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  1. Best goaltending prospect since Carey Price

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Was fun to see him get ventilated at the WJHC. 

    2. Rubik





  2. New hype reel for Quinton Byfield this one was my favourite to make so far Hit the like or subscribe button if you guys enjoy! More videos are on the way
  3. New video on Kaiden Ghule one of the better defenders in the draft Not sure where we'll be picking but a guy like Ghule is exactly what we need IMO
  4. New Jack Quinn video best goal scorer in the draft Leave a like in YouTube if you enjoy the series!
  5. Best shooter in this year's draft


    \ /



    1. Pears


      Someone needs to do whatever they can to get this kid and one of the Hughes bros. 

    2. hatedkid666


      Met him in Montreal at a Strip Club with some others members of the 67s after they lost in the final last year. After last call we went to the casino. 

    3. NHL'er


      @hatedkid666 Perfect he'll get along great with the locals at the Roxy.

  6. New Lucas Raymond hype reel enjoy guys Took a short break but more videos are coming soon!
  7. Also smash the like button if you enjoy the content it helps me out a lot
  8. New hype reel for Seth Jarvis very underrated player (with one of the best names in the draft)
  9. Made a hype reel for Tim Stutzle Please support with a like if you've got time - it would mean a lot!
  10. New Lafreniere hype vid. Might make one for Hughes next :) 




    1. J-23


      Nice video!


      Future Canuck right there.

    2. Zoolander



    3. Jaku


      Very nice!

  11. New EP40 Video :) 




  12. Hey everyone, I've taken up the hobby of video editing during this strange time we're all living in. Please support and add a comment if you enjoy the video! It would mean a lot Go Canucks!!
  13. I'm making an EP video! If you have a favourite EP goal or dangle please share it in the thread