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  1. I like it! But switch Gagner and Granlund Also looking at that, we have such a surplus of skilled forwards that are in a career-slump... if we can get them going, maybe we can flip them for a nice young d-man at the deadline!
  2. I wanted him on the team sooooo baaad
  3. Hasn't Chicago continuously been bounced in the 1st round since these contracts took effect?? Correct me if I am mistaken
  4. RNH also makes 6mil, plus Nurse, Klefbom and Talbot will be getting raises..
  5. Looking forward to more of this, and this, and hopefully some of this,
  6. He looks stockier! It'll be interesting to see how he weighs in at camp.
  7. Real talk, I think Brady would dummy Matt in a fight, but Matt would probably pull some cheap below-the-belt crap.
  8. impressive.
  9. Reporting live from the nation's capital

    1. Zoolander


      It's too hot to sleep ... I missed GoT but successfully located the local LC and am riding quite the buzz at the moment. Not regretting the decision to send it on a Sunday, but I might tomorrow....very excited to see Trudeau's lair   

  10. I just rifled through a few highlight videos on youtube. It made me realize (or actually 'remember') how gifted Jake actually is. His skating, power, and shot are really a step above most of the Comets roster. We were naive to think he was ready for the NHL mentally, but physically he is. I really believe it's just his confidence and maturity that needs to catch up with him, and that'll take time. When the time does come (this season, or the next) I think he'll show everyone some brilliance and carve out a nice career in Van.
  11. Please no. JVR wouldn't help us right now, he's already peaked. The Tanev conversation would need to start with A: Liljegren or B: Nylander Anything else and it's not worth it. We can find another partner to dance with.
  12. This video really shows how valuable character is in the locker room. Thank you for sharing.
  13. I voted Juolevi because of his hockey IQ. But Demko is a very close 4th. After that, I'll be voting for Lockwood. He's going to surprise so many people it's insane
  14. I like the optimistic vision better myself:p
  15. 6.25mil wouldn't be bad if we locked him up long-term (5years) I would still prefer a bridge deal @5 mil for 3 years though...