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  1. Yes , I have to agree with you, because they are looking at many years of being in lottery position so we miss this year. lol theres always next.
  2. This League Makes Me Sick

    I think in Bettmans big picture even failing in many Us cities, they are still growing the fanbase overall as the failing teams are the goats in his model of growth, because they are collecting new fans out of those towns even after the team is long gone.
  3. THE PURGE (discussion)

    Lots of western league kids that are top 30 first round possibilities. I think we should be able to fetch a 1st in 2019 tdl from edler.
  4. maybe they can keep him on IR forever.
  5. Retro The Seattle Grunge. lol
  6. I wonder how many vancourites have put down deposits? considering the expansion rules its not a bad bet on a playoff team in the short term.onsidering how the season ticket holders in van have been through 4 years of smoke and mirrors, I can see some departures for sure.
  7. THE PURGE (discussion)

    Lets hope they are all in on gaining more picks for the 2019 Draft in Vancouver. nice to have at least 2 first round picks
  8. THE PURGE (discussion)

    Ya that's awesome. CDC'ers have an excuse for it though. We will wait and see. lol
  9. THE PURGE (discussion)

    I think the nickname TRADER JIM has come to fruition. OMG. Now he is buying projects.
  10. then watch them play Jussi giving him good minutes at kids expense, as they don't have the balls to send him to utica
  11. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Having to give up Vanek and take on a contract to get Motte is pretty funny. We need a GM with GM experience. Had we a veteran gm on staff we wouldn't have had to take on that contract or body(Jussi) whatever you want to call him to get the kid. Linden and Benning are a joke, and it shows by their returns. No one will even throw them a bone lol Remember Linden was the PLAYER rep for the league and he was hated by many players when they signed the CBA.
  12. The Trade Deadline. Deals Done.

    Its your voice that speaks the loudest. People not going to games is what forces change.
  13. THE PURGE (discussion)

    Is that even actually considered a trade? he had to buy a trade lol
  14. eventually the name GM BINNING is gonna stick lol
  15. ya they trade off there failed projects and reclamation projects.. Maybe we should change the team name to ABC Recyclers lol