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  1. Points per 60 at 5 on 5, doesn’t hold water either unless you willing to admit that Robert Thomas is a more effective producing first liner then Elias Pettersson, since that’s what the criteria states? Is Zack Kassian a better first liner than Jack Eichel? According to that data set, Virtanen is more of a first liner than Ovechkin, Laine, JT Miller, Bergeron, Horvat, Hall, Taravainen and even Barzal, how stupid does that sound? This is a prime example of the error in using the simplified logic 31 multiplied by X equals YXZ. There’s an enormous amount of important criteria that is exclude when determining what defines a first line forward. There’s so much more to what defines a first line forward than simply, goals, points, points per 60, points/gp and even ozone starts. None of those data points are going to give you black and white answer and what you end up with is a very grey statistic that people try to present as fact. The biggest flaw is believing that the NHL has 93 first liners. Just because there’s that many vacancies in the league doesn’t mean there’s that many players to fill that hole. Teams that don’t have the players to fill that role are often forced to put someone in a role they are not suited for. Just as New Jersey’s goaltending when considering who there #1 goalie is. Some teams have 4-6 players that would be valued as a first liner around the league, some teams might be lucky to have one player. 1st through 4th line positioning is not static, players move up and down the roster throughout the entire year, on every team. People try hard to cherry pick numbers that bring out positives on players they have a bias’s for. I’m seeing TO media doing the same thing currently explaining why they think Nylander is a top 50 player in the NHL which he is clearly not. It’s frustrating to see the critical thinking of the game taken out. I don’t like seeing things dumbed down to forth grade level and simply agree. People should stop and ask themselves, Is the data presented, enough to make a beyond reasonable doubt conclusion? How might this data be flawed? Is there bester criteria that needs to be considered? We’re better than eastern Hockey fans, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard of hockey discussion and not be sucked into the blind bias’s stats that leaf fans constantly deploy.
  2. Aaron dell isn’t even sharks number one goalie. But according to your 31 criteria he is. Haha. Wait who’s the flames #1 goalie. What about the oilers. How do the islanders have two number one goalies according to your criteria but the Vegas knights doesn’t have any. How is this possible? Doesn’t every team have to have a number one goalie. But wait there’s more.... According to canucks only have 2 RW’s? How can an NHL team only have two RW? Hmmmm something’s not adding up. There are 31 teams, each team has four lines = 124 RW’s in the NHL right? Yet on There’s only 81 RW’s that have played over 20 games this year. Guess by default there are zero 4th line RWs in the NHL this year. That doesn’t make much sense now does it. .....And to finish it off. By your same logic if that means jake is a first liner. Well I guess, not only is Nylander a first liner. He’s a top 10 RW in the league......
  3. Well there’s more to playing than simple scoring goals. Tkachuk leads his team in points with 38, a pretty important stat you just so conveniently left out. As a canes fan you must think Jake is more valuable than taravinen as he only has 9 goals. (Shhh we won’t mention that he got 45 points). you must have also thought Henrik Sedin was garage his career goal average was only 14 goals per 82 games. Jake already tied that in 49 games this year. the only people going hmm are the ones that struggle to understand hockey. Let’s face it. You are only making that statement because you made the bold claim that tkachuk wouldn’t be in the NHL by his fourth year and now he’s got a career .77 p/gp and is on his way to the all star game. Haha ahh the old 31 teams claim haha come one rob that’s grade one level logic. You’re better than that. I guess that means Aaron dell is a #1 goalie too. welcome back rob.
  4. I agree, Jake really has a skillset that this team needs if we want to make a push in the post season. The playoffs are where I really think his coming out party will be, similar to Ferlund in 2015. I know a lot of people will hate this but he has the ability to play in a similar mold of Tkachuk (with less turtling) where he can get under guys skins and get them off their games. It’s a type of style that Jake knows and wants to play. “I have to be able to play that 200-foot game, score and be a guy where teams hate me at the end of the night,” said Virtanen. In a 7 game playoffs series a player like this is crucial and Jake can be exactly that. While he’s be a nice surprise this season, if he really wants to earn his value, he will have to show it come April and I fully expect him to be up for that.
  5. Fully agree. IF you want to act tough, be prepared to answer the bell. Realistically Tkachuk put him self in far more danger getting rag dolled with Kassian throwing wild punches rather than had he just dropped the gloves and tied up his arms. I bet Tkachuk does fight the next meeting, likely not against Kassian but someone else on that roster.
