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  1. Becuase your getting assets when you trade players. And not giving up assets when you sign ufa. Although the discussion is really pointless unless we know what the return would have been as that is the most important part. For a late 3rd round pick and a C prospect. i keep him. For a late first and a B prospect. Sure. For an A prospect like say vilardi. I’d move him in a heart beat. If hansen got Dahlen and burrows got goldi + a 4th. I’m thinking it would have to be something involving a late first or A prospect type deal. Anything less an I wouldn’t move sutter
  2. Mostly big contracts that were UFA’s are the ones to be weary of. Rob is right. Unless you are tavares I’d stay away from the 5+ year deals. Too much room for error.
  3. Why would you compare that? It’s not like canucks has the option to flip eriksson current contract for Kane’s new one. It’s a comparisons of the signings. Both suck. For anyone that called out the kane contract only to defend louis is a hypocrite and has the homer glasses on a little two tight. I keep seeing the excuse that loui turn it around. Sure he can but if we’re comparing based on “could”. then again kane could go on to be a 30 goal 55+ point power forward the next seven years.
  4. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    The issue with the initial proposal was the definition of what was being considered mentally Ill. Infact they weren’t just focusing on mental health issues. Something a simple as anyone who had financial troubles at one point in their life was being lumped into the same group as people with severe Schizophrenia. Theres a reason why organization that’s are typically extremely anti gun were against the propsal. Not just any organizations, I’m talking about organizations that specialize in mental health. Yes people with a history of mental illness need to be screened but you need more specific definitions and reasons why. Sure it makes common sense that someone with a past of harming others or say a dissociative disorder, to not have the right to buy firearms. But what about someone with slight anxiety who’s prescribed medicinal weed. they technically fall in the grouping of someone with mental illness. Case by case there’s a large amount of context needed. Before someone uses the term common sense we should try to have a full understanding of the topic. Sometimes things just arent so black and white like the media likes to portray things. And again that’s part of the big problem. The media (both sides) isn’t trying to find resolution. They are just trying to pin sides against each other as it creates ratings. Instead people getting together to find common ground you get two sides digging trenches. If an adult conversation (not just calling each other names or stating high level facts without context) could be had amongst the pro vs anti I truly do beleive you could find some movement on both sides. even on this board I think people could find common ground (not that it has any effect and what the US does). But the discussions need to be kept civilized, relevant and people on both sides need to be not closed minded. anyways. I’m on vacay now and likely won’t be able to reply for a few weeks but if a civilized discussion wants to be had about gun issues in the us im happy to engage in.
  5. NHL 1st-round draft pick's career ruined by video game addiction

    Since when is being a superstar in the KHL still playing junior. This is the best goalie prospect not in the NHL. Kid is unreal and caps were able to convince him to come over and just signed him to an entry level contract.
  6. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    Funnily I didn’t even know it was the wedding this weekend haha. I do have a corgi so I guess I’ll fit in. But Just visiting for a few days. Then off to Italy, finishing off in Paris..
  7. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    Oddly enough, I’m going to be in London in less that 24 hours from now.
  8. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    Who cares if it’s gang violence. 70% of gun crime in the USA is gang related. Doesn’t stop you from quoting those numbers. Talk about cherry picking. I don’t think you understand what the term enabler is. Guns are a tool. Sure a gun can cause more damage but by the time the weapon is chosen the motive and choice is already done. Do people really wake up happy one day. See and gun the next and become mass murders? No that would nonsense. As a Canadian I have nothing against tighter restrictions. I don’t mind the laws in place that I go through to get a firearm. I actually think the USA could benefit from a hybrid approach of what we have. But what I do see is, instead of people wanting to engage in a meanful debate with the pro gun crowd in the states, they just scream at them and threaten them or present arguments hold no water. Which as anybody sees with the Ab/BC pipeline debate doesn’t solve anything and just pins two sides against each other instead of finding common ground.
  9. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

  10. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    Oh so England as a country isn’t up 21% in knife crime. Why do people get so uptight about stating facts? It’s not like I’m using this as a counter to why we need guns. Just pointing out that guns aren’t the cause of crime. Bad people are the cause and they will find away to hurt other people with what ever weapon they can find.
  11. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    So knife crime in Uk hasn’t risen 21 percent over the last 12 months. Stabbings in London isn’t up 23% over last year? Hmm news to me
  12. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    Yep England is sky rocketing with stabbings. London has a higher murder rate than New York City.
  13. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    You might want to do a little more research on that... and from actual sources not from biased left wing papers. Go see what “ACLU” or even “the national alliance on mental illness” had to say about it.
  14. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    By endangering them selfs or others. By the govt taking those freedoms away. Some people’s dumb actions result in my freedoms being taken away.
  15. Shooting at Santa Fe, Texas, high school. 10 reported dead.

    It’s a right that gets taken away when idiots abuse those freedoms.