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  1. Fox wasn't going to sign in calgary not because he wasn't sure about his spots but because he wants to play in new york.
  2. Rangers and Canucks seem the most fitting. Maybe Sabres. Like I said I’ll gladly take Horton....but I also want some real good incentive.
  3. Alf is sorta right here. His cap only counts towards the initial calculation at the start of the year. Once the season starts he goes down on LTIR and leafs are then allowed to spend above the salary ceiling. They could basically go out and get a one year 5 miilion rental.
  4. Yep that’s right. Because when he signed the deal he had a separated shoulder he wasn’t able to be insured. Typically LTIR contracts don’t cost the teams any money and is paid through by insurance but because of his injury at the time, the team is on the books for it all. That’s what makes it a sort of tricky contract to move.
  5. All contracts including LTIR need to equal under the cap ceiling to start the year off. That’s why is matters. After the season starts his cap comes off the books and it gives the leafs a little wiggle room.
  6. Well considering marner has a year of talks I don’t think it’s much of an issue right now. If they can land nylander on a two year bridge that would be ideal as both marleau and Horton will come off the books freeing up another 10 million. Id be willing take Horton off their hands..... for the right price.
  7. He was their top point leader by injury default. He will be 3rd on the list this time next year. He’s a RFA and he’s a one dimensional winger. I see him getting 7 max. Unless he puts up over 80+ points this upcoming season. Then he might get more. Yep. With lijegren and dermott coming into the nhl over then next few years think they’ll end up trading gardiner and getting a better shut down D in return.
  8. All those contracts were signed in the last year. Marner might get 6.5. Nylander will be closer to 6 on a bridge type deal. Likely even less if he wants longer term.
  9. No way they command that much. Both are RFA and wingers. Only 4 RFA wingers in the last 5 years have got that kind of money. Kucherov, benn, tarasenko and Ryan the best comparables for them: ehlers 7 years at 6 pastrnak 6 years at 6.6 miller 5 years at 5.25 granlund 3 years a 5.75
  10. Being clutch doesn't have anything to do with percentages, Being clutch means you score goals at timely instances, how many goals you score outside of game winners doesn't mean you're less clutch. For example last year Saad scored 18 goals and 8 of them were GWG (2 OT winners). While Mackinnon scored a total of 39 goals and 12 of them were GWG (4 OT winners) Would you say Saad was more clutch that Mackinnon last year?
  11. Unless he was posting on this forum during mid game of a playoff game back in Germany, he not Rob zepp. I’m guessing he possibly played against rob in the Germany league. Would be cool if he revealed that as I have a bunch of former teammates that played in DEL. Could have even been a teammate of his.
  12. Goals isn't what makes players successful, Hank was never going to put up massive goals but he can sure create offence. Unless you're trying to say JVR and Bozak were better than the twins? Both JVR, Bozak were 1&2 in ozone starts (just like the twins) and they were also top 3 in forwards PP time (just like the twins) All players got sheltered minutes, limited D zone responsibility and plenty of scoring opportunity and all put up 40-50 points. They all also played 14-15 minutes per game. They are about as equally as matched as possible. Again. The big difference is player development. People are looking at this as a short term race. Leafs first round picks in 2014,15,16 combined for 76 goals. Canucks first round picks in those years combined for 39 goals. Just like you said, 37 goals isn't something you just explain away. that doesn't mean in 4 years from now those numbers wont be closer but at this point our picks haven't made an impact like their have. The whole things is, we are comparing at the 4 year mark in a rebuild, realistically thats a very small sample size. So the best way to look at this would be to imagine how much better canucks would look if we had drafted Larkin/Ehlers in stead of Jake and Tkachuk/Keller instead of Juolevi. That would be us adding approx. 43 goals OVER what we currently had last year. That's a heck of a lot more offence. I'll restate this, that doesn't mean we won't end up better in the long term (like if Jake turns into a 25 goal scorer while bringing the pain and Juolevi pops another 10-15 and being solid Defensively), but in the short term (for the sake of this thread) if we had those players, this thread wouldn't exist, as it our current state of the rebuild be a lot closer to the leafs. Its sort of funny that so many people defend our prospects by saying we took them knowing full well that they would take longer development time compared to other picks (which is true), but then when it comes to why are rebuild is slower, prospect development time is never even considered. People would much rather come up with all sorts of other excuses to discredit those teams rather than looking at things objectively.
  13. I get plenty of sun, but you’re right I should spend less time on here and have actually asked stealthnuck to close down my account (which I’m still waiting for him to do). A few weeks ago I was on the golf course (getting some sun) with a head scout for a small market NHL team and he brought up some real interesting points about others opinions within the hockey world. So you can believe what ever you want about Linden vey being a well planned out move, haha all the power to ya.
  14. speaking of daft haha if you can’t tell the difference between vey and baertschi at the times of their trades then I’ll stop. I have no intention teaching hockey 101 today. .164 but you had a good day. Not a big issue being off..... it only equals to about 15 points per season but hey this is a Canucks forum right and if your not rounding up to inflate numbers I guess you’re not a true fan. Neck beard eh. If you want to forget simple math and make up random numbers to formulate your opinion. All the power to ya. Just don’t expect others to by it.