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  1. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Maybe his wife being present helps him with his thoughts.
  2. Last year we finished with 178 goals for. Sure Bo and Sven might be able to manage the decrease in production from the Twins, but if we really want to be better we will need to drastically increase production but about 20-30%, just for us to become a bubble team. I think this is the perfect season not to worry about team progress in terms of points and standings….. and for us to put a bigger focus on individual progress. I care more about the youth growing and showing NHL consistency more than I care about wins and losses. If by the end of the year we are still relying on the twins to be our go to offensive production unit, I will consider that a fail. In the end I fully expect Dahlin to go to Detroit and canucks to draft in the range of 4-7.
  3. The owners don't feel they are getting anything for the risks they are taking. If one of there star players get hurt and is forced to miss the rest of the season (aka Tavares), the owner will lose a ton of money from missed playoff revenue. If you have a golden goose, the last thing you want to do is risk injuring that money ticket. I don't agree with it, just can't understand where the owners are coming from.
  4. I agree with your point, but the one thing I will point out is, great teams build there team through the draft. Be it drafting players and trading them for assets (aka.Shinkaruk converted to Granlund), or drafting players and turning them into a core (Keith, Bergeron, Lucic, Letang), it all starts with drafting.
  5. I'm going to say it was on WD. Lots of the players we traded for tend to have a strong connection some part our mgmt group Baertschi = Green granlund = Weisbrod Dorsett = WD Etem = WD Larsen = WD Vey = WD and one of those strong connections is no longer with the team.
  6. Another one bites the dust..... First of all (i'll say this again), the point wasn't to state "should have been obvious"..."This isn't rocket science" If someone asked you to pick BPA for a 5th round pick in 2012 how would you do that without the use of hindsight? The request was to pick BPA with the picks moved. The idea behind the request was that, even using HINDSIGHT, the canucks would still come out on top overall with the players we picked up in trades. Why, Because people believe that picks are long shots, People believe that Etem is better than any player that we could have got in the 6th round. People believe Vey is better than the player we could have got in the 2nd round..... All my post did was prove that wrong. Prove that quality players were available with those picks we've traded away. I even kept is more realistic and only took players within 15 selections of our traded away pick. The fact that people keep thinking this is a knock against JB's drafting is quite funny though.
  7. The same could be said about 90% of the team in the NHL.
  8. The request was to pick BPA for every pick we moved. Yes I'd like baertschi but I can't just ignore him because he's the one player that's turned out. Why are people having such a hard time with this. I did this as a "reply" to a request that asked for BPA. I took it a step further and narrowed it down to players within a 15 pick range. It has nothing to do with jbs drafting I didn't just make this list up as an excuse to hate on jb. Someone stated the even if you took BPA with those trades we'd still be out ahead and i proved it wrong. Cry all you want that I choose BPA but they were simply part of the requirements.
  9. Maybe to reach their peak, but it doesn't take top PP QB D that long. At 20 years old doughty was a 59 point player At 20 Karlsson was a 45 point player At 19 Werenski put up 47 points At 22 Burns was a 43 point player At 22 Klingberg was a 40 point player At 23 Josi was a 40 point player At 23 Subban put p 38 points in 42 games. If Horvat is 22 now he'll be right in his prime wheel house (26-27) when those players are impact. (if we land one of the top D next year)
  10. You're hopeless. One player we had to buy out and the other we had to add in a pick in order to dump. Both players had a negative effect on our roster. Was that the result gillis was looking for when he made those trades? nope he was hoping for two top 6 power forwards, in the end we gave up a high potential former top 10 pick and 5th rounder and have cassels to show for it. Just because it didn't work out for the other teams either doesn't mean that was the best returns we could have got. For the Canucks those moves were still a fail and part of the reason gillis is no longer employed. My point still stands and you are the perfect example. Doesn't matter how bad some moves turned out, people will still find a way to try and defend them.
  11. What GM plans on making a bad decision? Every move a GM makes it with good intention and they use their logic/beliefs to back up those decisions. There's risks in every move, everyone might hope for the best outcome but that doesn't discredit the fact that in the end the move failed. There's reasoning behind every decision. We can't hide behind "reasoning" as a way to bypass criticism on end results. Gillis knew the canucks needed size, so he got Kassian and Booth, he had good logic behind those moves, that doesn't take away that in the end they both hurt the team. That type of thinking sets up a double standard, where everything good that happens is a brilliant move and everything bad, it still a good move with just bad luck.
