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  1. Perhaps Edler is just sucking so that if he gets exposed, Vegas won't want him.
  2. Can anyone on this team score with intent? Half our goals are fluke tip-ins, funny bounces or things that accidentally go in. The strategy seems to be to just throw the occasional puck on the net and hope something goes in. The Sedins seem to be taking things easy these days, while everyone else is trying to rush in to the offensive zone, they're taking a leisurely stroll to the bench. Everything Edler touches turns to crap. He's worse than a sieve and can't hold anything in the zone, his giveaways are atrocious. Yeah I know he scored yesterday but it was such a fluke and wasn't skill in any sense. And all the talk is of trading Burrows and the players who are actually making a difference. This year and the next seem to be "The Sedin Appreciation Tour". No matter how bad they are, management seems to think they are owed something.
  3. I'm not a fan of Willie. I think he has lost the room with all the shuffling of the players. No one knows who theyre playing with anymore. This is a green team and they will take some time to develop chemistry. I get that. But changing every game means no one can learn how their teammates play. The rookies get benched for screwing up once or not playing as well as they should. What are they supposed to learn on the bench? He is also getting terribly outcoached by other teams. He's reactive.. watches what goes on and tries to adjust. Other coaches are more proactive.. they actually roll lines to best plan the play on the ice.
  4. I can't blame Ericksson. It's Willie. Shuffling players each game, benching players to make them play better and pretty much having a blank clueless stare behind the bench. How is anyone supposed to develop chemistry and learn how the others on their line play? How is a kid going to learn to play better if you bench him if you don't think he played one shift well..? Right now the players are all playing musical chairs to see who they're going to play with and Willie is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  5. I checked online.. it doesn't mean anything other than "company".. any suggestions?
  6. Can we have his cheer as : "Olli Olli Olli, Oy, Oy, Oy..!"
  7. Hamhuis has signed with the Stars.
  8. Hammer has gone to the Stars.. 3.75 mill for 2 years
  9. Got one chance, infiltrate them Get it right, terminate them The Panzers will, permeate them Break their pride, denigrate them And their people, retrograde them Typhus, deteriate them Epidemic, devastate them Take no prisoners, cremate them
  10. My chants of "Klaatu Vrbata Nikto" finally worked.
  11. Honey Badger DGAF. Love his work style.
  12. I guess theres a market for "cojones" in some countries. Its a delicacy. Two nuts with one stone and all that.
  13. I have tickets to this game courtesy of my daughter's school and am SO excited. I will keep my hockey chants and incantations to a minimum so that the boys can score. "Klaatu Vrbata Nikto"
  14. Not sure anyone saw this video.