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  1. He's just getting his feat under him with his second album, but Anderson. Paak is my pick So chill!
  2. Kinda wish Vrbata was coming back for another year. Eriksson takes the burden of scoring off of him. He'd slot in nicely with Sutter, while Bo and Baer anchor the 3rd

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    2. Zoolander


      @Roger Neilson's Towel 1. That's debatable.

      2. Did he voice his displeasure? I'm sure if promised the proper deployment he'd accept a returning contract.

      3. Rodin is a question mark. Baer plays with Bo (whether you want to call it the 2nd or 3rd line). Hansen is a glorious 3rd liner, not a 2nd. Virtanen is a RW who most likely will play in Utica or the bottom 6, barring a great summer. Burrows hasn't put up more than 33 pts in 4 years.


      You build teams with depth and leadership. I think Vrbata provides both. That might be an unpopular view, but a group of wingers consisting of two veteran snipers in Eriksson and Vrbata could cause a ruckus in the Pacific,

    3. Roger Neilson's Towel

      Roger Neilson's Towel

      We have $4,178,752 of Cap remaining, which must include a buffer for injury call-ups and bonuses. Please explain to me how you will sign Vrbata for under $5M let alone under $3.5M. Also, assuming you can sign him, which one of our forwards are you scratching to play him?

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Never fails. You hear nothing but complaints about a player during the season. Then he's traded or walks as a UFA and folks want him back again. Example: Bieksa. 

  3. Voted Tryamkin because I think he's a lock. I swear everyone is sleeping on my boi Sautner tho. I think he's gonna be a very steady NHL'er soon...
  4. Depends how his training camp goes, but I'd say send him down to Utica... He's only a few months older than me and I can only imagine the pressure he'd be under to perform this year if he sticks.
  5. This sounds like the outro to a Pokemon episode lol I couldn't agree more though, and I'm excited about how this team transitions with the Sedins passing on the torch
  6. I agree with the OP's roster, but switch the 2nd and 3rd lines. Really liking how our special teams is shaping up too with the addition of Eriksson and Gudbranson PP1 Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson Edler-Hutton PP2: Sven, Bo, Hansen, Sutter, Tryamkin, Larsen (solid secondary support) PK1 Sutter-Eriksson Tanev-Edler PK2: Bo, Hansen, Gudbranson, Hutton, and Sbisa....Not too shabby
  7. Slightly off topic discussion question regarding RFA`s.... but are we in a good position right now to offer sheet Barrie or Trouba? With a healthy roster, our team should be pretty competitive, and the picks we give up likely wouldn`t be very high. Trouba specifically, would look really nice with Gudbranson and Co.
  8. Totally disagree. We gained a top 6 forward with leadership intangibles who will help bring us back to the playoffs. And with the Sedins only having a couple good years of hockey left in them, I'd like the young guys to get as comfortable with winning as possible so we don't implode when they're gone. Also, prospects blossom on contending teams, if they've got leaders in front of them. For example. look at PIT (Maatta), DET (Tatar, Nyquist, etc), San Jose (Hertl), the list goes on and on... We`ll be fine, and this was a great move by Benning.
  9. Anyone know a good GoT stream??

    1. Honeydew


      GOT Links on reddit. You're welcome.

    2. Zoolander


      Hope they work. I'm in the UK right now and I think different bans for websites are in effect

    3. Honeydew


      Oh hmm... Try the darewall

  10. MTL wins easily! 50pts outa Weber is better than +60pts outa Subban. Weber can actually play D!
  11. Klassic
  12. B+ Juolevi fills a huge hole in our organization. I'm confident he can reach his #1/2 potential because his hockey IQ is off the charts Cole Candella also seems like a steal to me. Now snag Lucic and/or Brouwer in Free Agency and make this team even tougher to play against!!
  13. Calgary Winnipeg Ottawa Vancouver Montreal Edmonton Toronto okay... we obviously don't have the firepower EDM, CGY, TOR, or WPG has, but we've got a solid foundation. We'll be a blue collar team that is suited for playoffs just like the Kings and Bruins were. We'll be fine!
  14. we better not do anything stupid..
  15. It's 12:20am in England right now and I couldn't be more awake because it's draft day!!!