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  1. Have to agree. Day after the papers were released a Canadian bank was fined over a million dollars from the government which they quickly paid to avoid it reaching the media. Pretty much most of the culprits will be issued a similar option.
  2. The worst case scenario happened yesterday , as Canucks got bounced from the top 3 locks, for players , now its another Benning crap shoot. Gotta laugh at the fact that Linden brought a rookie card of Quinn as a lucky charm to the Draft Lotto, and that's where were at , Tough luck Canucks merchandise3 sales just took another hit. Since Columbus moved up maybe they will release that second , so Benning can trade it off for another HAND ME DOWN. Years of this ahead. YEARS
  3. Well we do agree sometimes lol Nice Post FTG
  4. Watching several of the playoff series so far this year it sure is apparent that the canucks are much farther away from even being close to even being a team that would ever be able to get past the first round. This team is way to soft to be able to keep a roster together from game to game in these playoffs. No way we are even close.
  5. It was supposed to be a done deal so that's why Beiksa and his wife were down in San Jose house shopping days leading up to the deal and what has been said was that benning didn't confirm the year. Theres lots printed about it. It was also a better pick than the ducks pick, as well Beiksa had to come back and waive for other teams to accomadate benning and his blunder. Just lacks professionalism. I don't suffer short term memory loss, do you? As well the original Tryamkin contract submitted by Benning to the NHL was not legal according to rules on euro players and was sent back to the Canucks until they re-wrote it so it would follow the NHL guidelines. so yes they did hold his hand through the process.
  6. beiksa to san jose where he forgot to ask which year the pick was in. Had to get his hand held through the tryamkin signing because he didn't know rules for this category of player. Sbisa and Dorset pay and term. Busts Vey prust granlund in near future in comparison to what was lost. draft picks lost. then theres devaluing players before TDL then cant rid them. over estimating players. I could go on and on as there is much more details that excape this scout.
  7. beiksa failed trade, tryamkin signing, failures at tdl, overpaying on contracts, trading busts, devalueing roster players. Me calling benning a scout is sarcasm directed at the position he is showing he is more suited for. PETERS PRINCIPAL look it up. Aquilini will have final say and things will change in management before next season. Its just inevitable now.
  8. oh I'm sure he is looking in the mirror and doing the head shake to himself lol as he peers southward
  9. Benning is a scout and many of his dealing have shown that he is not well versed in his current position even down to one of his last deals . he didn't understand the rules on signing the Russian player TRYAMKIN as the NHL had to hold his hand throughthe process. and this is year 2 its never ending.
  10. Well I bow to the thoroughness of TYHEE.
  11. I give you guys this, your putting up a VALIANT effort of protecting your scout but by 2016/17 season start there will be an EX GENERAL MANAGER hired by the CANUCKS which will either replace benning or be a behind closed doors mentor who will show him the ins and outs of being a real GM. Mark my words this will happen.
  12. hes on record look it up
  13. both names I mentioned are quality GMs with good track records as well a history with the canucks.. you can micro manage these gms , because you know what? they are GMs, not scouts
  14. or the other gm stuff. lol heres another kitten you sly creature..