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  1. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Yep, it’s a numbers game when it comes to Motte. The best case is to think back to Stecher, the kid did everything possible in order to make the team out of camp, yet still found himself starting in Utica. Why. because Canucks weren’t going to rush into a decision that didn’t need to be forced, which would cost us to lose an asset for nothing. It wasn’t until room opened up (through injury) before Stecher got the call up and Stecher wasn’t worse for wear. Training camp does not represent a full season, Just because a player has a decent training camp doesn’t mean you can compound it over an 82 game season, it’s still unstructured, it still lacks real game paces and it’s still vets just going through the motions getting back into game shape. It is actually a good thing that we aren’t forced to “make room”, it’s all part of…wait for it…..good….”asset management” haha. Even if Motte or some other bubble rookies (Lind, Palmu, Gadj….) have stellar camps, what harm does it do sending them back to the AHL till room opens up? Injuries are going to happen, players are going to get traded. Is there any real negative to letting the roster play itself out over a couple months, which gives us a bigger (and more realistic) sample size to make a decision? Like I said, training camp doesn’t represent an 82 game season. The roster on Oct 6 is going to look completely different than the roster on say March 3rd. So worrying about whether a waiver eligible player makes the team opening night is the least of managements worries.
  2. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    ZERO with capital letters. As I said before the roster is 90% set long before this camp. Canucks are not going to make long term decisions based off 3 weeks of unstructured scrimmage. Could he get a call up later in the year? Sure why not. But no chance he makes it out of camp.
  3. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Not a chance he makes the team out of camp.
  4. Alexis isn’t in this years draft. He’s still another year away and will be 1st overall in 2020
  5. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    If ferklund can pot 20 goals in Calgary jake should be able to do that here. No twins means he should get some pp time in front of the net. Hopefully he breaks out for us this year.
  6. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    . With jakes latest quote of “wanting to be relied on to score and wanting other teams to hate him” the first thing I thought of was that sounded very Matt tkachuk esq. (which is a good thing). My question would be will who will produce more this year. Jake or 19 year old Brady Tkachuk? Personally my money is on jake hitting 25 goals this year which is a lofty expectation but with the tire firm in Ottawa Brady is going to get a ton of opportunity.
  7. Poor sens fans. They have absolutely nothing to cheer about this year. They can’t cheer for hope of a top draft pick since it’s been moved and they also won’t be able to cheer that often for wins. They are stuck in limbo right now as this year is pretty much a right off for them and they haven’t even played a single game yet.
  8. Cant comment on what he did last week since I didn’t see it but he seems quite off these last 5 years, he definitely seems like he’s lost a few screws upstairs, which is sad as he was such a funny comedian.
  9. Considering they gave up more to acquire duchene than they got in return for training the leagues best D. They got completely hosed. You would think if you traded away karlsson, turris, Hoffman, bowers and a top 5 pick you’d have a lot more to show for it than just duchene, tierney, Norris bodker, and some late first round picks. To make matters worse. I can’t see any reason there is for duchene to resign. Sad day to be a sens fan. Best thing they can do is not buy tickets this year and force that terrible owner to sell off the team.
  10. And then watch them flip him to Florida for a better return.
  11. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    I like those lines under the circumstances that petterson proves he’s capable of playing center. If he doesn’t, between gagner gaudette and a slim chance that we play granlund there(although I don’t see him being in the conversation as a center at this point). Gaudette would be my leading candidate for that spot (assuming his play doesn’t take a massive noes dive in camp).
  12. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    It doesn’t hurt to have multiple players with a similar skill set. Especially when that skill set is a two way forwards. Position plays a major roll in who a players competition is. Considering granny is a LW and gaudette is a center I don’t see them as competing against each other. I’m curious to see what your pencilled in line up looks like.
  13. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Except I don’t view granlund as a center where as gagner is. I think granlund is in direct comp with dahlen. Petterson bo brock _____ Sutter virtanen sven gaudette LE schaller beagle roussel which means if gagner is waived/traded that realistically leaves the following LWer dahlen, goldi, granny, Leipsic gaunce are all competing for the final wing spot. Depending who proves themselves line could change but that’s how I’d look at the lines heading into the season.