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  1. D.Doughty


    Too bad they wre invisible in the playoffs
  2. D.Doughty


    I think Kassian for Hodgson was a great trade I think Luongo for Matthais+Markstrom was a great trade. Compare Luongo's trade to other goalie trades. None gets you a young 3rd line center and a potential starter. Halak got you a draft pick. Hell, Miller who is arguably a better player didn't even get that much
  3. D.Doughty


    nope, he could have easily shipped off farts like bernier, samuelsson, and raymond all who did nothing
  4. D.Doughty


    without Mats Sundin, the Sedins would not have developed into Art Ross players, ask them yourself. You do realize we had Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Kesler-Sundin-Demitra back then. That was one of the best top 6 in the league. Idiot
  5. D.Doughty


    Who are we going to hire if we fire Gillis? Jay Feaster? Don't forget, Gillis assembled a team that made it to the cup finals. For people who say he didn't he did. He was able to sign everyone to less than market value contracts. He signed Mats Sundin and that literally was boss. And for people who think he made bad trades and signings? 1) Richardson. Kassian-Richardson-Booth arguably a Stanley Cup contending third line. He brought in all 3 players 2) Ballard. Although in hindsight, it was a bad trade, at the time of the trade, everyone was ecstatic. We all thought he was a legit top 4 defensemen. I can pull up the thread and show all the positive reactions. No one would have thought he would drastically decline and fail to play well. In addition, Grabner would not have made our team if he had stayed. We had too many skilled players and we wanted to become more physical, hence the signing of raffi torres. 3) In addition, he made stellar draft picks and signings that are contributing now. Jensen, Tanev, Corrado. Not to mention Grenier, Lain, Gaunce, Horvat who have big chances of making it next year Anyone who wants Gillis fires knows nothing about hockey.
  6. D.Doughty

    The Workout Thread

    Usually for breakfast (6:45) 6 eggs.( 2 with yolk, 4 without) around 10:00 snack (greek yogurt+berries+granola) I usually just buy from costco a whole tub and mix berries in and then separate into containers. So basically I prepare all my food before in portions 12:00 lunch ( I usually just get in 2 sandwiches) lettuce, chicken breast, tomato 4:00 snack ( same thing of greek yogurt, berries, granola) 7:00 dinner (sweet potatoes, ground beef, chicken, broccoli, carrots.) Again, its prepared portions/ And I rotate every day with prepared qwioa from safeway and chicken 9:00 snack if hungry ( 1 slice of toast) Thanks!
  7. D.Doughty

    (TEMP GDT) Anaheim Ducks @ Vancouver Canucks

    I'll laugh if we are 1 win short of the playoff.... and that win could have been against the Islanders when we were up 3-0 in the third
  8. D.Doughty

    House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Sendoff was decent, it had a bigger crowd than kickoff. What made it so much enjoyable was the weather as it was sunny and hot till like 8ish. Vicetone had some huge drops and 3lau killed it. However, I liked Matt Zo and Dzeko and Torres much better though so I'm a bit biased there A lot of people grind without asking lol.
  9. D.Doughty

    The Workout Thread

    I've been working out consistently for 7 months, is that still too early?
  10. D.Doughty

    The Workout Thread

    yea I do Deadlifts and Squats on the same day.
  11. D.Doughty

    The Workout Thread

    Should I take massgainer then? Because right now, I'm calculating I'm intaking around 3500 calories a day (not dirty bulking) I think my metabolism is f'd up. I'm stuck on plate 30, I can't add any more even when I try lol... I already do DB for bench as well. My chest workouts usually is 10 x 5 reps flat 8x 5 reps incline bar 10x 5 reps incline DB 10x5 reps DB incline flys And I superset my DB workouts
  12. D.Doughty

    The Workout Thread

    I'm just trying to gain muscle mass (hence the low reps but heavier weight) 5'10, 160
  13. D.Doughty

    The Workout Thread

    anyone got some tips on how to pass my plateau? So my gains have stopped in most of my lifts. I'm stuck at plate 30 x 5 for bench and 2 plates15 x 7 for squats. Is it time to start going on protein shakes and pre workout or should I keep lifting the same?
  14. D.Doughty

    CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    I'm requesting Nail changes Brent Burns to forward position on pickup and all points should be changed to forward as opposed to a defensemen
  15. D.Doughty

    CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    http://www.nhl.com/ice/player.htm?id=8470613 RIGHT WING