. What rumors that the Sedins didnt want to play with Vrbie? Where do these rumors start?