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  1. Ya you think with the added skill to the forword positions they would show a better drive into the offensive end or at least a better dump and chase but all looks to familiar
  2. To early but maybe a coaching shake up as Greener kinda has a similar approach To WD. And well Newell brown is supposed to be a PP specialist but has yet to show any creative flare on his PP’s. I know it’s early but watching games like last night is painful.
  3. If they are bottom 5 teams at the 25 game mark they will be done for the season. I find it high risk signing so many FA’s at the development stage they are at,not only that but Benning track record with these type of signings is not good. I realize Benning is at a sink or swim stage of his tenure and felt he had to go all in, to sell his view of where he feels the Canucks are at in their growth, to of course the Aquilinis. my view as a fan is that it was to early to stock up with players like they acquired and giving up 1st rounders in the process. as usual time will tell, and I do want to watch quality games, however what I’ve seen in preseason and the first 2 was quite awful but it’s early. I hope they stay in contention as it’s a long way to April.
  4. Passing has been poor and finish on the shots. Speed was lacking. And some mental gaffs
  5. Benning put all his eggs in one basket. Gonna be a tough year on management if this team doesn’t produce. Especially if there giving up a lotto 1st rounder
  6. Yup... and when you have a low scoring team your bottom 6 have to be solid defensively