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  1. I don’t know about pre paid plans. But I have Rogers and don’t really have any issues with connections once I’m in banff. I think there’s a good 30-40 min stretch while driving out there where no there’s no service for any provider. If she’s in to hiking at all Johnston canyons is a nice like trip as well as lake moraine. If she’s not into hiking and is just looking for view lake Louise is beautiful and even a two jack lake is only a 10 min drive from banff and provides some nice uncrowded views.
  2. I think had more to do with time and space. Playoffs is a different beast all together. This is lesson on why you can’t just go pure skill, you need those players to open up that space so the skill players can be effective. It’s why Bennett was put on the top line yesterday and it resulted in Johnny getting a ton of chances, he just choked on his opportunity. Flames needed more of that spread throughout there line up. And honestly I think Canucks need the same thing as well. I think we’re stacked will skill but we need a player like jake to step up and become the player we expected at the 2014 draft. And we need a few more of those types as well.
  3. Personally emotionally i kinda want to see a TOR-NYI series in conference finals. Tavares vs his old team would be a good storyline. But with that said I have caps in my draft so my brain wants caps for the repeat.
  4. Personally I think it gets way overblown. Realistically how much do we thinks this is affecting parity? Really it’s only the superstars signing for big, long term deals that it really has an effect on and typically they have bigger reasons for signing in a specific city. Things like; -contending vs not -good place to raise there family -Childhood fav (Tavares) -lifestyle (Martin st.louis/ panarin) -hockey markets vs non -geographic location (east vs west coast) -and then on top of that which teams have available cap space. Really how how many cups has this had an affect on? The majority of cup winners are all teams that would be considered “disadvantaged” Has this ever negatively affected Vancouver? Not that I can think of. We’ve landed plenty of attractive UFA’s (sundin, hamhuis, eriksson lol) and we’ve never failed to resign a player for those reasons. So in my opinion this is a far smaller issue than people make it out to be.
  5. I have to ack why is leveling the playing field even more than it already is a good thing. What is the goal you think you want to accomplish. Vs what is the goal the NHL wants to accomplish. Think of it from an nhl business perspective. The NHL’s main goal is to bring in as much revenue as possible, so how would this help them achieve that. For example. If florida is so appealing to ufa’s because of there tax advantage. how come they are in the bottom 2 for team revenue generated. How would removing this advantage help them bring in more revenue? Also it’s easy to see that canadian teams will generate revenue regardless of tax advantages/disadvantages. So adjusting the cap would have zero overall affect on the NHL’s main goal . Adding a new cap structure the way the nhl is currently set, would in theory go against and hurt the NHL accomplishing there main goal.
  6. Not to mention tax rates change with every election (approx 4 years) where these contracts are signed for 7 to 8 years. A team could be perfectly under the cap one season, make absolutely zero changed in the off season. Have a liberal govt get elected and be completely screwed over with there teams cap adjustment the following year. Add in what happens when higher marginal income tax rates hit. I find it odd that the same people that complain about these tax advantages and want equality for all, are likely people that complain about the NHL supporting bottom teams like Florida and Arizona through revenue sharing.
  7. The fight for equality has gone way to far. There’s always going to be advantages for players to choose one city over another. I can think of a hundred reasons (outside taxes) why I would choose to live in Florida over Winnipeg.
  8. Ferland is the softest tough guy in the league. Hard pass on his considering the money he is going to be looking for.
  10. It's funny to watch the left with their inconsistent views, they literally just hate everything the right does, even if it contradicts their previous left gov't point of view.. Clinton & Bernie "We need to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration" the left "we need walls" Trump "We need to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration" the left "Walls are so racists....." or better yet.... Yesterday "Small businesses are greedy capitalist pigs for wanting to keep min wage low, they should parish if they can't economically remain competitive...." Today "Small businesses are extremely important, those 3000 jobs funded by huge gov't subsidies on energy efficiency alberta are super important" (meanwhile 152,000 jobs were at stake with coal phase out and not a whisper) Tomorrow" the right are terrible for wanting to spend that money on higher economic/ higher job creating industries, they obviously don't care about the environment" Meanwhile over half of the light buibs I got put in through energy efficiency Alberta are all ready dead and had to be replaced. So glad they paid all the money to buy the cheap bulbs, as well as fund the out of province companies to come change them for me. Meh it's not worth debating over, they think they are economic geniuses while having zero life experience.
  11. I posted the facts you chose to ignore them. The deal was already signed off on and construction began in 2013. Notley did nothing but finish what was already started and already had over 4 billion invested into it along with 2 years of construction. They had no other choice but to finished it off unless the they were going to explain throwing away 4 billion in pre-invested assets. Yet here you are praising the NDP as if it was the NDP’s brain child all along when it in-fact wasn’t it was already underway brought to you by the conservatives. Very hypocritical considering the stance your taking on the pipeline approval. What your confusing that the NDP had done is promised to added more money (another 1.6 billion) to expand operations if elected again. You’re just in to deep in your BS that you’re backpedaling as hard as possible to find a way out of this. Seriously I honestly can’t tell if your purposely being ignorant as a way to ignore reality or if you’re truly that obsessed with the left that you blindly bend over for what ever they do. Either way it’s pointless debating with someone who cherry picks what they want to hear vs reality. I’ll stop responding you ruining your fantasy world beliefs. Enjoy moving to Alberta and getting all the benefits brought to you by.....the conservatives.
  12. It took government assistance to start. Over half of the $ we’re already committed. It would have been idiotic to not finish a project that already had a ton of money dumped into it as well as 2 years into construction start. Typical hippy ignorance. You could just admit you were wrong. Instead you praise the NDP for finished something that was started by conservatives. Funny how when it’s the other way around you get all ruffled up. Just like your about to do later in this post. Biggest hypocrite in this thread. You might want read Vivian Krause. Shocked that she announced that a week before election. If you fell for that last Hail Mary attempt then I’m not sure political debates is your forte. No it was announce that the deadline was extended. Let’s be honest. You’re about as intellectually dishonest as they come. You choose to share facts that you agree with while (as far as I can tell) purposely ignore key facts that disprove your opinion. You are extremely inconsistent in the way you approach topics, mean while attempting to give off the persona that you are an expert in the field. You have such a hard on for the left that you blindly praise them for everything. It would be like me trying to tell you stuff about cameras, pulling random quotes about how the canon mark 5d I just bought my wife, is the best camera on the market. I know crap all about cameras so I’m not just jump into a discussion with a super strong opinion based on the few biased reports/ info the sale sale associates told me, no matter how convincing they sound.
  13. You realize it was the Conservative party that made that deal not notely. In fact it was back in 2008 when Ed Stelmach made it happen. But, you knew that right? Don’t believe me, from the oilers loving Edmonton journal. or how about