  12. You're forgetting something very important that list isn't just a list of what are pool would look like, that list is a of list players that would be EXTRA players in our pool. We'd still have all the players we have...but an addition of the players listed. And you're also forgetting the request was to list BPA in the selections we had, not play mind reading on how it would affect other teams selections. Again the request was to pick BPA. using time i can make a better selection of who BPA. I"m not blaming anyone on drafting. the request was to pick BPA with the picks we traded away that's what I did. THE REQUEST WAS TO...of forget it is hopeless.... You completely missed the point. I wasn't blaming JB for not selecting these players. I was simply answered the request " compare the exact BPA for each pick used for a trade in each round they would have been selected"
  13. Yep in 2014 the kings just won their second cup and JB wanted to replicate those models. 3 out of the last 4 cup winning teams in 2014 were teams build on size, Bruins, Kings, Hawks (bruins in the finals) and Kings. "If you watch the NHL playoffs, you need size and strength to get to the net, stay in front of the net, to deflect pucks, to get rebounds," Benning said. "We were looking for that style of players and we were happy who we ended up with. "Jake's a powerful skater. He's got a good release on his shot. But he plays a rugged-style game. Because of his speed, he can get in on the forecheck. He finishes his checks and he recovers pucks and he takes pucks to the net. He's a power forward. And besides that, he's a local boy, so it just worked out perfect that way."
  14. I like this game, I'll choose BPA in the range of players picks within 15 spots after our pick. ex, if we traded the 120 away, I'll take the BPA between players taken in 120 and 135. That way it's more fair and I couldn't stats we should have taken Arvidsson (who went 114) with the 50th overall in 2014 since that's not a realistic pick. 2014 50th overall (vey) Montour. A right handed, stud PPQB defense, The exact type of D you need to play in the game today, Put up almost ppg in his 118 games in the AHL, and broke out in the NHL this year putting up 7 points in 17 playoff games for the ducks, He's a future #1 PP d in the NHL, something this team doesn't have. Honourable mention. Dvorak, 15 goals, 33 points in his rookie season this year, that's more than vey has got in any season in the NHL. 85th overall (Dorsett) Lucas Wallmark, a swede center who put up 46 points in 67 games during his first season in the AHL, that kind of production would have made him the highest PPG production on the comets roster last year. 2015 53rd overall (Baertschi) Bracco, a leafs prospect that put up 83 points in 57 games in the OHL this year. He also had an extremely strong WJC and helped his team win gold and was one of spitfires best players in their Men cup win.. Honourable mentions, Rasmus Andersson and Oliver Kylington, two smooth skating defence who are able to produce, Andersson is likely going to make the stacked flames 6th roster spot next year and should get some good opportunity to play with some really talented D. 2016 33rd overall (guddy) Alex DeBrincat, a small extremely skilled forward, Put up over 100 points in all three of his OHL seasons, last year he lead the league in goals and points by a large margin, he scored 65 goals in 63 games. A very talented player. 55th overall (sutter) Taylor Raddysh, one of the steals in the 2nd round, He was 2nd in OHL points last year putting up 109 points in 58 games. 6'2 205lbs right winger that produce. 64th overall (Pedan) Vitaly Abramov, much like DeBrincat, he's an extremely talented skilled forward who is on the lighter side, but he's got unreal hands and can put up points, He lead the Q in points last year, and got a brief AHL stint this year and put up 4 points in 4 games with CBJ's farm team, Cleveland Monsters 94th overall (guddy) Defence man Victor Mete, canucks fans should already be familiar with Mete as he played along side of our 5th overall selection Juolevi with the Knights. A player who can run the PP and produce, last year he put up 44 points in 50 games for the knights. 124th overall (Kassian) Nolan Stevens, another name canucks fans should be familiar with as he plays along side our own Guadette at Northeastern University. He's a 6'3 left winger, who (just like Gaudette) has been producing over a PPG. 2017 *I'm going to break the (15 player range selection) rules here and pick two players that were both available with both of these picks, these were two players I was really high on prior to the draft and would have been BPA in my opinion. 126th overall (Larsen) Sasha Chmelevski, a play making center who has an extremely high top end speed. Doesn't play perimeter and likes to go to the dirty area's and is able to dangle, a high end skilled player that I think should have went in the 3rd round. 157th overall (Etem) Ivan Chekhovich, another high skilled forward how players like Datsyuk, relentless puckhound that can is a takeaway king, Has elite hands and can put up points, he was a PPG in his first year in the Q last year, and was shocked to see him fall to the 7th round (russian factor I guess) So in the end it becomes, Dorsett, Baertschi, Gudbranson, Sutter, Pedan, Vey, Etem, Prust for.... McCann, Bonino, Montour, Bracco, Wallmark, DeBrincat, Raddysh, Abramov, Mete, Stevens, Chmelevski, Chekhovich Easy to see what group a rebuilding team would want..
  15. Agreed that's a very strange list. He lists things like bringing Gaunce up from the AHL as a positive yet ignores trades like Larsen. He list drafting Brock over Konecny as a positive but doesn't have drafting Jake over Nylander as a negative. It's pretty easy to skew a list when you label meaningless waiver claims like Boucher as positives but then ignore Forsling/Clendening type trades...