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  1. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    Well, actually buying out Booth would make no sense. He is 29 and has only one year left on his contract, while Burrows is 33 with 3 more years with NTC. Canucks do not need cap space next year, and booth seemed to find himself toward the end of the season. While everyone shit on Torts about the idea of buying out Burrows, I won't be surprised if the new GM uses the compliance buyout on Burrows.
  2. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    I am not particularly fan of Torts decision to buy out Burrows, as he has been one of my favourite players. But everyone here is acting like Torts was out of his mind. Putting things in perspective, his decision is not that much illogical, and we may even all be scratching our heads at the end of next season about what to do with Burr. Also trading him might not be possible as he has NTC, and not many teams are willing to gamble on him. Here are couple of reasons why decision to buyout Burrows makes sense: 1- Next season we have players like Jensen, Shinkaruk, and Horvat coming up, and Kassian will probably move to a top six role. Also hopefully we can find a sniper via free agency. This makes no room for Burrows to play a top 6 role, and it wouldn't be a good idea to have a 4.5M third liner on your team. 2- He is not an elite player and he is 33. There is a big chance that his level of play drops significantly, and this season was not just an anomaly but the start of his decline. 3- While he is very effective on PK and is a hard worker, you can find players as effective for 600K (Santorelli/Richardson) rather than the 4.5. 4- Looking at Burrows world championship records does not suggest he is doing better under a different coach. He is having only one assist in 4 games, one of the lowest point totals among CAN forwards. The point is, keeping burrows would be a gamble. He might start producing again, and our young guys might not be able to perform in top roles. But he might not produce, and we loose our only compliance buyout and stuck with him for next 4 years.
  3. Province Article - is Daniel Sedin Done...

    And the irony is, Brad Richards, the guy who has been one of the main buyout candidates recently, scratched by torts, etc. have the same number of goals as Daniel, and only two fewer points,
  4. Province Article - is Daniel Sedin Done...

    Unfortunately I think he is done, and he will get worse. Two seasons are more than enough to recover from an injury, and right now he even can't shoot the puck. And that $7M contract looks very bad right now. But I think it is just a unlucky for Gillis, as Daniel started this season very strong, and everybody thought he is back. These elite players do not usually digress this much before 35, so it was not a bad signing at the time. There are lots of older Swedish players that are still elite such as Zetterberg, Alfredson, ... Anyways, this signing looks really bad. Couple of months ago, I was sure that Gillis will buyout Booth at the end of the season, but now if I am Gillis I would have a hard time choosing between Booth, Edler, Garrison, Luongo, and Daniel ...
  5. What's going on with David Booth?

    Seriously, do you compare the level of Higgins or Kesler play to Booth ?! Higgins and Kesler play hard, forecheck, hit, block shots, and play on PK. That's why they are effective players. Booth do not forecheck, do not hit, and barely block shots. Torts will sit such player unless he is a 40 goal scorer.
  6. [PGT] Bieksa wins by domination!

    Look, when your team looses 8 of last 10, your goalie "has not been playing good" ! When your goalie is 24 in GAA and 30 in SV% he has not been playing good ! And when 29 other GMs in this league were not willing to even give up two second rounders to get your goalie, he is not as good as you think. Watch some none Canucks games to realize we are getting average to below average goaltending.
  7. Well Nonis was wise enough not to do it :D
  8. [PGT] Canucks Lose 2-1

    Crawford outplayed Luongo ...