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  1. apply yourself to supply your wealth

  2. Take a defenceman, either Heiskanen or Makar. I don't care if Liljegren had mono. He got wrecked in the U-18 World's while Heiskanen and Makar have dominated the international tournaments they've competed in. Once we've stockpiled enough young talent on the blueline, we can handpick the team and ship guys out. Defencemen are worth more than forwards, and having a highly capable, highly talented blueline like Nashville is the only way we're gonna compete with other teams' firepower.
  3. look at my edit and let me know what you think
  4. Ok I've calmed down.... And I'm warming up to the idea that we could have first crack at the defencemen in this draft again. Heiskanen, Makar, or Liljegren all have amazing upside, and I think we should take a long look at all three with Vilardi, Hischier, Patrick, and possibly Mittelstadt all off the board. Hear me out because I'm gonna be making a longer proposal - In a time where our rivals are transitioning their core and stacking their offence, I suggest we stockpile our defence. -- In doing so, our young, highly touted defencemen can get used to the likes of McDavid, Matthews are learn their tendencies --- Once our defence becomes part of the league's elite, we can start drafting forwards ---- Meanwhile, excess defencemen can be traded away for young promising forwards to fill the holes in our group up front!
  5. 1) Stacey's Mom 2) Are You Gonna Be My Girl 3) I'm On a Boat 4) Let It Be (any Beatles classic will do) Rinse and repeat Edit: I should add that these have only been tested in campus' pubs.............................................. AND THEY GET THE PEOPLE GOING!!!
  6. What a battle this will be bois!!
  7. His U-18 numbers are damn impressive. I'd be happy be happy with any of the three tho - Solid proposal from the OP.
  8. Open request for a Tryamkin highlight package.... I need something to put a smile on my face during exam season
  9. If Virtanen pans out, I'll be ecstatic. If he turns into a wrecking-ball type player like Ferland I'll be ecstatic as well.... He has a skill set that doesn't come along too often.
  10. That is a b**** slap of truth right there. Sucks to see the Oilers doing well though :/
  11. Crawford would be my choice. - He's experienced. This one is the most important for our team I think. He has matured. - He's familiar with management - He's familar with the Sedins (albeit they were just becoming superstars when he got canned) - He's an offence-first coach (this bodes well for Bo, Sven, Goldy, and Boeser) - And albeit in a much different era....he has one a cup.
  12. Boeser.........to Eberle............................. TO PATRICK!!!!!! Couldn't have drawn it up better myself! The kid's doing everything right to help us win (long-term)!!
  13. Can someone explain what happens if NJ loses today and we get a OT/SO point.

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    2. Zoolander


      wow, hope the boys can squeeze out a loss tonight then. Thanks guys.

    3. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      we also leap over Vegas so thats an additional pick spot drop 

    4. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      @Gyllenhaal the tie-breaker isn't wins, it's ROW (Regulation/Overtime Wins)

  14. Can we acknowledge the fact that the Sedins didn't pick up a single award. I know they're old, and we're rebuilding, but dayum. It's strange to see.
  15. I don't care what the haters say. He's a franchise center and will be in the NHL for a very long time. Paddy and Bo will lead us to the promise land!!!