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  1. ok.. i am new to this whole online canuck fan thing, but i have been a HUGE fan since the 94 trip to the cup, and have been a fan ever since. People have doubted me and Vancouver over the years, but look how awesome we have been!

    1. stats.gal27


      and... look at how well Lou plays when we keep a tight defence...kept St.L down to 7 shots in the 3rd.. and not to mention the ace hits from our new guy Kassian! We needed that ever so badly.. hits! hits! hits! and lapierre.. nice work on the 10 hits.. we played amazing in the 3rd to take that win , and Higgins desreved that empty net for his hard work..

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      Welcome to the boards!

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      I think most goalies can play well if their defense plays well.