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  1. Funny you praise the Aussies. They have an age tiered min wage where you don't make $20 until you reach 21 years old. 17 and under only makes 11.27 per hour. When Kenney proposed this exact same strategy in Alberta you and few others on here lost your minds on him.....Strange how the exact same strategy is praised and labeled good in one thread but terrible the next....
  2. Personal taxes are only a small part of what goes into equalization. No matter how many times this has been dumbed down and explain to you two, it still seems to just go in one ear and out the other. Stupid BCers and your poor edUMAcatioN. Derrrpp... now we wait....
  3. yeah investing pension into a resource is quite stupid.....
  4. Yep. It really gives me a greater appreciation for my old grade 5 teachers.
  5. Listen to how pathetic their reasoning is, it really shows how messed up their line of thought is. “Screw Alberta, why should we pay full market value for their oil, It doesn’t matter that the global market value is in the dumps and profit is already slim, it doesn’t matter that it will make companies run in the red and cost 10’s of thousands their jobs…..Do it for your support of Canadians…. ……If you don’t accept those terms we’ll just buy foreign oil…..a full market value.…. “ Talk about short sighted. I mean seriously you can make up this kind of stupidity.
  6. ahh fairytale land.... you kids now a days your crazy drugs.
  7. If been proven false more than the 100 times you posted it. NASA is basing that off the Oreskes and cooks report which has been refuted and debunked over and over. Even Scientists that were chalked in pro side on that report have came out stated they were falsely quoted. Anyone still using that claim has deeply stuck there head in the sand. don’t believe American uncovered. How about forbes.
  8. When a climate reports starts discussing how it will improve gender equality, it does begin to cross the line from being a warning to another way to impose socialist empowerment. Either way, with the names coming out it’s unclear how many are made up, signed or duplicated by people with no real world credentials. but that’s to be expected when you have an publicly open signature petition. When what you are proposing is going to negatively affect people’s lives you can bet it’s going to be dissect by every little detail. So If they want their point to be taken seriously then don’t have ass the work. A few weeks before 500 “scientists” sent a report to U.N. stating we weren’t in a climate emergency and... crickets. it is written off because some of the scientists werent directly involved climatology, fair enough. Same thing happens on this report, except to an even bigger extreme, where even fictitious characters are being used and the response is totally different. People blindly support “reports” that share the same viewpoint they have. Like I said, how many people simply just read the title and started salivating over it.
  9. Of not even scientists at all
  10. 11,000 scientist.....including the likes of professors Mickey Mouse and Albus Dumbledore. Not that I expected any of you to have read the report out side of the title, but had you did..... "The climate crisis is closely linked to excessive consumption of the wealthy lifestyle. The most affluent countries are mainly responsible for the historical GHG emissions and generally have the greatest per capita emissions." To secure a sustainable future, we must change how we live, in ways that improve the vital signs summarized by our graphs. Economic and population growth are among the most important drivers of increases in CO2 emissions from fossil fuel "Eating mostly plant-based foods while reducing the global consumption of animal products" "Still increasing by roughly 80 million people per year, or more than 200,000 per day, the world population must be stabilized" Aka stop creating a demand for fossil fuels, stop eating meat, stop having kids.... Or is it still, do as I say, not as I do???? Why wouldn't it be, is it not a climate crisis? It's either everyone change or the world is over.....right? Or perhaps is it just not as dire as many claim?
  11. .....quietly the Paul Brandt song starts to fade in....
  12. Lots happen in a 13 year span. Markets change, price of oil shrunk, profitability tightened and systems need to be adjusted to accommodate market fluctuations. Which is precisely why it’s re-evaluated every three years. Last one happened in 2018. the hilarity is this has been discussed 3 or 4 times already. Just a merry go round going round in round in circles. Seems like you guys are running low on lubrication, so much so that you have to recycle the old stuff. Sloppy 4ths.
