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  1. Exactly it's a complete disrespect to the sedins. If the league wanted to keep the fireworks for this game down they should have disciplined the players for their dirty antics, instead they didn't even get a slap on the wrists and scared that canucks will take the disciplining into their own hands.
  2. Seguin and Johansen were moved for off ice issues and no of the other players outside of thornton are legit #1 centers. Barkov is viewed as the next Kopitar, he's not getting moved. Barkov is a #1 center, the panther don't have a number 1 center replacement. McCann, Trocheck and Bjugstad are not even close to being viewed as a #1 centers. You build around players like Barkov, not trade him for support pieces. Also their window to win is not now, it’s in the next 5-10 years. They have a core that is under 23 years old. None of them have even hit their prime.
  3. So are you going to make a proposal. Until a proposal happens there is no discussion, it’s just meaningless chatter with no purpose. Might as well talk about unicorns and fairy dust. A proposal involves a team, players in return, and has to fit under the cap.
  4. Jost was drafted by the AV's. If you want a center at Barkov level you have to typically draft one, #1 centers don't get traded.
  5. Did they not take the division into consideration? I mean if your going to make a playoff prediction there is far more to it than Shooting and Save % or even winning % when the difference is less than .1% you're expectations are going to be incorrect.
  6. 5 on 3....Don't put our leading goal scorer on the ice of anything..
  7. Funny
  8. These pics clearly show up un-informed you really are. But you keep educating us with you facebook level of knowledge I can post facebook post too “Until the rest of the world has policies that impose similar cost, you’re not actually reducing emissions to the extent you think. You’re just displacing the emissions and the economic activity to other jurisdictions.” - University of Alberta economist Andrew Leach, who chaired the NDP’s climate change advisory panel
  9. That's exactly what Burke said on his interview. "We moved head on earth to beat out 12 other teams to get this player, why would we move him" He then called the other GM that started this an idiot. He said brad told the other GM next time before you call me, save yourself the quarter and don't. Flames radio then speculated that the other GM Brian was calling out was Chayka
  10. But it would play a significate role in the destruction of the Canadian economy. It’s the idea that they think they live on this moral high ground, maybe it helps them sleep better at night. Shutting Canada oil down doesn’t impact CO2 emissions, in fact CO2 Emissions will continue to grow at an increased with or without Canada. Why do they attack the one county with the highest oil regulations and standards in the world, yet be comfortable driving a car filled up from Saudi Arabia oil? If they were truly concerned about C02 emissions they should be pro pipelines. Not only does that decrease downstream C02 emissions by reducing rail and truck, and not only does it allows us to fill our own countries demand, it allows us to get more oil into the market. Oil that we have control over, Control, meaning out our carbon standards and regulations vs the market being filled up with foreign oil that has no care for the emissions or health standards. People like to talk the talk sitting in their comfy heated homes, but wait until it really effects their lives. Wait until their quality of life takes a dip. It’s kind of like the gluten fad, everyone wanted to get rid of gluten, that was until they realized they couldn’t eat 90% of the food they enjoyed, then they through that idea out the window. All for a miss guided notion that oil sands are a major cause of climate change.
  11. Even though Edler can hit and shoot doesn't make him better offensively. Guddy can also hit and shoot. Last 3 years Tanev has more even strength points. In the last 2 seasons Edler’s only average 30 seconds more even strength ice time than Tanev. Edler’s biggest advantage in the past was that he played on the #1 PP unit. That boosted his total TOI as he averaged 3:03 of PP time and it slightly boosted his point totals. But mean while canucks PP was bottom 5 in the league. Now with our youth, we are starting to see that Edler is no longer the best option for us on the #1 PP unit. So if Edler is no longer the go to D on the PP what does he become? Defensively we have better players to play in D situations and offensive we have better players to be counted on there. JR your right, Tanev isn't all around. But... do we need and average all around player when we have better options for specific roles.That makes Edler a good utility player that can up his minutes to fill in when area specific players get hurt I guess.
  12. All around, I'd say Tanev. Only thing Edler has on him is more physical.
  13. For Tanev I'd want a current young player and less emphasis on potential. If Larsen gets Hall, a Tanev "package" should be close to Domi.
  14. Tanev makes sense in ARZ, TO and possibly NJ and PHI
  15. 4 Teams Ducks Bieska has a NMC, meaning that only leaves room for 2 other defense to be protected. Who do they lose. Fowler, Lindholm, Vatanen Penguins Fleury has a NMC, currently that means good bye to the young Stanley cup winning Goalies Murray. Blue Jacket Simply have way too many NMC’s and will end up loosing young of their young players Wild Suter has a NMC, Likely will loose one of Dumba, Brodin, Scandella I'm assuming teams will try to offload prior to risk the loss but it things stay the same Murray, Scandella, Fowler and Wennberg + (2017) top 5 pick is a good start.