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  1. I agree with your quote but you also likely get him into some games. Players will get banged up or need a healthy scratch for a wake up call. Have him rotated in the line up every now and then and if we still don’t see any promise by the time then it’s time to move on. I could see it happening in November depending on the type of start we get.
  2. That’s what I’m thinking too. I could maybe see us holding on to goldy till rousell gets back Incase we get a top 6 injury that needs a skill role to fill. I also see us holding onto just have a suspicion that Sven could be shopped this year.
  3. Macewan over Goldie for sure at this point. But really I see two spots left. Brock Ep ferk miller bo sven Pearson suts ______ ____ beagle motte. Two holes coming down to jake, Leivo, goldy, macEwan, LE.
  4. Yep. Very similar to kassian. One shift he gets it, the next 5 shifts he doesn’t. That’s ok if he’s a bottom 6 role player but if we want him to become that top six scorer he’ll need to start putting in the extra effort. Now I will caveat this as my own opinion but I think he’s just used to things coming to him naturally, spoon fed too much. He’s not used to having to fight and claw for every inch like in players with less draft pedigree (burrows, macewan types). An example has been his off season training. Even this year. If the team gave you a goal, being close to that goal shouldn’t be the focus. He should have came in with that goal blown out of the water. Go the extra mile, put in the work and earn your teammates respect. I’d love for him to play with that earn everything instinct.
  5. While I agree you can’t really judge preseason. I do see a guy like zack mackewan pick up his game last night, working his butt off trying to earn a spot that doesn’t exist.
  6. Anyways back to the topic at hand. Jakes game last night anyone want to suggest it was mediocre?
  7. You insult me first, I can throw it right back, seems fair. Yes, I would like a cake.
  8. .....Because Sheldon Ferguson is the same as the canucks greats. Just because you are a nobody doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Here’s another kick to the nuts. Another buddy of mine is the head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks.
  9. That's funny because I spent the intermissions at the game with my friend/neighbour who is a head scout in the NHL. He thought the same and was expecting more energy from our young guys looking to make an impression. But if you (and a few others who didn't even watch the game) say I'm wrong I guess it must be. I'm the last thing when it comes to having hater shades on with Jake. I got to know him a bit when he was with the hitman and out with the shoulder injury. He was a really solid kid who didn't mind sitting next to some guy at the dome when the Canucks were in town. I'm routing for him more than most, but i'm also not a blind homer that gets trigger because a person who actually watched the game has a different perspective than my interpretation of the box score.
  10. Alf when did I say he goal wasn’t good? Seriously, I never mentioned anything about his goals. His OT goal was a great effort and he showed great patiences with the puck I said his overall game (like the rest of the teams) was poor. Even jake would be the first to admit that he could have played much better.
  11. You’re right Deb your stats prove that canucks played amazing last night. What a game by our players, flames we’re lucky to carve out an OT point out of that pummeling we laid on Flames ran into a hot goalie who kept the game close long enough for canucks to get 3 by Talbot on 9 shots. That’s the thing about this sport, one goalie can win singlehandedly win a game regardless how the rest of the team plays. How many times did we see luongo we us games we had no business being in. anyone who watched the sports shouldn’t have to had that explained to them. Hey but don’t take my word, How about....Virtanen’s "He was just standing on his head all game. He kept us in it," Virtanen said of Bachman. "You never want to leave your goalie hung out to try, but we kinda did. But I’ve played with (Bachman) before in Utica (AHL) and played against him. You know what you’re going to get from him. He’s a small goalie, but he works his (butt) off." I’m sorry people get offended by the idea that canucks didn’t put forth a very good effort last night in Calgary but it’s what happened. The fact that people are upset about hearing that is really quite sad, is this really the maturity level some this fan base has dropped to?
  12. Oh tell me more Alf how you came to this conclusion based on watching a 10 second highlight clip. The Canucks as a whole in Calgary last night were garbage. Zero effort except for the Biega and Bachman. I’m glad jake took advantage of the open space in OT but outside of two shifts he looked uninspired like the rest of the club.
  13. When you team gets grossly outperformed and jake, Sven, beagle are part of the problem you can’t really give credit. That’s like saying peter klima carried the oilers in the 1990 finals. The only one who deserves the credit is Bachman who was rightfully named the first start.
  14. I was at the game last night, I don’t know I’d say Jake took the team on his back, it’s nice to see him score in his old building but outside of the two shifts when he scored he didn’t do much. I was hoping for a more physical energetic Jake but he didn’t really have that jump. Canucks as a hole were down right awful last night (it was somewhat expected considering the roster we had iced). None of the rookies were really standing out (could be nerves) but the effort also wasn’t there either. Even Baertschi looked extremely slow and unengaged. He was cheating offensively constantly, leaving the zone too early, getting caught and then slowly getting back into position. We only had 1:30 of possession time heading into the 3rd and were getting outshot 30-7. Rittich switched halfway through the game and only faced 4 shots. Had flames not put in the sieve Talbot mid second, who let in that floater from Eliot, I don’t know if we ever get the moment to swing out way. If anyone deserve credit for last nights game its Bachman who while looked really shaky at the start, held the Canucks in the game. Biega was the only other player that looked like he was excited hockey was back. For a game where Canucks squeaked out a win it was an extremely poor outing. I’ll chalk it up to shaking off the rust but hope to see more for all these guys (including jake) moving forward.
  15. Great Burrows scored a big goal. Does that make him a more valuable player than the twins? Would anyone in their right mind have traded Daniel for Burrows straight up? No, thanks for proving my point. I think the issue is people have selective memories, they remember burrows big goal because of the meaning behind it, but that doesn’t mean the sedins didn’t bring it in the post season. People choose to remember the really high moments because it was exciting but forget the lack of inconsistency. People also tend to remember how good the skill players were, Like in 2011 Hank put up 12 points in 5 games against the sharks, Hanks career he had 78 points in 105 games, Danny had 71 points in 102 games. Burrows only had 34 in 70. It happens all the time in the post season. Look at how people react to Ferlund, they remember his big 2 games against canucks where he make everyone scared. Those two games are how people define him as a post season player but they ignore all the other times he’s been in the post season. Where has ferlund been the 18 playoff games he’s played in? 20 games played, 6 total points (3 of them came in one game against cauncks). Same thing with Kassian, he ran over the Sharks for 2 games with the oilers in the first round and people cry about us trading him….but what about the other 19 games he’s been in, he’s been invisible, 21 games played, 3 total points.