  13. If he can maintain a 40 point 20 goal pace it would be a huge stride forward for him but it also it still early and a very short sample size. 4 goals, 7 points in 14 games isn’t that biggest sample to project off of. In fact this time last year at the 14 game mark he was sitting with 5 goals and 7 points in 14 games, he maintained a similar pace up until the Christmas break where he had 11 goals, 18 points in 38 games. People were over the moon claiming him to be a top 10 player in his draft class until he followed that up with only 7 points in the final 32 games. One other thing to point out is you can’t really use the RW/LW/C argument as they aren’t too accurate. For example list only 86 RW to have played at least 1 game this years. Now simple math would state something doesn’t add up, 31 team (each team should technically have 4 RW) = 124 RW. The problem is forwards typically can play all positions. Marner is listed as a C but he typically lines up on the RW with Tavares at center. Lindholm plays RW alongside Monahan and Smurf but is listed as C. Heck only has Canucks listed at 2 RW’s lol
  14. The plan was poor. It had nothing to do with the implementation, the plan to start with was flawed. PET was trying to put his control on the price of a volatile market. He was trying to take control over a market he had no business in. He should have built the refinery and pipelines, not added a export tax and not force albertans to sell to canadians at a discounted rate. That would have allowed Canadians to rely on domestic product instead of buying from foreign companies. It would have added job growth, it would have allowed oil production to breath during the down turn and it would have set this country up for massive success. Unfortunately the group you are using fantasy what if's to defend has no interest in allowing the west to succeed. Alberta didn't even get an option, it was enforced on them, you seem to be forgetting the Liberal motto. "Screw the West, we'll take the rest. ... Marc Lalonde" The guy who was the brain child of NEP. The same guy who said "The major factor behind the NEP wasn’t Canadianization or getting more from the industry or even self-sufficiency. The determinant factor was the fiscal imbalance between the provinces and the federal government," So which side do you think didn't want to sit down like grown ups? Like I said, had PET not been got his greedy control hands into the plan, it might have worked even with the down turn of oil. He openly admitted he had little care for the well being of the citizens in the west and he single handedly destroy the opportunity for a legit NEP, Not Alberta. imagining is taking the cherry picked parts, it's a fantasy world and not taking into consideration the actual facts of what happened. Yes it would be nice to have all the positive without the negatives. NEP destroyed the heritage fund. you have a clear lack of knowledge and clear lack of understanding yet feel justified in your opinion. i'd suggest you do some more research to get a broaden your understanding before you solidify you're opinion, I have posted more than enough factual information on this thread, from over a half dozen sources, but if that's not enough, Please do your own. Don't just assume you have background based on the information you've heard one or two people post in this thread.
  15. Prices in the 70’s prices were beginning to jump rapidly and the government wanted more control to help protect people in Ottawa and Ontario from price volatility. In 1970 (adjusting for inflation) the price of oil was $22.08/barrel, but 1979 it was $86.60/barrel. With that sharp of a rise, Liberals didn’t want people in the East to be on the hook since they expected the price to continue to go up. That’s when they created the NEP, it was to give the East cheaper fuel and redistributed the wests energy revenues. Alberta was forced to sell it’s oil with at lower prices for Canadian customers and then levied high taxes on oil and gas exports to foreign countries. This put a major restriction on the profitability of doing business. AKA sell to us at the fixed price (below global market) or don’t sell at all. Not surprisingly this pissed off a lot of American companies and spurred a chain reaction of the foreign companies selling off energy assets in Canada, add in the limited profitability Canada implemented with it’s price fixing and it ended up eliminating 10’s of thousands of jobs. Thousands of Albertans were unable to pay mortgages and the caused the real estate market crashed. Had oil priced continue to rise Alberta may have had been able to keep businesses barely a float, but prices didn’t keep going up, they dropped significantly and Alberta was still