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  1. Now that Granlund didn't stink the place up his first game, the thread is kind of quiet. We'll see how his second or third games go. It could be really quiet in this thread if he plays even ok. Looks like a decent player that has some speed and hockey sense. The main thing I get from reading his scouting reports are 200 ft game, good compete level, and he makes his linemates better. Pretty much what we saw last night. I think the main reason for all the dislike of this trade is because of what I feel as well. I do not think that Hunter Shinkaruk ever got a good oppportunity with the Canucks. With all the injuries and almost coma like play of some of the veterans for December and January he really should have been in more than one game. I almost feel like the team didn't want him to do well at the NHL level because if he got his shot and did well, then they couldn't dump him. There definitely was some bias in the front office against him IMHAO. It is early in both of their careers, but I hope they both do well and it works out for both of them.
  2. Just a general statement on message boards. Haters will always hate. Opinions are just like a**holes, everyone has one. Some are just more bold in their expression of their opinions. Some are men and stand by their opinions, others just go away and start a new account so they can come back without getting flamed. I get a kick out of reading threads on GMJB`s draft choices or trades right after they are made and then a few month`s later when hindsight has firmly set in and read the comments. Quite entertaining. ``Bart`` has had a really good couple of weeks. His play has shown he has potential as a top six forward. I hope he continues to improve and become more consistent with his play. Also, Vey`s last couple of games have looked pretty good as well. If Etem can play like he did a couple of years ago in the playoffs, the record for GMJB`s reclamation projects will be pretty darn good.
  3. Kyle Pettit Talk

    I have been reviewing Benning's draft picks in Buffalo and Boston, from when he became head of scouting and later assistant GM. Like most draft results, not a lot of those picks made it to the NHL usually the picks from the top three rounds. I did notice that some of his later picks did become quite successful in the NHL. Of note, Paul Gaustad a larger forward with 19 points in Portland in 2000 as a seventh round pick who has played ten seasons in the NHL. Also Dennis Wideman in 2002 a defenseman in the eighth round, also with a successful and lengthy career. I guess what I am saying is that with the later round picks sometimes you take a flyer on someone off the board. Not much risk. Early rounds, take the safe picks, as they need to count. His father is the longtime scout in Western Canada Scout for the Montreal Canadiens, and he taught JB a lot of what JB knows and uses today. In my opinion, the Canadiens are good drafters and have been for generations. Learning this information and JB's background and history, I am very comfortable that our new GM is very knowledgeable and capable even though many members of this board seem to think otherwise.
  4. Draft Virtanen!

    You can't teach reach or speed. Virtanen has great speed, decent size, and a good shot, the only thing to worry about is his ability to adapt those to the next level. If he interviews well and has a good attitude to adjust his game, then he would be a good pick where we are. Character is the only concern with him. Calgary will probably pick Ritchie or Virtanen with their pick, so we may not need to argue about it.
  5. Joe Cannata Talk

    In regards to the players you mention and a couple of others, Kassian is already with the club and he came from Buffalo. Ducco and Bitz were signed last off season and are marginal prospects at best. Rodin is new to North America and is not a prospect yet. Jensen and Labate are years away. The only players from our system to stick the last couple of years were Hodgson and Grabner and they were traded for parts. Coho just did not fit the role the club needed filled and his need to be in the spotlight would not be fulfilled here. Just too slow and really a perimeter player imo. Grabner looked like a prospect, until he got hurt playing soccer and was never given another chance. After he was hurt, he became a perimeter player too. Maybe Schroeder and Sweatt will come up and replace Coho and Mayray next year. I do not see them lighting up the scoreboards, I hope that I am wrong. Other than these two the cupboards are bare my friend.
  6. Joe Cannata Talk

    Cory Schneider is the last goalie I can remember the Canucks developing for quite some time. Now we have big Eddie in Chicago and a fresh college kid in Cannata. I am pretty impressed by management's drafting and development of defensemen and goalies in the recent past. Now we just need to find some forwards for our system - pretty weak list of high end prospects there. I hope Cannata adjusts to the pro game really well and forces changes to the big club in 2013.