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  1. Yeah I’d be looking for pulock and a pick. I’d even be willing to retain 50% on guddy to help them fit him in under the cap.
  2. Girardi has been inconsistent but decent for the cap hit he’s now at. Sustr has been in and out of the line up as dotchin has been playing really well. He was even paired up on the first pairing with hedman a bunch this year. I think they will go after a rental depth but at a cheaper cost. It could be green but I think they would prefer someone the will cost cheaper. Maybe even a Franson. Yep they could be in the deadline market. But it will be to fill a #6 spot on the right side, so again I think they will be looking for a cheaper option. My money has to be NYI adding a top 4 RHD. It’s there weak spot right now (along with goaltending). But the problem is the race it so tight it will be hard to give up those pieces for a rental and then have them miss the playoffs. Maybe once Tavares signs they will push harder for the playoffs. 100% agreed
  3. At this point the market is based off rentals. If you start to consider non rentals the market gets even bigger as there are plenty of guys potentially being shopped if the price is right. Martin cleared waivers which makes him more appealing to teams looking for playoff depth. Johnson would be a solid addition to any teams top 4. Which hurts any edler trade value. But as as you said both are lefties. Mike green and Luke Schenn are the two righties. But there’s also not a lot of teams looking for a right shot rental defense. TO and NYI come to mind.
  4. Thomas Vanek | #26 | RW

    Jb’s 5th round drafting includes: gaudette, Neil, candella, forsling and Gunnarsson I’ll gladly take what we can get.
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    50 games with 2 leagues + 15 playoffs games. He also played a game in the j18 elit. And he played 26 international games
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Last year alone he played 91 total games. I’m not sure what your talking about.
  7. Option 3. He gets reinjured and will miss the rest of the season, making him un-tradable and then walks in the summer.
  8. Adam Gaudette | C

    And making 900k next year vs making nothing sure doesn’t hurt either.
  9. I agree that they did incorporate a more analytical focus but I think it’s quite of a jump to use that reasoning as to why they parted with gudbranson. As I pointed out there were a bunch of other areas at play that made moving him make sense.
  10. I bet your uncle had better quality results and was able to charge a little bit higher prices because people were willing to pay for better service. Funny how that all works without govt intervention.
  11. (proposal) Edmonton - Vancouver

    Puljujarvi is 19 years old. I’d say help is still on the way Lucic is on pace for another 50 point season, and they still have Yamamoto and benson are coming up. Yes PC has been one of the worst GMs in his moves but The oilers problem this year is mostly on their PK. Kassian is 3rd on the team in forward pk ice time yet only has a total of 4 blocked shots. Kesler in his first game back from injury matched that.
  12. You’ll have to refresh my memory, but has FLA ever came out and said Guddy’s corsi is the reason they moved on from him. I mean they chose to keep Petrovic over Guddy and Petrovic had an even worse corsi, so it wouldn’t make too much sense if bad corsi was the reason they traded Guddy. To me it seemed like they felt long term Guddy was going to get costly and that they could replace his skillset and shut down roll through cheaper more cost efficient means. Petrovic (RHD) was a year younger, showed improvement, had a similar skill set to Guddy, and he was the cheaper cap hit for a 4/5 defensemen. They also went out and got Pysyk (RHD) that summer who’s took on the majority of the D-zone starts and PK time. In his first year with the Panthers he and rookie Matheson took over the PK role and their PK improved from 79.5% to a 85.3% (2nd best in the league). Their franchise D (RHD) was coming off a break out year and was set to see a huge contract extension that summer as well and they needed to find an offensive replacement for Campbell. They finished off there summer signing a top 4 lock on the right side with Demers (RHD) So they wanted to free up some money in order to know what they would have on the books. In the end Petrovic regressed, Demers didn’t live up to his value, Ekblad has had concussion problems and McCann hasn’t developed as fast as they hoped, so it’s not really win for either team. But the idea behind moving him made sense. Heck it’s why I made proposals to get him months before it happened. I believed he would be available and it had zero to do with his corsi.
  13. (proposal) Edmonton - Vancouver

    Well when all your prospects are currently in the nhl you can shy away from worrying too much about what’s in the system. They do have benson, Yamamoto Jones and bear.
  14. Tampa - Van (Proposal)

    How does edler help there d core? Who is he going to replace on the left side? Callahan has a nmc and is best friends with girardi, playing in Florida, on a cup contending team doubt he waived to come to a bottom feeder this year.
  15. The problem is neither team need help on the sides you are proposing. Caps has zero use for a player like Hutton, on the left side they have Orpik for size and then they have Orlov and Djoos who are both better skaters and puck movers than Hutton, so hutton is a down grade on the left side. And they aren't giving up Bowey as he is there bottom pairing RHD. Outside of him they don't have any NHL talent to fill that hole, so they'd be forcing Chorney or someone else to play on their opposite side. Gudbranson makes more sense for there roster, but he doesn't really make that much sense at the cost of Bowey. Bowey has been having a really good year in his first full season in the NHL, he's an RFA and will be a cheap contract, Gudbranson is a UFA and going to cost a penny or two to resign. Bowey could surpass Guddy in player before next season so it would be a pure rental move, and caps likely aren't going to be giving up that much after the last few trade deadlines haven't turned out they way they wanted. Caps Current D core Opik Carlson Orlov NIskanen Djoos Bowey Chorney As for the bolts, i doubt they are going to give away a player like Foote for a declining asset like Edler. Tampa has no reason to panic, they are comfortably in a playoff spot, and Hedman will be back long before playoffs started, i don't see how Edler would make sense. Especially because when Hedman does return, edler doesn't really fit in their roster. Edler would be replacing Coburn who is use primarily as a shut down D, getting 63% D zone starts. That's not Edlers strong suit and he's sure not replacing the other in Ozone responsibilities so where does he fit. Bolts Current D core Hedman Dotchin Sergachev Stralman Coburn Girardi Koekkoek Sustr