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  1. Poverty has a direct correlation with single parent households. The way welfare is set up, it almost discourages marriages as it combines household incomes
  2. I wanted Pierre but he’s not interested either. Her name got on my radar a few months ago and she’s been picking up steam since. Would love to see her given a fair shock. O’toole and Mackay make my stomach curdle.
  3. It really does and it's hard when you see the blurring between treating people as equals and ensure we have equal outcomes. In some cases you are seeing the pendulum make a full swing and it's, like you said "become exactly what they were fighting against" It's a hard line to watch and in the end, you are never going to make everyone happy. I agree with this. Some people are so invested that they are completely against even hearing opposing view points. So when someone like Terry challenges an opinion, he basically gets kicked to the curb. It happens on both side. I know this as even me and my old man get into heated debates. He's very old school very right leaning. I'm also right leaning but when I try to correct him on some of his misleading claims, he storms off angry often calling my a JT lover. haha me of all people.
  4. I agree with that and that's the point Terry Crews has been trying to make as well, yet he's being called an Uncle Tom for making that statement.. “It’s got to be All Black Lives Matter,” the actor said. Other Black people who are talking about working with other whites and other races, they’re being viewed as sellouts or called Uncle Toms. You start to understand that you are now being controlled. You’re not being treated as loved, you’re actually being controlled.” Crews said he saw a “dangerous self-righteousness” developing from the movement, where certain people “really viewed themselves as better.” “It was almost a supremist move ... where their Black lives mattered a lot more than mine,” he said. "If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology. We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter"
  5. These guys are paid like crap for what a lot of them put up with and you bet they are willing to put their life on the line every day for strangers they've never met.. Officer Anthony Dia lost his life on July 4th, 2020, he's last words were tell my family I love them. Pre warning stop the video at 4:09 it's pretty gut wrenching to listen to.
  6. No he made it pretty clear he was talking about the movement. He and terry crews got into a heated debate a few nights ago. You can watch the video there as well. The way he talks over crews to shut down his opinion is very telling as well.
  7. I'm curious, do people here agree with Lemon, that Black lives matter is not about All Black Lives mattering?, that it's ONLY about police brutality around blacks? I think most people here, including myself are under the impression that while yes, the movement started around police brutality. that's not ALL it represents today and I think that's pretty evident with the current state of North America.
  8. Trump is a clown loves the attention, good or bad. I'm not trying to argue against that thread turning into a meme blog, i'm just suggesting that BIden is also a clown and there is plenty to be humoured around him. Who's not up for a good laugh surrounding the current state of American politics? I'll start.....
  9. Since the trump thread has turned into meme, talking head, twitter rant central. When can we start doing the same thing with the Biden thread. Who wants to start? #settleforjoe
  10. Aka “I disagree with your opinion and have no ability to respond the facts that you use to back them up, therefor I will claim it’s your character/view point and run away with my tail between my legs”. haha you might want to look into the mirror with that god complex you claim other have. i'll post this again because it seems to be your motto.
  11. Strike're out Lets talk about the math. Dip sh!t is comparing a 6 month total in 2020-21 of 230 million, to a full year total of the 2018-19 of 328 million. Now he purposely did that to mislead and get suckers like you all riled up. It's funny because it's clear in the link "he" provided. So no the math isn't correct. A grade 5 student is smart enough to figure that out. This year the UPC is spending only 44.5 million less this year, than what was budgeted by NDP for 2018-19. That's a far cry from what that moron quoted.... that you gullibly fell for. The other misleading point is his cherry picking the income level in his chart. It's not surprising that he chose 41k....Why didn't he choose 42k.. Oh that's because, with the UPC the dip begins at 41k and under the old NDP the dip begins at 42k. With the NDP you don't receive any ACB if you have over $42,255 a year, and with AFETC "Benefits begin to be reduced once a family’s net income exceeds $42,287." So what, Your ideal state sweden had been adding more privitized health care options and has been having success with it. Which have proving to help in Canada economy, four years after a one-percentage point reduction in a provincial corporate income tax rate, the economic growth rate increases by 0.12 percentage points and real per capita GDP increases by 1.2 per cent in the long run.. Suck on those facts.....Or live blissfully in your lala land, ,either way it's all laid out for you. I know this is difficult for you to understand, but you sir just got duped. Now i'm done schooling you in math, politics and everything else in life. I"m going to crack a beer and enjoy the rest of my night. Peace out...
  12. No And so you play the king of the god complex??!!. You engage in the debate and encourage it calling cons a staple of the victim complex. But you apparently don’t have anger towards people you disagree with lol. So you participated in that discussion but as soon as your point gets call out. You run. Funny how everything you claim about me, is a mirrored opinion of how I view you. As long as it’s putting down the right, you are happy to be involved. as soon as I call out the left with the same hypocrisy, woah hold up. Too much negativity... grow up man. . If you don’t want to enter the dicssusion and provide actual opinions to the debate, that’s fine. But your high and mighty act isn’t fooling anyone.
  13. When will you ever learn. Stop getting your information from biased reporting and maybe spend two seconds of validating what you immediately believe. It's already been proven that that it's going to result in 40 million less overall. Are you shocked a radical left mormon would fudge the math by using simplified numbers to justify his anger. Too bad this idiot forgot to calculate that the 230 million the UPC is budgeting for the 2020-21 budget is based off 7 months and not a full year. You know because the new program didn't roll out till July. haha man how gullible some people are. you fell for it hook line and Who is the author, "Kim Siever - I’m a writer, focusing on social issues and the occasional poem. My politics are radically left. I recently finished writing a book debunking several capitalism myths. My newest book writing project is on the labour history of Lethbridge." @Toews, this is what i'm talking about and exactly why media needs to be called out. You get biased media (in this case and unknown blogger) who deliberately misleads people looking to fuel anger against one side of the political spectrum (like hip). He then shares the steaming pile, and it immediately gets picked up by suckers like gurn and bishop who are also aching for some justification for their (as you put) narcissism/God complex, in believing are better/smarter and UPC voters who are "dumber". It's a snowball effect all based off what is truly fake news and took me less than 2 minutes to debunk. Hip stick to photography, economics clearly isn't for you.... Another swing and miss, almost got the strike out. lol.