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  1. And of course those players have proven more, all those forwards are older. . If you do a bridge deal and breaks out like Scheifele did last year. guess what, we are on the hook for a lot more money, which means less room to sign other talent on the team. I'm confident enough to offer Bo 5.3 range long term and reap the benefits. Worst case scenario, he does turn into an average 2nd line center, guess what those players cost? 4.5-5 million. So really worst case, we are slightly over paying a second line center, not much of a gamble if you ask me. But the reward could be huge.
  2. I really don't see what canucks would have any interest in this? The goal of the team right now is to build for the future. This trade doesn't accomplish that at all.
  3. I"m assuming Bo continues his progression. Like i said, getting players below market value long term is the key and that involves a gamble.
  4. No, i really doubt he goes for 3. but cap hit and reasonable term is more important than only worrying about maxing out his term. What's more valuable to you? 8 years locked up at 5.3/year of 3 years at 4.5/year and then 8 years at 10/year Winning teams need to have impact players signed below market value, this happens by gambling long term. If we lock Bo up at 5.3 for 8 years. In years 4-8 we are going to have a steal of a contract.
  5. It really depends on canucks future cap. It's not just about term, we want to be able to afford a team.. If canucks could get bo at 8 years for 3/year, we'd take that an run.
  6. No he wasn't, we traded for higgins. We sent Oberg and a 3rd round pick to florida for him.
  7. Goldy reminds me a lot of Baertschi earlier with the canucks. Both guys look energetic when they have the puck and unmotivated when they don’t. Players like him need confidence and they just need to be allowed to play their own game. They’ve dominated every league they have ever played in, the skill is there we just need them to feel comfortable. Good on WD for finally giving him a confidence boost with his time with the twins last season and PP time. That’s exactly what it takes, once they realize they can play in this league, the confidence, the energy and the compete all increase. As much as people don’t want to hear it, not all players develop the same way, some players need to be catered to. It might seem unfair but the end result becomes a high skilled player, that contributes to this team offensively. Something this team desperately needs, an exciting offensive minded forward.
  8. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Maybe his wife being present helps him with his thoughts.
  9. Last year we finished with 178 goals for. Sure Bo and Sven might be able to manage the decrease in production from the Twins, but if we really want to be better we will need to drastically increase production but about 20-30%, just for us to become a bubble team. I think this is the perfect season not to worry about team progress in terms of points and standings….. and for us to put a bigger focus on individual progress. I care more about the youth growing and showing NHL consistency more than I care about wins and losses. If by the end of the year we are still relying on the twins to be our go to offensive production unit, I will consider that a fail. In the end I fully expect Dahlin to go to Detroit and canucks to draft in the range of 4-7.
  10. The owners don't feel they are getting anything for the risks they are taking. If one of there star players get hurt and is forced to miss the rest of the season (aka Tavares), the owner will lose a ton of money from missed playoff revenue. If you have a golden goose, the last thing you want to do is risk injuring that money ticket. I don't agree with it, just can't understand where the owners are coming from.
  11. I agree with your point, but the one thing I will point out is, great teams build there team through the draft. Be it drafting players and trading them for assets (aka.Shinkaruk converted to Granlund), or drafting players and turning them into a core (Keith, Bergeron, Lucic, Letang), it all starts with drafting.
  12. I'm going to say it was on WD. Lots of the players we traded for tend to have a strong connection some part our mgmt group Baertschi = Green granlund = Weisbrod Dorsett = WD Etem = WD Larsen = WD Vey = WD and one of those strong connections is no longer with the team.
  13. Another one bites the dust..... First of all (i'll say this again), the point wasn't to state "should have been obvious"..."This isn't rocket science" If someone asked you to pick BPA for a 5th round pick in 2012 how would you do that without the use of hindsight? The request was to pick BPA with the picks moved. The idea behind the request was that, even using HINDSIGHT, the canucks would still come out on top overall with the players we picked up in trades. Why, Because people believe that picks are long shots, People believe that Etem is better than any player that we could have got in the 6th round. People believe Vey is better than the player we could have got in the 2nd round..... All my post did was prove that wrong. Prove that quality players were available with those picks we've traded away. I even kept is more realistic and only took players within 15 selections of our traded away pick. The fact that people keep thinking this is a knock against JB's drafting is quite funny though.
  14. The same could be said about 90% of the team in the NHL.
  15. The request was to pick BPA for every pick we moved. Yes I'd like baertschi but I can't just ignore him because he's the one player that's turned out. Why are people having such a hard time with this. I did this as a "reply" to a request that asked for BPA. I took it a step further and narrowed it down to players within a 15 pick range. It has nothing to do with jbs drafting I didn't just make this list up as an excuse to hate on jb. Someone stated the even if you took BPA with those trades we'd still be out ahead and i proved it wrong. Cry all you want that I choose BPA but they were simply part of the requirements.