  6. Yeah Hockey’s not a sport for you....Maybe stick to soccer. If hitting a player when they aren’t expecting it needs to be removed than you are taking out 90% of the big hits in the NHL. Players can just run around with their heads down all the time and have no worries about the consequences. Players like kassian wouldn’t even belong in the league. Hockey is a contact sport. As long as the head isn’t targeted (which in this case it wasn’t) it’s a completely legal hit. You’re entire argument is flawed too. If your reasoning is due to concussions, then it really shouldn’t matter if the hit was predatory or not, all types of hits can cause similar types of injuries, hits along the boards, hits in open ice and even hits exiting the zone. You may want the sport to turn into charmin ultra soft but that’s just because your from surrey. You must really hate playoff hockey.
  7. Lucic already got a two game suspension for doing the exact same thing kassian did this year. The only difference was it was a teammate that got hit. But the bar was set then on what happens when you start throwing punches at an unwilling player.
  8. When playoffs role around I hope jake and ferland are playing this same style with similar hits...making players pay the price. it’s where the men separate from the boys and JB built a team to play this style. Surprise so many people on this board are complaining and want these types of hits removed from the game. Likely has everything to do with the name on the back of jerseys because who really wants a league filled with Nylander and Ehlers. Right @Alflives?
  9. Ha I took my 4 month year old to a flameS game this year (yeah I know I am that kind of parent) and even though canucks weren’t playing I had him decked out in canucks attire. Couple of drunk idiots behind us were beaking us most of the time “Stupid parents don’t know what teams are playing”, “that kid doesn’t have a chance in the future”. It wasn’t until a friend who’s also an ex flame, came up and said hi to us in the second that they shut up. I should also say that the majority of people were friendly, stopped and called him a cute kid and what not. Just a few drunk losers that happened to sit behind us.
  10. No body like Hartley stajan and sarich just did and interview and they talked about who terrible of a person he was and how he screwed kipper over on his last game of his career. starts at 15:35ish. The whole interview is pretty good. They talk about players being cheap, how weird bowmeester is and bob hartley.
  11. Tkachuk was covering for his center lindholm who was up past the top of the circle on the other side. Had tkachuk not went down to support, kassian would have been open to walk out front of the net. Wingers supporting centers down low is not a new thing. Again that was canucks strategy when burr played with the twins. Wingers leaving there point happens on the time. Nothing is illegal about doing that. players protect themselves by keeping their head up this is the big boys league, not a skill competition. Yep and got my bell rung a few times. But guess what, had I had my head up I wouldn’t have put myself into that situation. I’m not going to make an excuse that a hit was dirty when I’m the one who could have prevented it. When your a good player other teams are going to try and run you. they want to get you off your game and second guess yourself when you have the puck. That’s strategic hockey and it’s why we love watching the playoffs where hits like tkachuks are the norm. You can’t run around with your head down when you have the puck. When the puck is on your stick you have to expect that you are going to get hit no matter where you are on the ice. Kassian just isn’t used to having players take a run at him. I’ll make sure to raz him about it if I run into him again this summers.
  12. Nope it not that way because what makes a hit dangerous is the speed obtained before making contact. A player backchecking and gliding into a hit at 20mph isn’t less dangerous than another player taking a few strides only reaching 15mph and making a hit.
  13. The only difference between these plays is the name on the back of the jerseys. -unsuspecting player and a blind side hit, check -winger leaving his “position” to target a player, check -zero focus on the puck, check all the exact same excuses people have been saying the tkachuk hit was dirty, this one fillS all the same criteria, but here’s a hint. Neither we dirty both were just hockey players in a sport where contact is legal. You homers just don’t like tkachuk and have the glasses on. And then you get mad and cry when DOPS doesn’t agree with you. Had this play been ferland doing the exact same thing to Johnny, every single person on this board would claim it was a clean amazing hit. That is just a fact.
  14. yeah no. Wingers can come down low and take out a player preventing them from walking out in front with the puck. It happens all the time, forwards need to be expecting it. They need to be aware of the players on the ice. That’s hockey. Yet virtanen does it and you praise him. tkachuk does it and it’s dangerous and needs to leave the sport.