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  1. Lol the thread is finally picking up again. The Gillis/Willy Wonka one was epic. I think some people actually just don't know how to use the memes properly though... Your meme probably won't be funny unless you use it right. Example: Fry meme always starts with "Not sure if...." and the Xzibit meme always starts with "Yo dawg, I heard you like [blank]," and usually ends with something along the lines of "so we put [blank] in your [blank] so you can [blank] while you [blank]" lol.
  2. I listen to all kinds of metal, but thrash rules all.
  3. Maybe has something to do with one of you having a strict NAT type? That's what was causing me problems trying to play with friends online in the past.
  4. I know it sounds weird, but the only time I play PC games is at work. I just finished playing Risen, and I started on The Witcher, but I haven't really gotten "into" it yet. On my x-box I'm still playing MW3 like a fiend and a little bit of NHL12 now and then. Plus me and a friend have been playing through the coop campaign for Portal 2.
  5. That is eerie. Looks like some creepy cross between Toews and Kane ahahaha.