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  1. Just because it's a canucks fan board doesn't mean us canucks fans need put on the homer blinders. It wasn't that long ago people thought Raymond + Ballard and a 1st could net any player in the league. Player value around the league isn't something to do with being a fan of the team it has far greater to do with a overall hockey knowledge. Over valuing your players is almost poisonous to being a fan of the team. You start to see other deals around the league and they get upset that you're overvalued players didn't get the same types of returns. It's so common to see MG/JB got out GMed. That's why it's best to follow all hockey teams and not live in the bubble that your players are the best. Don't like personal bias get in the way of player evaluation. And most people do tend to like hockey as a sport in general, they can admire other teams and players and it doesn't make them less of a canucks fan. Over the last few years I've really started to enjoy watching the capitals play due to ovi, kuz and backstrom (and for a very brief period filip Forsberg). In the past I used to enjoy watching the Av's due to forsberg, Sakic and Roy. When Bure got traded I tried to watch as many panthers games as I could, I've had flames season tickets for the last few years and I hate the flames. That doesn't mean I liked those teams more, Not at all, if those teams ever played against the canucks I always cheer for the canucks. Watching and liking other teams/players doesn't make someone less of a canucks fan, but what It does do, is it gives them a better understanding on those teams needs and values. A better understanding of total hockey knowledge, which makes hockey discussions much more realistic....That is unless people enjoy living in the clouds, thinking Sbisa straight up would get us Crosby.
  2. Drouin and Callahan for Hansen + Burrows (50%) + CBJ 2nd round pick. That gives bolts, 7.8 million to get a Kucherov deal to get done this year. Next year they free up Bishop’s salary and the remaining Burrows contract, for a total of 8.25 extra cap space to sign Palat and Johnson to extensions. We take on the big cap dump of Callahan at 5 years at the cost of Drouin. Hansen and CBJ’s 2nd round pick help TB bring in some assets for help now and potential the future. It does put canucks in a cap crunch for the next few years as we have our own youth looking to get big contract extensions. Burrows, Miller and Hansen (12 million) would all be off the books but Horvat, Hutton, Drouin, and Gudbranson would be up for extensions. And with Callahan’s cap of 5.8 we’d only have around 8-9 million to get those deals done, it would be very tight. Somehow we’d have to move out over priced contracts like Sbisa and Dorsett to make it work.
  3. What stop Clinton followers from doing the same? Legit polls as in poll like CNN that have a "legit" bias for clinton? Again, do you think Clinton did anything to swing any trump supporter to her side, and did trump do that same? If the answer is no, then who the H@#$ is the winner? I could care less what a couple controlled polls say because in the end the election isn't a controlled environment. If Trump wins what is the next excuse? "It means a bunch of Trumpkins who appear to live rather miserable lives chose to go out and vote for Donald"
  4. So in a controlled environment Clinton won, where in a open to public voting Trump won..See the problem with that statement. That's like going to a ford dealership and asking people what their favorite brand of truck is....I wonder how an open to the public election will go? The whole who won the debate is stupid anyways. You only win the debate if you swing “new” votes to your side. And in this case I can’t see how either side made a compelling case.
  5. How was he missed by the canucks? He was drafted 3rd overall....We had zero opportunity to draft him.... Also getting him in a trade is even slimmer. Edmonton wouldn't even include him in a deal for PK, which basically means canucks have zero assets to try and get him out of Edmonton.
  6. I’m sorry Rod, but I don’t understand the logic here. How is being at a bar, professional athlete or not a bad thing. Staying out with your teammates at Marquee, having a good time is not a bad thing in any way. It’s not like he was out doing drugs, drinking and driving or doing anything other than having a good time with his friends. Marquee isn’t even a scummy place, it’s closer the lounge area of a boston pizza than a strip club. Have you ever been at BP’s later than 12 pm?
  7. Which method of transportation creates higher CO2 levels? Anti pipeline people contradict themselves so much it's unbelievable. Downstream oil is over 70% of the cause of CO2 emission people love to post so much about. If your concern is about the effects on the environment (and you know climate change and what not) maybe efficiently transporting oil should be the biggest concern. Pipelines are the most efficient practice at doing that. Add in that over the long term transporting oil by rail is significantly more expensive than by pipeline. And yes I know this topic is about North Dakota but that fear trickles into Canada. Where Canada’s pipelines are among the safest in the world. The rate of spills on federally regulated pipelines in this country was 57 per cent lower than in Europe and 60 per cent lower than in the United States over the past decade. 99.999 percent of oil and petroleum products were transported safely via federally regulated pipelines between 2008 and 2013. In Canada, the NEB regulates over 73,000 kilometres of pipelines that move approximately 1.3 billion barrels of oil per year. According to the NEB, these pipelines spilled an average of about 1,084 barrels per year between 2011 and 2014. This is roughly equivalent to two tank cars. Typically, most of the oil spilled is contained on pipeline company property. Spill sites must be reclaimed to restore the natural environment. But people are more concerned about the “possibility” of an major oil spill? Pipeline don’t create the demand for oil, they simply give us a better means to get our supply to market to fulfill that demand. We can’t even keep up with Canada’s own oil demand, we’re paying for oil to be shipped in from places like Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Angola and Iraq. I'm baffled how anyone can argue against pipelines, especially in Canada. It’s like arguing against switching your old light bulbs to new energy efficient ones because they contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially dangerous substances. The benefits far out way the negatives /rant And sorry RUPERT that wasn't even geared towards you really, just needed to get it off my chest.
