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  1. But the draft lottery is in play. There's no guaranteeing that canucks don't end up with the better pick. If the draft happens today they only have a 2.0% better chance at the #1 overall picks and a 1.7% chance at the 2nd overall. I'd say ranking there future based a lottery that hasn't even happened isn't really something good to make a basis off. Hertl and Couture are going to have to carry a huge load of the weight. because there isn't too much outside of that. They don't though. They've been trading thier picks and prospect pool just to remain competitive year after year. Kings haven't have gave up back to back 1st round picks for rentals two years straight. There current "replacements" aren't more promising than our current young core. They will be in a worse off place than canucks are in Old declined vet taking up most of the cap, with a shallow prospect pool. I'm just saying, oilers are the only really team in our division with a bright future. Making the claim that canucks are 5 years out from even making they playoffs doesn't have much basis to back it up. And it isn't even taking into count the rest of divisions decline.
  2. I agree with what your say, it’s far too early to judge Virtanen, but I don’t necessarily by the power forward argument. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of any power forwards in the last decade that weren’t performing at a young age. Sure lots of them broke out to become elite 60+ point players around 24/25 ish but most had shown they were at least NHL players prior to that. Bertuzzi 39 points at 20 Simmond 40 points at 21 Lucic 42 points at 20 Hossa 56 points at 21 Perry 44 points at 21 Hartnell 41 points at 19 Benn 41 points at 20 Horton 47 points at 20 Brown 46 points at 22 Ryan 57 points at 21 Okposo 39 points at 20 Frolik 45 points at 20 Lots never really turned out to what they were supposed to be, Bernier, Jessiman, Skille, Pouliot, Kassian, Nichushkin, Grigorenko As I compiled that list and doing some more research I did find a couple Backes didn’t break 31 points till he was 24 when he had a 54 points season Ladd didn’t break 30 points till he was 23 when he had a 49 points season Booth hit 40 points at 23 and then 60 at 24. Brassard hit 36 points at 22 and 47 at 23. Foligno didn’t break 40 mark at 24 when he put up 47 points I guess the point I’m trying to make is that, it is far too early to write the book and Jake not because he’s a power forward but because player development is different among all players not just with regards to position. I think canucks have handled his development poorly and it might set us back a year or two but he’s far from being labelled, had we handled it differently he might have been in the NHL putting up 40 points before his 22nd birthday,
  3. Av's have two needs. A top 6 LW and top 4 LHD. Granlund isn't a top 6 LW and Tanev isn't a top 4 LHD.
  4. I’m curious to which teams are so much better off? Oilers, sure, flames you might make a case for but Arizona I’m not sold on, you’ll really have to explain how they are farther ahead when most of their prospects have regressed or haven’t make any sort of NHL impact. And the California teams are coming to the end of their windows. I would say kings, sharks and Ducks have 2…. maybe three years tops, of being a contending team left. In 4 years, Carter will be 36, Gaborik will be 38, Brown 36, Quick 35. And these players will still be under contract taking up over 20 million in cap. In 4 years, Marleau, Ward, Martin and Thornton will be gone. Pavelski will be 36, Burns 35, Vlasic 33 And in 4 years Perry, Getzlaf, Kesler will all 35, still be under contract taking up 24 million in cap.
  5. I kind of agree. They reason that Miller keeps Demko in AHL to develop, (which is fine). But it's not like Miller needs to be resigned for that to happen, there will be 100 other cheaper options for short term back up guys available in the summer. Markstrom deserves to be giving some slack and allowed to run with it. It's almost like they are pre-laying the excuses for when they can't find a trading partner. Sort of like they did with Hamhuis.
