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  1. [PGT] Canucks 3 Kings 0

  2. Roster for Opening Night vs. Calgary ->

    Cracknell stays up? I understand the money part and I am no fan of Vey but Vey>Cracknell. Why do we need a Prust-Cracknell-Dorsett line? Seems dangerous and redundant to me.
  3. Cap #s don't add up.

    Send Corrado down.. bye bye Higgins. .
  4. Roster for Opening Night vs. Calgary ->

    Sedin-Sedin-Vrbata Baertschi-Horvat-Burrows Virtanen-Sutter Hansen Prust-McCann-Dorsett Vey Hamhuis-Edler Tanev-Sbisa Weber-Bartowski Hutton Miller
  5. Cuts tomorrow

    Pretty much.although I think Cracknell and Beiga draw in for Hamhuis/Elder and Hansen/Burrows. Those guys are obviously on the team. Cracknell and Beiga could still prove something. That said, I'm pretty sure the line up you have is going to be what we start in Calgary, for at least 9 games or Higgins is back. Cracknell and Beiga sent down.vey is #13.
  6. Cuts tomorrow

    So basically McCann and Virtanen are guaranteed 9 games now. Cracknell or Vey for 13th forward. Hutton or Beiga for 7th D for opening night. If Virtanen and McCann excel, Higgins and Vey will be traded,cracknell splits time with Kennins as #13 and gaunce is the injury call up. Personally I think we take Hutton on the big squad to split time with Bartowski. Beiga and Corrado shut down the AHL. If Virtanen and McCann don't excel,Higgins and Vey fill their spot for one more year. Beiga and Corrado become # 6&7 next season as well.
  7. At this point I'd trade Sbisa for a pile of rocks and a Ferland autograph
  8. NOTE only possible without Higgins on opening night: Sedin Sedin Vrbata Baerschi Horvat Hansen Kennins Sutter Borrows Gaunce/Virtanen - Prust - Dorsett Pressbox: Vey, Grenier, Virtanen Managament soon realizes this roster shows just as much - if not more promise than with Higgins active. One more vet is moved in the wake of this discovery. Virtanen and Gaunce become regulars, Vey, Grenier rotate with other young faces but mainly with Dorsett and Prust. Cracknell is the other forward for (injuries, sickness) filler. With Higgins in the lineup Benning and Co. Will be more complacent and we likely won't see any vets moved until the deadline, if at all depending on the play off situation. in both situations the teams are capable of making the playoffs as a wildcard. More of the same happens in the scenerio where Higgins is not hurt come opening night, make playoffs (or just miss). Get eliminated in the first round. The other side of the coin where Higgins is NOT available in Calgary on the 7th - we will make the playoffs as the number 1 wildcard and make enough noise to make the second round, similar to Calgary last year The new faces are a breath of fresh air and a good look on the future. But unlike Calgary we will trend downwards instead of up for the next two seaons. Returning as a solid playoff team in 2018.