  8. If Huberdeau was on a different team with a closing cup window maybe a player at his level (more likely a slightly less proven player) could be considered but he's not. Panthers are an up an coming team that has just opened their window and it will be open for the next 10 years. It would make zero sense for them to move a young star who is a core piece of their team for short term rental players. That would really put a quick time frame on their window, If we ever move the Sedins be prepared for a very late first round pick, possibly a couple 2nd round picks (maybe a conditional first) and a couple low end prospects. Only way we get more is if we take on a long term cap dump. Which isn’t a really smart move considering our own young players are starting to get into the bigger contracts and we won’t have that much free space in the near future. For instance, you might be able to get Drouin but you’re also retaining 50% of the twins (7million) and taking back a 5 year Callahan cap dump (5.8). That would mean we’d have 2 years of 12.8 cap locked followed up with 3 more years of 5.8 cap locked up. In that 5 years span, Horvat, Markstrom, Hutton, Gudbranson, Baertschi and Drouin would be set for big pay raises, We’d find ourselves in big cap trouble holding onto all the cap dump.
  9. Only 6 players under the age of 23 had more points than Huberdeau. Yes Huberdeau is a young star. Barkov is "currently" a young star on his way to being a young “super” star.
  10. That doesn't make sense for the ducks with the expansion draft coming up. If Ducks are to move a D, it's (one of their "needed" protection D) for a forward, or a player that wont need protection. Same thing with the jets. Both Enstrom and Byfuglien have NMC clauses that leaves only 1 D left to be protected, right now I assume it's Myers. If Jets are smart the player they want in return (especially if it's a d) is a player that doesn't need protection in the upcoming expansion draft. Trouba to the Flyers makes the most sense And Lindholm for Landeskog makes more sense for the ducks.
  11. In 2009 Joe and Marleau were 29 years old. Henrik and Daniel are currently 36 years old. See the difference? In 2009, Kesler was a 25 year old coming off a 59 point season playing in 82 games. This year Barkov is a 20 year old coming off a 59 point season, playing in 66 games. Trocheck, Bjudstad, and McCann are not even close to the level of Barkov and Huberdeau players left wing, not center. The fact that you think the panthers would even consider this shows how very little you know about how good Barkov is, He means as much to the panthers as McDavid means to the oilers. He is a superstar franchise center very Kopitar esq. You don't trade superstars under the age of 22 away for two year (aged) rentals. This year Barkov produced at a .89 ppg pace. Tavares this year was .90 ppg. Only 9 players (that had played over 50 games) had better ppg pace than a 20 year old Barkov. He's well on his way to becoming a top 10, even close to top 5 center in this league. None of the players you mentioned will even be top 30. Danny and Hank doesn't really make them more playoff competitive, maybe slightly, for TWO years, but it's not like the panthers are currently lacking, Again as I said, 103 points, division leaders, this team was lead by a 20 year old, Barkov, he's only going to get better..... Barkov makes them playoff competitive now and for the next 15 years. Which one creates more revenue? 2 years or 15 years? Very Simple math. Add to the fact that he's an up coming super star superstar and will sell the sport and Jersey sales. Leafs have Bozak, Nylander, Marner and Kadri, does that mean they would consider trading away Matthews for the twins?
  12. My buddies sisters makes around 4k a month doing that. I'm shocked people would take time to watch someone else play games, let alone tip them.
  13. Barkov, the panthers franchise center who is signed long term at a really good cap hit. What incentive is there for the panthers to trade their current and future #1 center? Adding in another second does NOT make it more acceptable. He is their franchise center, he is only 21 years old and will lead that team for another 15 years just like the Sedins did for us in Vancouver. He's a player you build a team around, not a player that becomes expendable for short term rental players. Just think about it logically from a owners perfective. You could trade Barkov for the twins and you might "slightly" improve your team for 1, maybe 2 years. I emphasize slightly because the Panthers were division leaders last year and finished with 103 points. Barkov (a 20 year old) lead that team in Goals, Power play goals, Game winning goals, and Short handed points, even though he missed 14 games. He also lead the team in points per game. Financially would the twins bring in that much more revenue? Probably not, acquiring the twins doesn't guarantee them a second round playoff appearance. After two years, then what? How do they replace the loss of their young franchise #1 center? Do they have one in their system? Nope. So they might get two years of improved play, but end up being much worse in the long run. Where as if they would have just kept Barkov they would have a super star center down their middle for the next 15 years. The only way he would get moved is if it's for another young super star center. So no he is not getting moved. Luongo was UFA and just turned down panthers highest offer. It wasn't a shock that he got moved. Seguin was sleeping with a teamates wife and partying, plus Eriksson was a 27year old, 70+ point player at the time, it's not like Seguin got moved for Peanuts.. You are undervaluing Larsson, likely because you only watched him twice a year when the canucks played the devils, you will likely have a different tune this year when we see him with the oil. Either way oilers had a need to be filled, the whole league knew and it cost them to over pay. Hall was also expendable as the oilers had better forwards in their system. As far as I know Barkov isn't set to be UFA, he's not sleeping around with teammates wives and not showing up late/hungover to games. He's also the best forward on that roster, so in no way he's expendable. If anyone believe sedins could fetch us Barkov it means they are living in dream land. And if your living in dream land, why stop at just Barkov, might as well go after McDavid. Would you be willing to move Horvat for Patrick Marleau? No, not even if they retained 50%. Why because Horvat is our future. Barkov is Panthers future. Trading him would go completely against what they've been trying to build for the last 5 years.
  14. You think the sedins would get barkov in return? HAHA that is insane. Panthers are not trading barkov. Just as oilers are not trading McDavid.
  15. Mark Stone, Gallahger, Mrazek, Andersen, You could probably put Hayes, Toffoli, Nelson ahead of him too. He's not a bust, but he's far from what you want when you are drafting a 5th overall pick.