  6. Flames fans have already anointed him as the next kiprusoff
  7. If I’m rebuilding the Av’s, I don’t move Landeskog. Here is what I do. I call it......Take advantage of expansion draft teams. Iginla (retain 25%) + Bourque + 3rd round pick for Fowler Duchene + Zadorov for Jenner + Murray + Hartnell Summer deal before draft Jost + Grigorenko for Drouin Trade break downs Blue Jackets deal Blue Jackets are in tough with the amount of NMC they have on their team. Right now they are forced to leave a top end young forward unprotected. So being able to moving Hartnell would be huge for the CBJ. Jenner is in torts dog house, and CBJ’s D depth has grown to the point where they could move on from their former 2nd overall pick. On the left side, Murray has been surpassed by offensive star Werenski and they still have Johnson who is still under 30. With Savard and Jones on the right side. Zadorov is slowly coming along and could round out into a top 4 defense. Blue Jackets have been in search for a #1 center since moving Johansen. Wennberg has been great this year at almost a ppg but bringing in Duchene really strengthens their future top end depth. And with Dubois in the wings, they can give him time to really develop. Ducks deal Ducks are also in tough with the expansion draft. Bieska’s NMC really forces them to risk losing one of their young top D. Fowler even though he’s having a great year (leading D in points) will likely be the odd man out since I don’t see ducks leaving Lindholm or Vatanen unprotected. Av’s can take advantage of this while helping the Ducks add for a strong playoff push. Iggy provides playoff experience and leadership, but he’s also a rental that doesn’t need protection and his cap comes off the books. Bourque is a bargin for his contract right now making league min and has 8 goals on the season. Bolts deal Tbay will be in some cap trouble, Jost giving them a few more years and some ELC before working about a new contract. Drouin and Mac reunite. Top 9 Drouin Mackinnon Jenner Landeskog Soderberg Hartnell Rantanen Colborne Comeau Fowler Johnson Murray Barrie Likely a top 5 picks in the 2017 NHL draft
  8. Tanev pre-draft make the most sense IMO, barring a massive over-payment, there's no point in trading him for a future hole until we know where we are sitting come draft. If we are sitting with the 1st overall pick our future team needs change dramatically compared to if we are sitting with 9th overall. That plus if we are sitting 9th overall tanev might just be the perfect package to help us move up in the draft.
  9. You’re definitely right with Colorado’s needs. The problem is Landeskog is a player that fills their needs. He’s a top 6 LW. Filling it with high risk players isn't the smartest move. Typically when a young star player is moved for spare parts the team giving up that player never gets back full value. We can look back to the Calgary Phaneuf deal, or the Seguin deal. If Av’s do consider moving Landeskog it will be centered around a 1 for 1 type deal. Someone like Fowler. A young star for a young star.
  10. If Sedins go to Montreal the slumping Plekanec would be coming back. Sedins at 50% for Plekanec + pick/prospect keeps them under the cap.
  11. There are also a large amount more players that purse a hockey career and dont make it thus start fall behind in life....I'm that example. While friends are finishing secondary educations i was just starting. I've got plenty more friends that finally called it a hockey career, at 24-25 after playing in ECHL and AHL pursuing that dream. Only to be starting over at that age while everyone else is already making an income. If they decide to go to school they will be 30 before getting an entry level job....Raising the age will only increase this. Again for every story like that there's hundred more than it doesn't turn out for.
  12. Statistically in the last 20 years the 2nd overall pick has more cups. 1st overall - 4 players 2nd overall – 5 players 3rd overall – 3 players 4th overall – 1 player 5th overall – 1 player 6th overall – 0 player 7th overall – 0 players 8th overall – 0 players 9th overall - 0 players 10th overall – 0 players 11th overall – 2 players 12th overall – 2 players 13th overall – 1 player 14th overall – 1 player 15th overall – 0 players 16th overall – 0 players 17th overall – 0 players 18th overall – 2 players 19th overall – 1 player 20th overall – 0 players 21st overall – 1 player 22nd overall – 1 player 23rd overall – 0 players 24th overall – 1 player 25th overall – 0 players But as we all know, 1 player doesn’t win the cup. So we could dig deeper into this and determine what combination is more likely to win a cup. For example 1st overall + 3rd overall or 2nd overall + the 11th overall. But in the end all this is pointless because draft picks aren’t static, they fluctuate year to year. You can’t give a 1st overall pick or second overall pick an exact value because of this. One year a first overall pick is McDavid and the next it’s a Yakupov.
  13. Then we move out the old core and build the new. Lets dream for a minute. Sutter + Hansen for RNH + 3rd round pick Tanev + Baertschi for Domi + 3rd round pick Miller for Niemi + Conditional 2nd round pick Sedins (retain 50%) For Drouin + Callahan Edler + Brisebois + CBJ 2nd for Emilin + Sergachev Domi Horvat Eriksson Drouin RHN Boeser Virtanen Granlund Rodin Gaunce Chaput Callahan Hutton Gudbranson Tryamkin Stecher Juolevi Sergachev Marky Niemi In 2017 draft we’d have: Top 10 pick 2x second round picks 3x third round picks
  14. You'd also likely see a lot more players heading to europe where they get paid to play. I don't think adjusting the age of the draft is really that smart of a move, Not for the players where you have to make decision to continue on with your hockey career or start your search down another career path. Really only the teams drafting % would benefit. Why are we concerned about that?
  15. We need more speed. Canucks should focus on Duchene. If we want a skill center then we should just go after RNH who will come at a cheaper cost. But in no way should this years first be in play.