on the hook forced to sell its oil to the East. While yes, the global market would have hurt Alberta, NEP essentially took any life in the industry and drove it right into the ground. That was a stake to the heart of Albertan’s. The fact that you have bought into the idea that the NEP blame was a misconstrued lie made up by the conservatives is laughable, (it’s like you forget that the supreme court ruled in favour of Alberta). The fact the you think the NEP didn’t have any negative impact on Alberta’s industries shows how clueless you are. For any so called “experts” that you can find to defend the NEP, I can find 9 more that disagree with that assertion. Heck even the creator of the NEP doesn’t agree with you. Marc Lalonde Trudeau’s own energy minister stated “The major factor behind the NEP wasn’t Canadianization or getting more from the industry or even self-sufficiency. The determinant factor was the fiscal imbalance between the provinces and the federal government.... Our proposal was to increase Ottawa’s share appreciably, so that the share of the producing provinces would decline significantly and the industry’s share would decline somewhat.” This is the same guy that also said “Screw the West, we'll take the rest.” During the 1980 election and people here are shocked on why Alberta feels alienated. Again lets break down the impact NEP had on Alberta. Economic disaster quickly followed. Alberta’s unemployment rate shot from 4% to more than 10%. Bankruptcies soared 150%. A housing crisis ensued resulting in values collapsing 40% in both Edmonton and Calgary. As Libin notes, “it would take office landlords a decade to work off the glut.” Alberta’s government plunged into significant debt levels. Ted Byfield, founder of the now defunct Alberta Report, was quoted as saying “there was an enormous amount of pain everywhere, Alberta was very much a small-business province. Behind the big oil companies, there were thousands of little people..all this was just brought to a crashing halt.” Former premier Ralph Klein, who was mayor of Calgary at the time, said “thousands of people lost their jobs, their homes, their businesses, their dignity. Some took their own lives.” By the time the Brian Mulroney led Progressive Conservatives cancelled the NEP in 1986, the federal government collected more than $100-billion in today’s dollars from Alberta. Many billions more in potential investment fled the province of Alberta that up until that point, reveled in an economic boom. The damage caused was immense: construction and energy projects were nixed overnight. “Many people were ruined, capital fled, much taxpayer funding was misspent chasing rainbows such as Arctic oil and gas that has yet to be produced. The NEP turned out to be so destructive for Western Canada and for Alberta in particular because of its oil and gas dependence — that it was dismantled after the 1984 election of Brian Mulroney’s Conservative government….. As a policy, the NEP turned into such an embarrassment that it remains a black mark on the federal Liberal and the senior Trudeau’s record and is rarely spoken about.” “The NEP that Trudeau’s government dropped in 1980 wasn’t for Alberta oil sector’s benefit; it was to give the rest of Canada cheaper fuel and redistributed energy revenues. Among its meddling ways, the program mandated lower prices for Canadian customers, levied taxes on oil and gas exports and further supercharged Petro-Canada. Together with plunging oil prices and a global recession, these policies battered the oil sector and led to massive layoffs.” “The NEP had been put in place on the expectation that world oil prices, and demand, would continue to rise indefinitely. When they didn't, the justification for the NEP evaporated, and the program itself was shown to have been ill conceived.” so while he couldn’t control the Global oil prices. He took a bad market and drove a dagger deeper into albertas pain. It’s a perfect example of how attempting to control and price fixing a volatile market is a stupid idea. PET was too worried about control that he screwed up (not Alberta) Canada’s opportunity to have a NEP. Had he simply just supported Canadians, and not got his greedy hands in the way perhaps it could have worked out. It didn’t and even brain child of the NEP came out and publicly stated the keeping the control in the East. It’s why a liberal jean Chrétien is the one that began the phasing out. It’s why the Supreme Court sided with Alberta. It’s why the liberal we’re replaced in 1984. Anyone that thinks the NEP proposed and implemented by PET as a good thing clearly a moron and only understand the cherry picked bits and pieces people claim. all the while but ignoring the entirety of the policy.