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  1. Dubois all the way Edmonton would be stupid to not pick a D man or trade down.. I can see Montreal trying to make a deal with Edmonton to pick Dubois at 4
  2. gotta love the cheese
  3. the cheese with the only skill on this team
  4. That was a really weak and lazy play by Pedan
  5. tryamkin is our next #1 the canucks will be alright after all
  6. there you have it folks, tryamkin is a bust the canucks have no future
  7. message boards hasn't been working all week for me on the iOS app also no videos of interviews
  8. who are you talking about?
  9. I only come on this forum to read desi's ridiculous comments...he really does not disappoint
  10. Vey > Higgins
  11. This may be a long shot...but any mobile friendly streams out there?