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  1. Is it mortgaging the future if we're getting a core piece of the future in return? Gaudette, Madden, Juolevi, Woo, DiPietro, Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, etc For me they are all expendable if the return is Hughes
  2. We have a surplus of certain players: Gaudette/Madden Pearson/Leivo/Goldobin Juolevi/Woo Demko/DiPietro ... We can pull it off! Go for hughes
  3. 10th, Demko, Madden/Gaudette, 2020 1st Honestly I'd do it..
  4. Can we start making the CDC mock draft now

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      Do iiitttt. 

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      I’d rather mock Zoolander.:P



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      i'd rather mock cdcers trying to draft


  5. Soderstrom or Boldy for me. People are talking about Caufield and comparing him to DeBrincat, but Caufield doesn't have the same playmaking ability IMO. Only 35 assists in 83 games playing for the USNDTP??? Guaranteed some of those assists were on the PP and freebies playing alongside Hughes, Turcotte, Boldy, Zegras, etc... I think he's a one-trick pony and I'd rather choose a more well-rounded (yet still offensive) player at #10
  6. Someone should really calculate the exact probability of dropping back in the draft 4 years in a row given our odds.
  7. There's roughly a 66% chance we have a positive outcome tonight. That's better odds than most years!

  9. He's playing next year for sure. He was doing well in the A before his injury and he has the IQ needed to keep up in the NHL. I think he replaces Pouilot or maybe Biega as the 6th guy and puts up a modest 20pt +10 stat line
  10. Besides Dach's first 20 games though he hasn't shown much offensive flair IMO Would much rather draft a guy like Turcotte I see the latter turning into a guy like Domi while Dach reminds me of Rasmussen. Maybe I'm wrong tho
  11. From that list I'd take Soderstrom or Boldy. Not as high on Dach and Krebs as other people. Zegras is also not as much of a 200ft player as Turcotte and others.
  12. I like the 9th Pick... We can get whichever forward falls or draft a top defencemen (Soderstrom). Also have a decent chance at a top 3 pick. Can't wait for Tuesday!!!
  13. Can we appreciate for a moment that Bo cracked 60pts as a 23 year. After taking the most face offs in the league. AND HE'S STILL ONLY THE 3RD BEST FORWARD ON THE TEAM